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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oreo Condensed Milk Mini Cheesecake

The first 2 pics were first attempt. I broke up the oreos and stuffed them into the batter.
The one below with one whole Oreo is my 2nd attempt.

There's a cafe here in KK that makes yummy cheesecakes. I am thinking of recreating them.
Altho I know that they use whipping cream in their cheesecakes (a leak from a baking supplies shop), I am thinking of using condensed milk.

I saw a post on using condensed milk for cheesecake, and so, I adapted this recipe from there.

250gm cream cheese
150gm sweetened condensed milk
2 eggs, separated
1 small pinch of cream of tartar
1 Tbsp sugar
1 tube of Oreo (137gm)

*everything be at room temperature when u're ready to start.

1. Separate Oreos, leaving 12 pcs w/o cream intact and round. Put the rest of the biscuits together with the filling into a food processor and pulse til fine.
Remember to preheat ur oven (150C) and boil water after this.
2. Line big muffin tin (100ml capacity each) with 12 paper cups. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of oreo crumbs onto paper cups and smooth out with a teaspoon, lightly press the crumbs to flatten.
3. With a mixer, beat egg whites until frothy, add in cream of tartar continue to beat until soft peaks. Add in sugar and beat til stiff (as long as egg whites don't fall when overturned, it will be fine, no need to be pointy stiff). Set aside, and quickly do the next step.
4 Cream cream cheese on low speed until smooth (a minute or 2), put in condensed milk and egg yolks and continue to beat on low speed for another minute until well combined. Fold in egg whites.
5. Spoon (4) into prepared paper cups. Top with an oreo biscuit or u can break it up and put it where ever u like (middle, top)
6. Bake for 20 minutes in a waterbath.
7. Leave to cool in oven, door ajar. Cool completely before chilling.
8. Best chilled for 3 hours or more before serving.

*note: Malaysian Sweetened Condensed Creamer and Condensed Filled milk is generally sweeter than Condensed Full Cream Milk than can be purchased from out of the country. I made this recipe with Condensed Full Cream Milk, and so far those who ate what I made said it was just nice.

**Deflated egg whites will create a shorter and sweeter cake. Be careful when you fold in the egg whites. Don't deflate the batter.

I love this cheesecake. The beaten egg whites makes the cake soft and fluffy, unlike my marble cheesecake.

Really nice to eat, serious!!!


  1. Wow this is love at first sight for my girl , Racheal. She loves Oreo and cheese and she is learning to bake , thanks so much for sharing !

  2. Looks yummy! btw, wat's "bake in a waterbath"? any difference with steaming?
    That day i saw in papers that Marigold's new evaporated full cream milk's out, any difference if we use that instead of the condense milk? Evap Milk looks healthier right? Thx!

  3. Melody,
    bake in waterbath, is putting ur pan with batter in another tray of water to bake. Custards, and cheesecakes are usually done this way. Another term is bain marie. The tray must be more shallow and bigger than the pan.
    Evaporated milk cannot be used in place of condensed milk as evaporated milk is not sweetened and evap milk has higher water content than cond milk. Condensed creamer is not healthy, but Full Cream condensed milk is made with real milk. U can try checking labels in the supermarket next time u go. Get ur real thing supplied from Spore since u have contacts there.

    AFTH: Don't mind me calling u that..cos ur name very long.. hehehe... Thanks. This cake is not difficul to make. Do try it out. Seriously good!

  4. this looks delicious! all of your recipies sound amazing!

  5. hei wendy thank for sharing this amazing recipe i definitely try this cake. I really admire u`re talent about baking cakes. keep up the good work.

  6. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your compliments
    Do tell me how your cake went :)
    Would love to hear from you.

  7. Thanks for posting this interesting recipe
    My cakes are cooling in the oven now, just hope they turn out just like yours kekeke...

  8. Oh no....
    my cakes turn out "wet"
    the original recipe call for 1 egg?

  9. Simonne,
    How long was it that you cooled your cake before you ate it?
    From your comments, I can see it was just before 8pm that you finished baking and you tried it at 8.30pm??? Oh please wait for 3 hours as said in the recipe. and that is chilled in the fridge, if not your cheesecake will be like jam. All cheesecake should be chilled thoroughly (5 hours for large cakes) before cut or eaten.

  10. Simmone,
    Yeah, about your inquiry of why I differed from the original recipe.
    Original recipe 1 egg, I used 2.
    Original method is cream whole eggs, I separate the eggs.

    Reason: 1 egg will make the cheesecake too hard for my preference, it's more angmoh feel. I tried another cheesecake with same amount of cheese and 1 egg, and I don't like it. Check out my marble cheesecake recipe. And after making a few cheesecakes, I found that when I separate the eggs and beat the whites stiff before adding in, the texture is much better, more Asian like. So, now, I always do this to my cheesecakes to achieve that light, melt in the mouth feeling, rather than thick and too creamy feel.

