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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Steamed Banana Cake

Don’t say I didn’t warn u. If u think that this is a tender soft cake, nope it is not. Not even when it's fresh from the steamer.

This doesn’t contain any oil (no yolks, no oil, no butter, what so ever)
It’s bouncy with a bite to it. I won’t say it’s dense.. not til that stage. Just that, not soft like a sponge, not dense like a brownie 

I ate another piece hours later, and still the texture was the same, same meant, no hardening, which is good for steamed cakes.
I adapted this recipe from a magazine, Happy Kitchen that my mom bought.
She buys it, I make it, as always

100gm bananas
60gm sugar
70gm egg white (from 2 eggs)
1 Tbsp water
80gm cake flour
20gm corn flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/3 tsp sodium bicarbonate

1. Prepare ur steamer/wok, put water in and bring to a boil.
2. Sift flours with baking powder and sodium bicarb, set aside.
3. Put bananas and sugar into bowl and beat with a mixer until mashed and creamy.
4. With a hand whisk, whisk in egg whites and water .
5. Put in sifted flours and whisk until just smooth.
6. Put batter into lined steaming cups until 90% full.
7. Steam on medium heat for 6 minutes. (As per the recipe. But I steamed my 2nd batch on high heat, and the texture was slightly softer than the 1st batch on medium heat)

The original recipe called for liquid glucose, and I omitted it, scared that it’ll make the batter too sweet. But the main reason was that, I don’t have it at home that time. Well, I could always substitute it with golden syrup that I still have lots, but nah… let’s try it without. U can add in 30gm of liquid glucose into the batter.

Maybe next time I should put in some oil or melted butter… A Tablespoon or 2, just to make it softer.


  1. Your steam cakes look very fluffy! I've not tried any steam cakes yet. I must try out the steam version next round. Cheers!

  2. I love banana cake. I love it's texture and beautiful smell. Your steamed version looks very delicious.

  3. Kitchen Corner,
    Haha!!! I don't think it's as fluffy as u think it may be.

    Actually it's not as delicious as I hope it'll be.

  4. Your cake looks soft to me and I like to see thin little red line in the cake (typical banana cake). And it usually will turn obvious only hours later, not immediate when it is just out from the steamer. This is my experience when I first time steamed banana cake.

  5. DG,
    Looks can be decieving :)
    I used local bananas which tend to oxidise faster than the large imported bananas, which may be the reason why the lines are obvious right out of the steamer.

  6. This steamed cake looks soft and fluffy for me. I haven't make any type of steamed cake before; but my mind always pop out that i have to try it out in one day. Thanks for your sharing.

  7. A great version of banana cake. Gotta to try the steamed one soon. Looks so good.

  8. It looks really soft though you said they are not. Cannot judge a steamed banana cake from the photo :P

  9. I just tried steamed chocolate cake few days ago, must find one day try your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Angie,
    I don't think you'll like this one. If the real castella is too dense for you, then you won't like this one.

  11. Tigerfish,
    The look of it is really decieving. But some people like not too tender cakes, my brother is one of them, and he will like this. If you're no sponge lover, then maybe you'll enjoy this.

  12. Sonia,
    Haha, if u ever try this, PLEASE let me know
    I can't wait to hear other people's real opinion about this.

  13. Steamed cakes!! I'm gonna bookmark this! there's anther version at Aunty Yochana's...let's see which is softer...(hers used full eggs instead of only the whites)

  14. Mel,
    I guarantee Aunty YOchana's softer.


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