Saturday, November 21, 2009

Strawberry Mirror Cake 2

Actually I made this sometime ago... back when I made the strawberry icecream.
This is for my so called "catalog". I'm taking orders for cakes in Kuala Kangsar.
Not to say I'll earn lots from it, but just some pocket money now that I'm a full time housewife.

Some have told me to quit my job(Well, I'm still employed with the government, just on 3 yrs leave) and venture full time into this. I brush this off totally, cos with the amount of time spent to decorate cakes, and with the amount of money that I earn from it, it's better to stick to my Metal Rice Bowl(FYI:It's a direct Cantonese translation that means, a job that will forever feed u, but won't make u rich)

I'm only baking per order, rather than having a bakery with baked stuff waiting to be sold. Plus, I'm really not up to par to own a bakery. It's just that where I stay, there's no bakery that offers cakes that are not regular (regular cakes means, cakes made from sponge mixes smothered with either "shortening/margarine" icing or Non dairy cream) I won't say that I'm really good, just that I offer something different.

Currently my best sellers are my egg tarts and my butter cakes. I don't really ask around for orders, I'm just taking orders from my neighbours of whom, my husband is asking "Aren't they afraid of diabetes or heart attack?", cos it's weekly, sometimes, twice in a week. These neighbours are in search of proper cakes that they can be rest assured that I only use good ingredients, and of course, they cme with good taste, especially my eggtarts, that they claim them to be the best they have ever tasted. Well, it's just that I use real butter for the egg tarts and not margarine, and they are flaky, not soggy. I do not claim to bake the best egg tarts in town, but it's just the feedback that I get from my loyal customers



  1. Eh, this strawberry m-cake looks very nice, like bot outside--i mean those in cake shops...!

  2. Mel, Thanks.
    If I stayed near u, make sure u order from me :)
    But lucky u, I stay 350km away.

  3. Full Time Housefly:
    I don't know what happened to ur comment. It's gone missing.
    Anyway, I do envy ur family, having so so nice meals daily. I'm not that hardworking to cook like that :)

  4. ehh i SEE oso wanna eat ady. looks so good~ :D

  5. Charissa, u've eaten this before.
    Lasy year CNY, this was Hannah's birthday cake. You were there. But my decorating skill that time was still very very tak boleh pakai.

  6. How to bake this Strawberry Mirrir Cake?
    Any recipe?
    Love it... So YUMMY~
    Hehe~ Thanks!

  7. Anonymous,
    the link for the recipe in the the write up itself. Click on the highlighted "this" to be redirected there.

  8. hey is there a recipe?


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