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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Painted Cute Bunny Birthday Cake

*All pictures are taken with Iphone 4s

There are people who don't like eating cream, who will tend to have the habit of scraping off cream whenever they eat cake.To us bakers, sometimes, that could be quite annoying, especially when we use premium ingredients to frost the cake, and before they even taste it, it is scraped away and discarded in the paper plate.

But yet, a birthday cake for a kid, needs to look like a birthday cake for a kid.

The year before, my niece Joanna requested a bunny cake, and the next year ANOTHER bunny cake. I told her, I can't make 3 cute bunny cakes that don't look and taste the same. No more bunny cakes next year.

During the year (2013) I made this, Painted Swiss Rolls were very popular. So, I used that idea to create a kiddie birthday cake that uses minimal frosting. Just some Swiss Meringue Buttercream to sandwich the layers.

You can use any sponge cake recipe that uses egg white separation method to make this. I'm just sharing the idea. If you're not making any white parts, just use any sponge cake recipe you like.

Take note that only NON STICK baking paper can be used. Greaseproof paper will not be suitable.

Remember to bake each colour before piping on the next colour. Just bake until the batter doesn't stick to finger when touched. If the earlier colours seem to dry up too much, moisten them with water before baking the next colour.

When the painting is done, top with batter and bake according to the recipe used.
When the top layer is done. The other layers are up to your imagination!

Because this cake is not fully frosted, it will dry up in the fridge if not kept properly. Please wrap it up with plastic wrap to ensure it stays moist.


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