Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strawberry Yogurt Cake

Made this cake for my cousin Grace. It was a cleaning the pantry cake.. no la.

Well, she requested that I make something for her, if I have the time. And I planned to visit her, and I'm not going to Ipoh, so I can only make with whatever is in my fridge. She wanted the Jap Strawberry Shortcake, but I don't have enough strawberries for that. So I made her this Strawberry Yogurt Cake

Hope Grace, Amanda, Marc, Chloe, Paul, Ah Bak and Bak Leong, oh yes, also Seh the maid enjoyed this cake.

Sponge Cake: (U may substitute this with sponge mix. Bake according to manufacturer's instructions)
5 eggs
150 sugar

100gm flour
25gm cornstarch
1/2 tsp baking powder
50ml milk + 1 tsp vanilla extract

50gm butter, melted

Beat eggs and sugar over hot water until mixture is thick, and pale for about 5 mins on high until Ribbon stage. The bubbles should be very very fine. Sift flour, cornstarch and baking powder together. Fold in flour mixture in 3 additions, alternating with milk.
Lastly, put some batter into the melted butter, and combine. Put the buttered batter back into the main batter and fold to combine. Pour batter into a 8 or 9 inch round pan (bottom lined). Bake in a preheated oven of 170/180C for 30-35 minutes. Overturn cake for 2 mins after removal from oven and turn it upright again. Loosen sides from pan and remove from pan for total cooling. Slice cake into 2 layers and freeze until it's time to add filling.

Filling:500gm good strawberry yogurt
100gm whipped topping cream (coolwhip, or any other non dairy topping. If it's in unwhipped conditions, whip it until soft peaks)
1 1/2 Tbsp gelatine + 60 ml water (soak for 1 minute and microwave at High for 30 secs. Make sure gelatine has dissolved. If not give it another 10-15 secs on high. Leave aside to cool.)

Mix yogurt with whipped topping cream. Put in dissolved gelatine and mix to combine. Prepare a 9inch cake ring and line it with either cling wrap/ alu foil or plastic cake seperator linings. Remove cake from freezer. Put 1 slice of the cake into the ring. Put half the filling onto the slice of the cake in ring, level the filling and top with another slice. Pour the other half of filling onto the cake. Chill for 3 hours or until gelatine is set. Decorate with some cream rosettes and fresh strawberries.


  1. Wendy, thanks for baking the cake for us.
    it was refreshing and not too sweet.
    We love it very much. the cake only lasted for 1 day. by the time i came back from work only left 2 pieces for me & Paul.

    Amanda requested u to bake something special for her if u happen to come down KL.

  2. Thanks. Well, what does Amanda have in mind? All I remember is that she likes to eat fatty pork.

  3. I had been waiting your recipe of sponge cake for long time liao lo....This is the main reason I don't make birthday cake for Alice lo.....


  4. A beautiful cake..indeed. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Cheers Olivia

  5. i want to do this sponge cake later

  6. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for the great recipe!
    I've tried mix & match this with your other cake recipe (changed the mid layer to Cheese layer from your Napoleon cheese cake) for my Bf twin sis B-day last week. The twins and the family just LOVE it!

    Noticed your cake deco skill are so good nowadays (specially with whipped cream)...Can you share with me how to make whipped cream so snowy white like yours and stay so stiff and firm? What brand you use? Thank you in advance!!

  7. Thanks Jo!

    Well, for the cake's outer deco, I always use Non Dairy Topping cream.
    Sorry Jo, I tried to check ur profile to see where u are from in order for me to reply u with the brand of topping cream I use. But I can't access it.
    I guess Rich is the most common brand worldwide.

    I'm using ValuePride, I don't see this brand at every bakery supplies shop, so I can't tell u where to get it, plus, non dairy toppings are not available in hypermarts or supermarts in Malaysia. Dairy whipping creams are not so suitable for outer cake decos in Malaysia's weather, so don't use it. I only use dairy cream for fillings. All non diary topping creams are easy to use, just pour out from the box and whip in a chilled bowl until soft peaks. That's just it. Nothing to add in, not even sugar. It's the regular "fresh cream" in Malaysian bakeries, if u're from here.

  8. Thanks for the great tips Wendy!
    This info are hardly found online OR in any recipe/baking handbook. I'm from KL..I will look around for this Non Dairy Topping Cream in bakery supply shop instead of hypermarket. Hope to make a nice Xmas cake this time...yay!!

