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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steamed Sweet Potato Mantou

Mantou or steamed plain buns, are nice to eat. Be it on its own or dipped in gravy. It's good.

I used to make this by guesstimate last time, but now, I made an exact formula for it. This method of shaping was taught by my MIL. She used to make freaking good Sweet Potato Buns, altho I've never tasted them b4, they sold like hot cakes back when she made them for sale. Mike said they(MIL's) were good, very good. Well, this is not her recipe, she's lost hers. Too bad for me!

Steamed Sweet Potato Mantou/Buns Recipe
500gm pau flour
250gm steamed orange sweet potato.
100gm sugar
1 Tbsp double action baking powder
½ tsp salt
40gm shortening, melted
11gm yeast (1sachet)
½ tsp sugar
150ml water

1. Proof yeast with 1/2 tsp sugar and water until it froths.
2. Mix flour, D.A. B/P , sugar and salt together. Knead in steamed sweet potatoes. Flour mixture will look crumbly.
3. Pour in frothy yeast mixture and combine to form a dough. Knead until dough no longer sticky and turns smooth. Add more flour if it's too sticky or more water(by the teaspoon) if it's way too dry. Only add in more water if u cannot gather all the flour into the dough. How much water depends on the moisture content of the sweet potato4. When dough is smooth, knead in melted shortening, until dough no longer feels oily.
5. Leave to proof until double, about an hour.
6. Punch down and knead for another minute. Divide dough into 35gm pieces, and shape as u like. Leave to proof until shaped mantou has doubled.
7. Steam on high heat for 12-15 minutes.

The Method of Shaping Sweet Potato Bun

The bounty.... all doubled up, ready for the steamer

Steamed and yummy, ready for my tummy

Updated 17/4/2013: Video on how to shape the buns


  1. what is shortening?

  2. It's a white coloured vegetable based fat. Common brand name, Crisco. I just use regular generic shortening bought at bakery supplies shop. Even supermarkets carry shortenings on their racks.

  3. its Look Like Croissant..

  4. since its a potatoes.. tried make Gnocchi... that one is a Italian Cuisine and easy make..

  5. Sai, Annoy 1..... It is shaped like a croissant. For the fun of it.

    Anoy 2: It's nothing like a gnocchi, altho it consists of potatoes, but it's more like a steamed bread. Soft and fluffy.

  6. its served with pasta sauce.. only can be well done a completer Gnocchi

  7. Wendy, I've got some sweet potatoes lying in my kitchen and I refuse to make any more 发糕. Thinking of giving this mantou a try. How many did you get from this recipe? If I'm not wrong, the paper casing is of standard cupcake size?

  8. One more question, 250g sweet potato is weighed after steaming, correct?

  9. BH,
    Oh, I didn't reply you on this.
    Yup, it's the cooked weight.

  10. May I know is it you use the cutter to shape the dough in the 1st method?

  11. Hi, this mantou looks really delicious.

  12. yeah, another success for my 1st mantou attempt. Thx cikgu. but need a few things to rectify:-
    1)I use melted butter instead of shortening(heard it is not good for heart artery) any difference?
    2)I use 3.5tsp of baking powder (Saf Instant brand)the yeast smell is very strong n last few hours. Is this normal?
    3)after shaping (porcupine) n proof 1st batch 40min n steam- the shape is nice n clear
    but 2nd batch onward let it proof more than few hours, once steam, the shape turns flat, any idea?
    4)how to overcome wrinkle on the surface?
    Thanks for sharing..

  13. esther,
    1. If making non-white buns it's ok. Nothing wrong, just that shortening will ensure ur buns are white :p. It's true that shortening is not good, same goes to margarine. Just don't fry or cook with shortening, steaming is not that bad because the temperature is not as high.
    2. Saf is not baking powder. 11gm is 2.5 tsp only. Extra yeast will make it smell yeasty of course. Won't die from eating, just not nice to smell. Yeast is rich in Vit B :p
    3.Of course it goes flat, overproofing will weaken the gluten formation and cause it to collaspe. Do not make anything with yeast if you don't have the time to wait and be on time.
    4. You overproofed. Wrinkles are due to that.

  14. Hey, believe it, I repeat doing this again. just wanna feel good in making funny shapes. I recently encounter the mantou sold at Eu Yan Sang from Taiwan is reallyyyy soft. Any idea what makes that softness, is it the flour?

  15. esther,
    I have never been to Taiwan, hence have never encountered it. If I haven't eaten it before, I do not know how soft it is. Sorry, I have no idea.

  16. Wendy, can I omit the DABP in this recipe? Will the dough still rise?

  17. Nicole,
    U can use regular baking powder if u want.
    Omit it also can, just that it will be slightly smaller, slightly less fluffy

  18. Hi Wendy, Question again. What is the purpose of shortening actuali? Can I use canola or sunflower oil to replace the shortening/butter? Thanx so much for your advice.

  19. Thanx alot Wendy. Will use Sunflower Oil then. So it will become 'vegetarian'.

  20. Your little one is soooo adorable! :0 I loved all his background noises and he way he tip toed around and ran away with one the moment it was ready! Awesome!

  21. anonymous,
    he's getting cheekier and cheekier by the day!

  22. Hi, are you? Can I use wheat flour instead bao flour? Thanks

  23. love cook,
    You mean plain flour? or atta flour?

  24. It's from Korea, I have no idea what kind the flour, because I can't read korean.

  25. Love cook,
    If I were you, I won't take the risk. There are so many variations of flour with wheat.

  26. Hello Wendy! TQ 4 sharing this orange sweet potato mantou, I tried your recipe, shape into the rose method and the mantou looked so lovely! They taste soft & delicious!

  27. Hi! TQ 4 sharing this orange sweet potato bun recipe! I tried and used d rose shaping method, d buns turned out beautiful, soft & tasted yummy too!


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