Monday, October 13, 2008

Jojo and Hung's Birthday

This was last saturday.

I made my eldest brother and her daughter a Strawberry Shortcake. Their birthdays are just 1 week apart.

The deco was simple..but yet, made my niece""Awwwww".. kekekeke

As long as the strawberries are big, red, and there's lots of chocolate... they're happy..keke..

The huge strawberries(min 2 inch long) are from Raju's in Camerons. Darn pricey now. RM30/kg, got a shock when I paid for them. They used to be just RM20 few months back. But believe me, they are worth it. I got them one week b4 I made the cake and the leftover strawberries are 2 weeks old now.. and they're still fine and fresh in my fridge. Still trying to figure out what to do with just 8 strawberries.


  1. i love this cake! everyone calls me jojo so that's probably the main reason i like it haha u did a beautiful job on it. i bet they were really happy.

  2. My niece, Jojo's real name is Joanna too!

    Jojo's her pet name.


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