  9. Jo,
    Bake with Yen will have a brand called **pride too. I forgot the front part of the name, but it ends with the name pride. When u buy it, separate it into 3 or 4 portions and freeze it. Thaw one portion for use and freeze whatever u cannot finish afer u have whipped it. That's what makes non dairy toppings so easy to use. Baker's Mix is easy to whip up, but easy to overwhip too, it gets rubbery and cracks when u cut the cake if u over whipped it. Rich is slow to whip up, but the taste is nice. The ** pride should be the best in terms of user friendliness and taste. I think it's the same as the bran d I use, Valuepride, as the manufacturer is the same, and the **pride is distributed by BWY. Some brands can freeze in unwhipped form, but when frozen in whipped form, it melts when thawed. Valuepride remains nicely whipped even when thawed after whipping. So, u can have small portions for ur swiss rolls at ur convenience.

    There are many Bake with Yen shops around, hope u make a real nice Xmas Cake. Show me ur pics :)

  10. Hi Wendy I just make your sponge cake and followed the recipe but something went terribly wrong the top of my cake was beautiful and light and airy but the bottom half of it was very dense and hard, can you advise me to what I did wrong?? I made the cake two times and each time it came out that way please help

  11. Anonymous,
    1. Did u bake it immediately, not even waiting for 5 minutes after folding in the flour?
    2. Did u preheat ur oven?
    3. Is the bottom heat on? (if u have top and bottom heat elements)
    4. Did u fold the milk and butter properly??

  12. Hi,

    I would like to try this recipe but
    I dunt understand the 1st step, why must we beat the eggs and sugar OVER hot water ?
    Where does the hot water came from ?

    Please advise.

  13. Ling,

    I won't say beating over hot water is a must. U can do it, or u can skip that. But beating over hot water will give u better volume.

    U boil some hot water (it's not part of the ingredient, therefore it's not listed), put it in a slightly smaller bowl than your mixing bowl, or u can also leave the water in your saucepan.
    Put your eggs and sugar in a mixing bowl(make sure the bowl is 4 or 5 times bigger in volume than the eggs and put the mixing bowl over the hot water.

    By the way, are u a novice baker? If u are, I advise u to use sponge mix and not do a sponge cake from scratch if this is for a special occasion for a special someone. It can cause pressure if it doesn't work ut. Sponge cakes are not easy, worse than chiffon cakes. But if u think u can execute it, go ahead. I'm here to help you troubleshoot. Remember to fold the flour, don't ever beat in or stir the flour. It can cause your cake to collapse.

  14. Hi Wendy, I read from the comment and saw that you use ValuePride non dairy whipping cream. May i know where you buy it? I'm in KL.
    Btw, is this cream that u mentioned here is what the bakery using? i love the cream but i don't think it's butter cream..and i don't know wat it is called.. royal icing? butter cream? whipping cream? i have no idea.. i have been searching for the recipe online and tried out but none is much like it.. please help.. thanks! =)

  15. May,
    Where in KL?
    If you stay in PJ, you can either go to Tmn Megah Bake With Yen or Chang Tung.
    Puchong Bandar Puteri, Bake With Yen
    KL, Haji Taib area Bake With Yen and Chun Yip.
    Old Klang road, there's one shop near the OLD Maybank near kuchai junction
    Other places, I'm not sure.

    YOu can just use any non dairy topping cream, just that I prefer Valuepride. Bake with Yen's PrideJoy is a similiar product from the same manufacturer, but diff brand name. The brand "Rich" taste good too. It's hard to find the exact same brand all over KL, cos there are so many brands available.

  16. Hi Wendy, I do not have a microwave. Is there any alternative? Can i use the baking oven? Is it the same?

    Thank you


  17. Janelle,
    Which part are u refering that needs the usage of a microwave?
    The melting of gelatin? or the baking of the cake?

    You can melt gelatin over a pan of hot water (refer here: http://wendyinkk.blogspot.com/2010/05/chocolate-strawberry-yogurt-cake.html )

    But for baking a cake, always use the oven. Even though my oven is a microwave cum convection oven, a 2 in 1, I only use the oven function to bake cakes. The microwave function can never bake cakes properly.

  18. i want to bake this but i plan to bake it in a 8X8x3 inch sqaure cake tin. Is that possible? Do i need to increase the amount of ingredients? I can't find any suitable sponge cake recipe except yours :)

  19. Amanda,
    It should be fine. Just that it may not be that high. The finished cake (with topping) in the 8 inch round is more than 3 inches, so if u do it in a square, it might be slightly less than 3 inches

  20. Can I use a springform tin to bake the sponge?

  21. anonymous,
    Yes, shouldn't be a problem

  22. I had make this cake today , the cake bottom quite hard until I need to scrap off it . Then I make 2nd time more worse whole cake go to dustbin coz the whole cake look like underbake, dense and wet . So I used the 1st one but after 3 hours I take out the yogurt still not enough set and when I pull out the ring , all the yogurt stick to the ring so very messy at the side of the cake . Is it not enough cold to set the gelatine ?

