Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pandan Chiffon Cake 香叶戚风蛋糕

This is my mom's favourite chiffon cake.

The texture's somewhat softer than the coffee version, altho I just tweaked with the type of liquid used. I also used all purpose flour for this, but it's softer. Maybe it's due to the coconut milk. Maybe..

4 large egg yolks
75ml oil
115ml pandan leave juice (1/2 cup water blended with 1/2 cup cut up pandan leaves, strained)
25gm coconut milk powder
1/8 tsp salt
100 gm sugar
150 gm all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder

4 egg whites
90gm sugar
1/8 tsp cream of tartar

1. Preheat oven to 170C
2. Warm pandan juice and mix in coconut milk powder. Stir until coconut milk powder is dissolved.
3. Mix (1) with the rest of ingredients (A) until well combined.
4. Beat egg whites until foamy. Put in cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks.
5. Add in sugar and beat until stiff.
6. Fold 1/4 of egg whites into (A) and combine well.
7. Repeat step 6.
8. Fold in the rest of egg whites and combine well.
9. Pour batter into a clean tube pan and shake pan lightly left and right to level cake.
10. Bake at 170C for 40 minutes.
11. Invert pan immediately after removing from oven.
12. Cut cake when totally cooled.


  1. I like this kind of cake but hardly I can get around my place... miss it

  2. When u wanna come to my place again??? I make for u lor.. kekekeke

  3. I tried to make chiffon cake three times already. I failed my work all the time. Finally i found out i did not beat the eggs white enough.

  4. I just try to make this cake but my chiffon cake tin is too small yet I pour in too much batter, the cake rise higher than the tin. May I know what is the size of your chiffon cake tin?

  5. Anonymous (29/4/10),
    You can use both 22 and 25cm pans. There's a picture of them in my Orange chiffon Cake post.
    If your pan is measure in volume, get one for 8 cups volume.

  6. Anonymous (2010),
    Also, if there is extra, you can always bake them as cupcakes.
    Or invert your "over the rim cake" over a wine bottle, this way you get some height away from the table.

  7. Hi I am back! hehe.. mom is here so I intend to make her one now. I wonder if I should try out this recipe above or pandan chiffon cake 2. Pls advise.

  8. I tried the above recipe. It turned out nice. My family like it alot. Thanks for sharing.My personal point of view, I find it slightly sweet. I may reduce 10g sugar in the future. Like I said, "personal". My friend said its fine.

  9. Angeline,
    Yeah, this recipe's sugar content is the same as the orange version that you liked.
    I only tweaked the flavouring, the base recipe is still the same. Feel free to decrease the sugar, but I think 10gm won't make much of a difference. I suggest that you reduce 20gm sugar in the yolk mixture.

    Since you have tried this recipe, why not try another the other version. It's up to you.

  10. can i use this recipe for my 22 cm chiffon cake tin?

  11. Janjan,
    22 should stil be ok.
    But it'll come right up to the rim. You can see that in my orange chiffon post, same recipe but diff taste only.
    Get something to support it when you overturn cos it'll be very near to the table.

  12. i like this cake and i've never try it.i love to see ur method looks easy and simple.

  13. If i cannot find pandan leaves, can I substitute with pandan oil?

  14. Anonymous,
    Just mix 1 or 2 tsp of pandan paste with water to make up the pandan juice amount.
    The flavour will not the the same as natural flavouring, but better than none :)

  15. Hi,

    Welcome back. :)

    May i check with you, as i don't have coconut milk powder, may i change it with coconut milk instead?


  16. Lily,
    Yes you may, but, make sure your pandan juice is very very concentrated.
    Total amount of liquid should not exceed 115ml

  17. Hi, if I bake them as cupcakes. How long do I need in the oven?

  18. Desmond,
    About 25 minutes. But it depends on different ovens.

  19. Wendy,
    I had try to make this chiffon , i just change the
    coconut milk powder to 130g thick coconut milk.But at the end the chiffon still very tall in oven....but when i invert it , it's fall down.What happen to it?


