Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lydia's 2 tomorrow

It's been almost 2 years since this little bubble of joy came out of my tummy.

I'm so busy these few days preparing for her tea party on Sunday. Making 2 cakes, one for cutting, one for extra servings (1 cake can't feed all), Sushi Sandwich, Sambal Boats, mini Cha Siew Pao, Longan Tofu, Mango Pudding, Mini Fruit Flans, and large cookie sticks for the kids.

My Lydia,
She loves food, sometimes so much until I find it hard to bake and cook in her presense. She'll eat raw dough(if i walk away from the table for a while), she calls it bread!!!! She loves to play and it makes everyone around her laughing their hearts out. Her generous Hellos, Hi's and Byes makes every friend or stranger feels so warm and welcomed. She is a loving sister to Lyanne, a loving daughter to me and Mike that is generous with her kisses and hugs. Lydia loves to sing and dance, loves Barney and Mickey, and she loves to reboot our computers!!!! Urgh, I hate the last one.

Here are some recent pics of her.

She loves to jump when taking pics

She loves pens, pencils, and brushes

She loves to go out for meals, sits quietly and feeds herself

She loves to twang on the piano .. and guitars

Lydia, mommy pray that you will grow up healthy and happy everyday


  1. Hey, din realize that right? two years since then...
    me too...Happy 2nd Birthday to lil' Lydia...
    ...and may you have many more to go...!

  2. She is such a darling.

    May the good Lord bless her with abundant blessings and joy in the years ahead.

    Wishing your Lydia happiness and good health and an early Happy Birthday :)


  3. Happy birthday ,my darling lydia.Loves and flying kisses to u.


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