    Yvonne Yeo

  23. Yvonne,

    If you are using a small oven, chances are the temperature is not accurate. You may need to bake it much much longer, sometimes up to 50% longer. How long the cake needs to be baked, you will have to judge it yourself. If the dome starts to fall, then the sponge cake is done. Skewer test is not suitable for sponge cakes.

    If you prepared the batter, but didn't bake it straightaway, the bottom part will deflate.
    If you didn't fold everything properly, chances are, the heavy parts will sink too.

    Is this your first time baking a sponge cake?

    If it's not set by 3 hours, it could only be, you wrongly measured the gelatin.

    If it's measured correctly, but your fridge is not cold enough, then only the middle will still be liquidy, but the sides would have set by 3 hours definitely. Unless ur fridge is 20C above (if this is the case, you can discard the fridge already), if not, surely the gelatin will set.

    But then again.. how did you remove the ring? Just pull like that?

  24. Yes, I use skewer to test it.This is my 1st time do sponge cake.Last time got use ready pack bought from Bake with Yen shop but also not soft and very crumble so i try to use your recipe this time.But when i mix the butter , i felt it quite difficult to mix to combine with the batter.Gelatine, is it after set it's look like jelly, mine just like yogurt(water).Ring i just unlock it then pull from the top...
    Thanks for your advice.

    Yvonne Yeo

  25. Yvonne,

    I don't mean to scare you. Sponge cakes is the most difficult cake to make and perfect. So far for me la. I have failed so many before I could make a decent one with no dense parts. It's all in the beating and folding techniques. You have to practise it countless times to get it right. Even for me nowadays, I still have not so nice sponges.

    When you mix some of the batter with the butter, just stir like crazy.

    Did you measure the gelatin with measuring spoons? The amount used is sensitive.

    Anything set with gelatin, if unlined should be removed this way
    1. By melting the side either by wrapping with a very very hot towel (seconds only), or slowly blow drying it with a hot blow dryer (5-10 minutes). If you have blow torch, use it.
    2. this way is not that pretty, use a thin spatula and scrape the sides to release.

    Gelatin and agar is not removed using the same manner.Gelatin will stick to the sides, of which is the reason, in the instructions, I said, line the ring.

  26. line the ring.....I saw it but I think I quite lazy to do it......so end up with a messy side.I learn from it now.I will practice more to sponge cake so I can make more birthday cake.thanks for your reply.

    Yvonne Yeo

    1. Ok.. I wish you all the best.
      Lots of future birthday cakes from you ;)

  27. When you say 'Fold in flour mixture in 3 additions, alternating with milk.', do you mean fold in flour, then the milk, flour, then the milk again? Do I need to fold in the milk as well or stir?

    2. 'Overturn cake for 2 mins after removal from oven and turn it upright again. Loosen sides from pan and remove from pan for total cooling.'
    Do you imply, after it's cooked, remove from the oven and overturn the tin straightaway for 2 mins. After 2 mins, turn it upright and loosen the sides?

  28. Home Cakery,
    1.flour, milk, flour, milk, flour, milk. you can do it in 2X if u want.
    2. Yes.

  29. Hi I baked a sponge cake last night, cake is in freeze now, may I know what is the reson for putting it in freeze?
    I did bake 2 little cake in paper cup, the cake is a bit dry, may I know what is correct cake texture?
    I did not stir like mad, when mix some of the batter into oil, I replace butter with oil.
    Thank you for your advice

  30. soh,
    When the cake is frozen, the jelly sets quicker and less tendency to make the cake "float".
    Jelly or pudding that is not thick enough will make the cake layers "float" if not set quick enough.
    I hope you covered the cake when you froze it. If you didn't just brush the cake with some water before you fill it to make it moist again.

  31. Soh,
    all this batter for 2 little cakes in paper cups??
    Aiyor, what happen?

  32. May I know if i were to bake in a 10inch tin, how tall of the cake will I get? I've just baked the sponge cake and when it was in the oven, it rise but halfway through, it collapsed :(.

    Home Cakery

  33. Home Cakery,
    Collaspe? Did you open the door?
    Are you using an ovenette where the heating light goes on and off?

  34. My cake is not even 1 inch tall in 10 inch tin :(I didn't open the door but I think may be the folding problem. I've tried to fold as lightly as possible, but took a very long time. When I pour in the batter into the tin, there were some flour at the bottom, which didn't mix properly.


  35. Homecakery,
    Use a wire whisk to fold instead of a spatula.
    This way is easier and less risk of deflating, plus it's faster.
    One tip, reserve half the beaten eggs. Then fold the flour in half of it only with a wire whisk. And then the butter. When everything is smooth, fold the reserved eggs back in.

  36. So, I fold the flour and milk alternately in half of the beaten eggs and then the butter, and finally fold in the reserved eggs again? Thanks for this tip. I will try it again.

