Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucille's Face Cake

Lucille Cha, born about 2 weeks later than Lydia had her party last Saturday. I made her this face cake.

The inspiration came after seeing another fellow blogger, "Pure Enjoyment" 's profile pic.
This cake is another strawberry yogurt cake... been making a few lately, well, strawberries are most kids fav, and yogurt is too. Made one for Lydia's birthday party's dessert, and another one for my nephew, Andrew. Lucille's mom said Lucille likes strawberries and chocolate, and she likes to encourage her to eat yogurt, so out came this cake, Strawberry Yogurt Cake, with chocolate sponge.

I would say making this cake is a challenge.... the challenge of placing the features correctly.. and of which I think I've failed. Ya ya,... the nose is below the eyes and above the mouth.. that's correct..but the eyes are too near each other, nose to high up and the lips.... OMG, have u seen jumbo sausages? Those pink sausages are right below the nose.. UGLY!!

I tried piping the lips so many times, luckily the surface is a gelatine surface, not a cream surface, if not I wouldn't have been able to redo it over and over, and over and over again.... See the stain near the lips.. it looks as if she's been crazily kissed by a maniac and got lipstick smudged all over. UUUURRRRGGGHH!!!

But overall, it's still a cute cake ... :)
Made a child smile so happily, what more can I ask???

The cake's got a necklace and a collar..... :)


  1. Hi Wendy,

    I have been visiting your site for the past one month, browsing your recipes.

    Thanks for the sharing! Please keep blogging =D

  2. Thanks for visiting my site and the encouragement :) I will keep on blogging.

    Do register as my follower, please :)

  3. Hi Wendy ~~
    1st time visit, your cake so wonderful!!

  4. All of us are pleased with Lucille's cake. More than the gift itself, we appreciate ur kind thoughts. May your talent and passion continue to blossom and bless people. From: Lucille's mom

  5. thanks, Eva and Lucille's Mom (Winnie)

  6. Wendy, about the lips, will using a stencil helps? Say cut pre-drawn lips from a piece of paper, then use the outter piece of that paper, put on the cake and pipe cream in the hole of it, might avoid the lipstick smudge :)

  7. Thanks Janei,
    The smudge is due to me rubbing the previous lips. The red colouring left a mark there. Using non dairy cream which doesn't harden when chilled, if put a stencil, then the paper will stick to the cream, and will smudge the cream when the stencil is removed. It might work here tho, as it was a gelatin surface, but it might not work if i'm working with a non dairy cream surface. Anyway, it was me bad for not planning and practise placing the details properly, even the location of the eyes, nostrils and lips were all wrong by proportion. I've learnt my lesson here, and will be more prepared the next time.


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