Friday, September 4, 2009

Sweetened Condensed Milk Pound Cake

Sweetened Condensed Full Cream Milk.

This is something Malaysians haven't tasted for many many many years.... more than 10 years. FYI, what is sold in Malaysia is Sweetened Creamer, or Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk (It's not real milk, it's mixed with palm oil. Even this has dissappeared from the market shelves these few years)
Many Malaysians do not realise this, as when I chatted with them on this matter they went "Huh?? Is it? They've changed?" I even emailed Nestle on this matter many years back, and they did respond to me saying that it is no longer sold in Malaysia for many years, but it is available in Singapore.

My dear Malaysians, Read the labels!!!

When I was small, I loved Nescafe with condensed milk.. the flavour really comes out good...... but as I grew up, I wonder where did the fragrance go???
I didn't realise the difference was due to the milk. It was condensed milk alright, but what I had long long long ago was full cream condensed milk, the old famous Milkmaid brand. But now....even Milkmaid now has changed to a sweetened creamer. I had to add a tablespoon of FULL CREAM milk powder in addition to the "condensed milk" to my Nescafe to make it smell like it was 25 years back!

I made this cake with condensed milk brought back from Singapore by Lydia's Nanny. And yes! It is Sweetened Condensed FULL CREAM milk. The real thing!

If u really can't get hold of sweetened condensed full cream milk, the best substitute in Malaysia is Vitaminized by F&N. It is a creamer, read the small print by the side, but, with milk solids added. Therefore, having a milkier taste than other sweetened creamers. See.. they don't even put on the front label as Sweetened Creamer!!!! What's the problem???? What is F&N trying to hide from us???? Malaysians can't afford better food???? I know.. it's only RM2.60 for a 505gm can... cheap cheap cheap. Pay Peanuts, Get Monkey.

Try this cake, it's good. Fine crumbed and soft, with a nice crust.
I made 2 portions. One in original vanilla, the other with coffee. Coffee with milk is YUM YUM!!!!

120gm good quality butter
45gm sugar
1/4 tsp salt (I omitted this, because I used salted butter)
1/2 cup condensed milk
1 1/2 tsp vanilla paste (I used essence)
120gm cake flour
3/4 tsp baking powder
2 large eggs

1. Sift cake flour and baking powder tog. Set aside.
2. Cream butter and sugar tog till light and fluffy about 2 mins
3. Add in salt and vanilla paste and cream well.
4. Pour in condensed milk and cream till well combined.
5. Using the mixer on low speed, add in flour in 3 additions. Mix till batter is smooth.
6. Add in eggs one at a time. Make sure it's well mixed and smooth.
7. Bake at 175 degrees for 1 hour. (I baked at 160C for 40 mins)

To make it coffee flavoured,
Dissolve 1 Tbsp instant coffee with 1 Tbsp hot water, and mix it in the batter after step 6.



  1. I just see ur blog today 13/08/2010, I 100% agreed what u have said & noticed the disapperance of milk maid condensed milk on malaysia grocery shelves. In fact in olden day babbies were depend on this type of product. Adult's coffee & tea were have this type of milk added. Pls b advised u still can buy this type of milk in Singapore. I just bought 2 tins there.

  2. Anonymous,
    I always buy my condensed milk in singapore, if I could. I know people who are nice enough to get me half a dozen of it each time.

    You can also see me using Singapore bought condensed milk in a few of my other recipes, such as Dulce De Leche or Hedgehog slice.

  3. Dear Wendy,

    I hope you can help me out. I have been trying to get my hands on the Milkmaid sweetened condensed milk and am trying to get my brother in law who will be coming back to KL from Singapore on Nov 12 to get it. He says he has looked but cant find it. may I know where you get yours from in Singapore?

  4. OM,
    You can get condensed milk anywhere in Singapore, from supermarkets to grocery stores.
    My daughter's nanny got for me from the kedai runcit at her son's block, and if I go there, I just grab mine from any supermarket I go to. Any brand will do, even Dutch Lady, as long as it is labeled as Sweetened Condensed Full Cream Milk. Milkmaid is one of the most common brand available in Singapore, I'm sure it can be found at any grocery store and supermarket.

  5. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have baked this and linked to you. V nice and yummy indeed.

  6. Dear Wendy,
    I really never realise until u mention cos I prefer Kopi O.
    No matter how, It is quite hurt when we get this news.
    Thanks for sharing! I think next time I will try to buy some when I go to S'pore.

  7. This looks delicious, I'm going to try this recipe as soon as possible.
    I'm from south eastern Kazakhstan where sweetened condensed milk is used a lot, as in cakes, sweets, frostings and ice cream.
    This cake reminds me of home :) Thank you.

  8. You can get milkmaid in carrefour or tesco now. It's almost rm4 per can... years back it was only rm1.20 :(


  9. jo,
    oh, is it?
    Thanks for letting me know.
    It's not sweetened creamer? Cos there has always been Milkmaid, just that it's a condensed creamer, not milk.

  10. Jo,
    If this is the one you mean, then it's not the real milk I'm looking for. It's Sweetened CREAMER

  11. hi your condensed milk pound cake looks fine n yummy! can i ask how much is 1/2 cup of condensed milk in grammes? thanks!

  12. yen li,
    I think it's about 150gm.

  13. Thanks for sharing your recipes... Love baking and cooking.. Especially for my family.. Will try out this pound cake soon...

  14. Hi,I wish to try baking this cake...Will like to know any important steps need to take care during baking? I am inexperienced in baking. The first banana cake I baked previously, the cake come out like "kuih" texture and do not rise up. Thanks.

  15. Mandy,
    Ah? banana cake not rising? It's just stir and bake only right, should be very easy. The only reason I could think if it became was you mixed it way too long. Banana cakes are mixed until just combined, same with all cakes.
    This cake is made just like any other butter cake, not much to take notice of. It's just basic creaming method.

  16. Hi Wendy

    Forgot to thank you for this recipe. I made them over the weekend, I especially like the coffee flavoured one. Just curious, did you double the recipe for each cake? Why was your cake so much bigger and higher? =)

    Miss B

  17. Hi Wendy, may I know the suze of the pan that you used for this cake please? Thanks!


  18. PenangHousehusbandAugust 15, 2013 at 4:48 PM

    Wendy, cannot agree with you more about Condensed milk missing from the shelves. I planned to make a KeyLime pie from our local lime and was shopping around for the ingredients at Tesco . I spent almost half an hour trying to make head and tail from the description they put on these cans of condensed milk looking products. Finally i got the filled milk version . Hope it turns out ok and compliments my main course which is pan fried Filleted barramundi ( local saikap) and steam veg drizzled with sicilian olive oil. Goinfg thru Youtube now on how to fillet a barramundi.

  19. It's me Sum Seng Gao again!! Baked the coffee version today, 1 loaf pan n 12 cupcakes meant as gifts for frens. Smell heavenly!! Thx for sharing!!

    Jesz aka Sum Seng Gao

  20. I really liked your recipe sweetened condensed milk pound cake , its very tasty and we as a family enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. I recommend it for everyone to try once its a very amazing. Milk Powder


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