Friday, September 18, 2009

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake 2

I made this again... as pretty as I can. I made this many times, with different deco, mostly.
But this one I used back the same design as my old post.
I used to make this using Aunty Yochana's recipe..but the sponge doesn't work out great. I find that it contains way too much flour.
I used the sponge recipe that I formulated with Strawberry Yogurt Cake.

The outer frosting is non dairy topping cream, while the filling inside is made with dairy whipping cream. I find that Anchor brand whipping cream whips faster, but less volume, Emborg had better volume, but needs longer whipping time, plus Emborg is whiter. Emborg has a lighter taste, and Anchor is creamier. Anchor is cheaper, much cheaper than Emborg. I don't use other brands much, as I only buy Emborg in 200ml packs, and when I need alot, I use Anchor 1L packs. The 200ml pack costs 45% of Anchor's 1L, so, I try to use Anchor, whenever I can, and use up the balance for pasta or ice cream.

This cake is very nice..... fresh strawberries, more than 1/2kg are laid in the layers and on the top. Toasted coconut lends a fragrant touch to the cream...

If I were to sell the cake (9 inch) to u, how much will u be willing to pay for it?
Just let me know :)


  1. Well done, very pretty cake :)

  2. This is really beautiful ! I'm a failure at baking unfortunately :( So envy you could bake so well !

  3. Wendy, you need to move to the US, where people'd pay $35-40 for such a cake! Really :)

    (Great blog; lots of fun recipes & oh so cute kids).


  4. Lise,
    Oh, that's how much it cost over there.
    Haha, moving over is possible, but don't know when.It could be 10 years time, or 20 or it could be 5 years, or never.. It's not my decision.

  5. Wendy,

    May I know if you need to put a layer of gelatine on top of the strawbery to prevent the strawberry falls when you cut the cake?



  6. Jo,
    Instant jelly will be a better choice.
    Actually if you stick them on well enough, also won't fall geh. But if the cake is not eaten soon after prep a layer of jelly or gelatin over the strawberries will be good to prevent them from drying out

  7. Hi Wendy, the cake looks awesome, can I hv the receipt for it?
    My boyfriend love that kind of Strawberry Cake very much, want to try to make one in this Valentine's day, thanks~

  8. Ling,
    as said in the post the sponge recipe is taken from strawberry yogurt cake.
    this is version 2. Pls find the recipe in the first version.

  9. I have a lot of issues when trying to decorate the sides of the cake with in this case coconut. How did you make it so pretty? Do you hve tips and perhaps can do a tutorial?

  10. Shopaholic Chicka,
    Just grab some coconut in one hand and pat them on.

  11. Hi Wendy can I have the recipe please? For the sponge as you mentioned the first was too hard


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