  20. Yvonne,
    How much pandan juice did you put in then?
    If your total of liquid : pandan juice + coconut milk is 115ml +130gm, then the cake is way too heavy to sustain itself when inverted.

    If you didn't use pandan juice, but 130gm coconut milk, the weight should still be fine, but then it'll be the problem of your egg whites. You must have overbeaten them. The peaks should be fat and pointy, not thin and pointy like the end of a turnip.

  21. Wendy,

    I think i just put 3-4 soup spoon for the concentrated pandan juice only.Then when i eat the cake it's look quite moisture especially at the bottom.The egg white i beat until fat but it's not standing , the peak it's drop at the end there.


  22. Yvonne,
    1 soup spoon is 20ml.So, the total amount of liquid is 80ml +130gm, which
    So, you've put in more than double the total amount of liquid. No wonder your cake dropped. It's too heavy.
    Chiffon cakes are rather sensitive. You need to take into consideration a lot of factors when you alter the recipe.

    Some more your egg white is not stiff enough, it will not be strong. How much or how less you beat ur egg whites has a great effect on chiffon cakes.

  23. Do u mean to whisk the egg yolk and sugar till creamy n pale before adding all the ingredient A? And then to fold in the still egg white?


  24. T.J,
    Whisking the yolks is not mentioned in the recipe. It's just mix, as in just mix.

  25. Hi hi

    Any clue why my chiffon cake almost always drop out of the pan when inverted? Followed the liquid portion to the T at max 115ml...



  26. Jo,
    either it's underbaked or the whites are overbeaten

  27. Hi

    After mixing all the ingredients in A, the texture is slightly grainy... Correct?



  28. Give up

    My cake always drop off pan... First aft coming out of oven, it shrink itself off the sides, needless to say, it falls out once inverted. Again, I'm left w two big crescent shape cake. Utterly disappointed.


  29. TJ,
    grainy? Is it the sugar?
    Let it sit for a while then the sugar will melt.

  30. Jo,
    If you can only tell me it falls, but can't provide me with other information, It's hard for me to help you troubleshoot.
    If possible, take a pic of the beaten egg white, the fallen cake, the pan (with cake bits still inside) email me to see.
    BTW, have you tried baking it longer? If can, take pic of your oven for me to see too.

  31. hi
    tx so much!... let me try to get the pics to you... i'm quite convinced it's underbaked.. some parts of the end batter appears wet...

    tx!. let me try to get them to you (before i give up)...


  32. Hi Wendy. Can I change the coconut milk to evaporated milk?

  33. Nicole,
    Can but fragrance not as good

  34. TQ Wendy. If use coconut milk then the cake cant that long rite?

  35. Nicole,
    How many days do u think this cake will stay in your house? With coconut milk, 2 days no prob

  36. Wendy, thanx alot for the advice. Will try this cake this weekend after I have done pandan concentrate. Really cant wait. Hope will succeed.

  37. hi.may i know what is the size of the mould for this recipe?

  38. Sweetie yukari,
    22cm or 25cm pan will be ok

  39. may I know the size of eggs used?

  40. Hi Wendy

    My cake do not rise as tall as yours. I used the fresh packet coconut milk and blend it with the pandan leaves. Total of this is 115ml. Hope is not due to this?
    Thank you

  41. Jocelyn,
    Usually chiffon cake failures are due to egg whites or opening oven door before the cake is done.
    Deriving natural pandan with your method is all ok.
    Is this your first chiffon? Ever tried any other cakes made with egg separation method?

  42. hi wendy, just curious: why didnt u use cake flour for this? wont it produce a much softer cake? also in regards to recipes of chiffon cakes, can i use ratio method if i dont have the exact tin size? like for a 25cm tin would need 8 eggs, so if i have a 21cm tin and it requires 4 eggs, can i just halve all the dry ingredients n others as well?


  43. Sachi,
    Well, cake flour will be softer, but less stable in a high liquid recipe.
    25cm pan, I will recommend a 6 egg or 5 egg recipe.
    Half? No you can't, you should increase by the same %.
    A 5 egg recipe will be 25% increment and a 6 egg recipe will be 50% increment.


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