    I've checked out your site, and I see that you have never made this type of cheesecake before, and they were chilled or cotton cheesecakes. Baked cheesecakes (besides cotton ones) need to be thoroughly chilled before cutting. Best is overnight, no joke here. If not the cake will go to waste.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wendy!
    I'm having cheesecake for breakfast.. Yeah!
    After chill them overnight, i try them this morning and they are HEAVENLY yummy!

    Thank you so much for your help

  13. Can i ask u why my cheesecake dun cling well to the paper cup ? I'm using those souffle cup


  14. Simmone,
    Glad to hear they turned out well. Please please chill them next time yeah. Patience, patience.

    Oh, you mean Solo cups :)
    If you say souffle cups, I'll think of ramekins.
    Cheesecakes tend to shrink after cooled, as do most cakes. And large cheesecakes will even crack if the sides are not lined or greased to ease the sides to come away from the pan. So, when they shrink, they will come away and not cling to the sides. which was why I used paper liners and not stiff cups or aluminium cups.

  15. hmm then i better try using paperline cup next time


  16. Is there a fixed temperature when baking it in a water bath?


  17. Cheryl,
    The temperature is stated in the instructions at 150C. See step 1.

  18. This has caught my attention. I love cheesecakes but have never tried with condensed milk. These look pretty and yummy.

  19. Yummy Koh,
    Making cheesecakes with condensed milk is very nice, in my opinion and is one of my favourites, besides with sour cream :)

  20. Hi der!

    to satisfy my recent '3 min obeession' in baking, i haf been reading alot recipes blogsites from 'gurus' and is very much drawn to yours. =) Appreciate your inputs as i had learnt and enjoyed them!

    regarding tis Oreo Condensed Milk Mini Cheesecake, may i know
    1) is it ok if i omit the cream of tartar?
    2) the recommended amount of ingredients are for how many servings?


  21. Hazel,
    1. You can replace the cream of tartar here with lemon or lime juice. Use 1 tsp of it. Anything acidic will work fine as a substitute
    2. 12 regular muffin cups. If one person consumes 2 pieces then it's 6 servings, if 1 person consumes 1, then it's 12 servings :p

  22. I baked this yesterday - very nice but personally find it a little sweet. Next round I will reduced the sugar a bit. thanks for sharing.

  23. Yummy Koh,
    There is only 1 Tbsp os sugar here to aid the beating of egg whites. I don't think you can reduce that.
    You can only reduce the condensed milk.

  24. Hai wendy..
    saya dah cuba resepi ni , mmg sedap dan suke nak buat lagi..
    tqvm share this yummy recipe ..
    saya copy paste resepinya..

  25. mummyseri,
    Suke ye :)
    Boleh copy paste, asalkan link back, halal

  26. Hi Wendy,

    I must try this, sound like Cake Lapis cheese without layers. Wont the cheese cake get stuck on the paper cups? I tried baking the cotton Cheesecake today. Taste Ok but I don't get the spongy feel. Did I overbeat the mxture? More like Noyna Kueh Custard texture after chilling.

    Love your expertise advice.

  27. Jo,
    Your eggs have deflated. Either you beat the egg whites in or you left the whole mixture too long before baking, or you opened the oven door halfway. It could also be underbaking, but if underbaked, only the middle should be like a kuih. Next time, fold in the egg whites, do not beat.

    This is not a Cake lapis cheese. I think Cake lapis is a very dense cake, like a dense butter cake, This is a creamy cheesecake. If this cake is thoroughly baked, it won't stick, as you can see, how I peeled off the wrapper to reveal the fluting on the sides.

  28. just a beeboo with a dream,
    Sorry I have no idea as my bakes usually do not last more than 2 days. They get eaten up quite fast. But 3 days shouldn't be a problem.

  29. hi wendy

    i would like to try this recipe but im not sure about the water bath thing.

    as i am using a microwave convection oven and i have a 6 hole muffin pan, it does not allow me to put the muffin pan into another tray when baking.

    is it possible not to place them in a water bath?



  30. sophie,
    I am also using a microwave convection.
    If you do not place them in a water bath,
    1. The cheesecake might puff up
    2. Might easily overbake
    But since this isn't baked for too long, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just bake until it is set.

  31. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for the recipe. My first try turned out too soft. Maybe I did not bake it long enough. For the 2nd try, I just mixed the egg with the cream cheese & condensed milk batter and baked it w/o a water bath. Yummy! Love it.

  32. Hi Wendy,

    I tried your recipe and the taste turned out as expected, light and fluffy. Unfortunately the cake shrank and sank in. Created a valley in the centre. Any idea why?