    The texture is very light and soft, but I couldn't achieve the desired height. I plan to bake your coffee cream cheesecake but with the only less than 1 inch height sponge cake, I can hardly cut the cake into half...:(

    So, I cut the sponge cake and ate it...and my husband realized there was tiny bits of thing in the cake. Not sure if is from the flour?


  37. Home Cakery,
    But then 10 inch pan is very very big. I'm not surpised if you get a short cake.
    10 inch pan is 25% larger in capacity than 9 inch although it's only 1 inch bigger.
    Think 9x9 and 10X 10, and you'll understand why.
    An 8 inch pan will give you a much taller cake.

    could be flour bits, round dense bits right? usually at the base. you can set the cheesecake single layer. One of my customer told me to do cake bottom, cheese on top, so that she can fully savour the cheese.

  38. I would like to thank you for your great tips of folding using wire whisk. I bake the cake again this morning, and this time it didn't collapse! I'm so happy! Tonight will make the coffee cheesecake. Hope that it will turn out alright :)


  39. Home Cakery,
    Great! I'm glad it turned out well.
    Wish you all the best for the cheesecake, and don't forget to give me feedback. I'd love to know ;) Post on the cheesecake post itself yeah ;)

  40. Hi good morning, I baked this cake for my friend's birthday, I don't get to eat the cake,
    and the balance batter bake in to paper cup.
    My friend called me her family love the cake is very nice, I am so happy.
    I eat the cake baked in cup with the yogurt, it very nice, as I notice the cake is a bit dry, not sure is it over bake?
    may I know what you mean of "The bubbles should be very very fine", is it after the Ribbon stage test? (meaning batter not sink down when your use the batter to draw a circle right?) hope you understand.
    This is 1st time my cake rise high and not
    collapsed, thank you for all your tips & advice.
    Thank you & nice day!

  41. soh,
    Glad to hear it was well recieved.
    Did you freeze it well covered? The freezer could dry up the cake if it's not air tight.
    Yes, batter not sink down when draw circle. and the bubbles are very very fine.

  42. Hi,I put the slice cake in plastic bag and freeze, may be I will bake one more, to put the cake in air tight, will update you once it done.
    Thank you for your sharing.

  43. Hi morning, I baked the sponge cake again. The cake turned out not a fine texture, alot of hole(rough), unlike your strawbery shortcake, not know when gone wrong? am I over fold or over beat the batter? thank you for all your sharing.
    Thank you

  44. soh,
    Hmm.. I am not sure of how rough your cake is, but..... you cannot compare these sponges with store bought ones that are made either using sponge mix (factory mix) or with emulsifiers (ovalette). Home made sponge cakes that doesn't have all the funny funny additives are never as fine as store bought.
    You have to beat the whole eggs thingy until the foam is very very fine.. like marshmallows.
    Overfold and ur cake will be short.

  45. soh,
    refer to the rainbow yogurt cake to see the texture. That's the cake that shows the clearest picture. It's the same recipe that I baked in a 9 inch square and the cake is less than 2 inches tall.

  46. Thank you for your sharing, my cake is nicely baked and rise high, so is not over mix, may be like what you mention, I cann't compare with store bought, I will try to bake again.
    Nice day!

  47. Hi,
    I would like to use whipped topping cream for my cake. May I know how much to use for filling, frosting and decorating for a two layer cake. This is my first time using topping cream, will it melt easily? I'm using Red Man brand, any idea if it can be frozen for left over in both whipped and I whipped form. Thank you so much!

  48. Hi Wendy,
    Have you tried coloring the whipped topping cream?

  49. Chris,
    I guess your question was not in relation to the cake here.
    Topping cream is stable and won't melt in room temp. The 'fresh cream' in cake shops is topping cream. How much to use depends on how you decide to frost it and how big is your cake. A 6 inch cake and 10 inch cake will be different.
    You can tint the cream with gel colouring, liquid ones will cause the cream to break down.
    You can whip more just to be safe.
    Certain brands can be frozen in whipped form, but some can only be frozen in unwhipped form.

  50. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for your reply. I bought the topping cream from bakery supplies shop. Is this topping cream the same as the one that you used for this cake frosting?

  51. Hi Wendy,
    I just realised that I've mixed up this cake with the Japanese Strawberry Shortcake2 which you've used the frosted the whole cake exterior with topping cream.. So sorry :)

  52. Chris,
    Yes, I know you bought it from a bakery supplies shop, but since you wanted to know whether it melts, telling you they are the 'fresh cream' from store bought cakes will give you an idea of how it will be.

  53. Hi Wendy,
    Ok noted with thanks!
    I like all your cakes and thank you for sharing :)

  54. May I know how much yogurt you used to fix the whipping cream (coolwhip)?

  55. Jennifer,
    as said in the recipe, 500gm


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