  33. Beginner Baker,
    Hmm.... overbaked I suppose.
    If it puffed up during baking and then sank after cooling, it has definitely overbaked.

  34. 请问可以写华语的吗?。。

  35. Anonymous,
    If you want to ask a question in Chinese, I can try to answer you. But if you're asking me to translate the whole recipe, then please use an online translator.

  36. Wendy!I got to know about your blog from KY Speak (while he was blogging about the Malaysia's Best MasterChef Blogger.)earlier. Since that day, surfing your blog is a daily-must-do-task! I really love it!Thank you!!
    I baked the Oreo mini cheesecake yesterday and it tasted so so nice!
    I ran out the condensed milk, so I added in two tbsp condensed milk + 1 1/2 tbsp brown sugar. It still taste yummy! I will make it again for the X'mas party!

  37. gracelynn,
    Thanks for reading my blog almost daily :)
    Glad you liked it and I hope you guests will enjoy it too :)
    Merry Christmas!

  38. H wendy, my oven just nice for the muffin pan..i hav no more bigger pan than the muffin pan..any suggestion? Sandy

  39. Sandy,
    There's usually a cookie tray that comes with your oven, can fit? If not then buy some aluminium disposable muffin cups

  40. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the above recipe it looks so yummy. And i wish to try it over the weekend. By the way I'm not sure what you mean by baked it w/o a water bath?

  41. Suba,
    I'm not sure why you said that, wonder where you read that.
    Instruction no.6 says, bake in a waterbath, I did not say w/o.

  42. Hi Wendy, I like your blog. I learned a lot of skill here and i'm now waiting my mini cheesecake to cool down before i transfer them to the fridge. I think I will have a great supper tonight. :). Thank you for the recipe...

  43. eng eng,
    thanks for the feedback, and I wish I can pop over to ur place for supper too, kekekeke.

  44. Hi Wendy, very nice blog :) This cheesecake looks delicious! Can you please suggest how many batches and how long should I bake it to make a full cake version? Thanks!! Syulie

  45. Syulie,
    If you want to make this amount, it'll make an 8 inch cake at about 1.5inches tall.

    If you want to do a 9 inch cake, you might need to do 50% extra.

    Baking time is usually around 1 hour 15 mins to 1hour 30 mins

  46. Wendy, I have an 8 inch round cake pan and I plan to do 2 batches of your recipe. Just because it is going to be a birthday cake and I want it taller. Is the baking time would still be around 1 hour 15 mins to 1 hour 30 mins? How do I know when they are ready to take out? Thanks!

  47. Syulie,
    Double will be too much for a 8 inch pan. It will overflow for sure.
    Since it'll be a tall cake, you might need to bake it up to 1 hour 45 minutes, probably.
    I can only roughly tell you the time.
    You will have to see it, the top should not be sticky when touched. And when you touch it, it shouldn't be wobbly since this recipe contains more eggs and should be firmly set.If you see cracks appearing, then for sure it is cooked (but make sure the sides will have water, too little water in waterbath could cause cracks too.)
    Put it on the lower racks for best results

  48. Ok, will do 1.5 batches then. Will let you know how I go. Will make it for next Wednesday. Hope it goes ok. Thank you so much Wendy!!

  49. hello. just wondering is it to only to light up the top or both top n bottom of the oven?

  50. lalas,
    I used top and bottom heat, fan on

  51. Hi Wendy, in the end I did 2 batches of the cream cheese batter and only 1 tube of Oreo. I decided on 2 batches just because I don't want the leftover cream cheese lying around in the fridge. I did an extension of the "wall" with baking paper in case it overflow. It turned out to be 2.25" tall. I baked it for 1.5 hours. By the time I open the oven to check, it's already cracked so I took it out. The middle rises quite high but then deflated when it cools down, and noone notices the cracks anymore :) I left the whole cake uncovered in the fridge the whole night. This morning everyone loooooves the cake, some take second slice. There were 3 other cakes too but this cheesecake finishes first. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! People keep asking how the texture can be soft and fluffy. I love the taste but I just want to check one thing. I notice it was a little crumbly when people cut it, it doesn't bother me really, but just out of curiosity, is it meant to be like that? Thanks again Wendy!!!

  52. syulie,
    Glad to hear it turned out well.
    Yes, this is a bit crumbly. Cheesecakes with egg white separation method will be like this because we use less cheese to make the bulk, but 'air'. I always cut it with a clean knife (clean with each stroke) and if the knife is warm, it cuts even better. If not, just do it with dental floss.

  53. Hi Wendy,

    Baked this cheesecake again, and it is a hit again :) Just wondering if you can advise where I can grab Alex Goh's cookbook, in particular that covers a lot of cheesecake, in English. Thanks!!


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