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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My loot from US

Everytime my Mother in Law or someone comes back, I'll definately buy some stuff from the internet, get it sent there and they'll bring it back for me.

I think I've inherited one very bad trait from my mom.... She loves to buy pots.. and  I love to buy tableware. It's something that we never feel.. "there's too  much at home". hahaha!! And I always tell my mom to stop buying pots last time, now.. someone's got to tell me stop buying tableware. Maybe it's due to me blogging that I am buying a lot of stuff now..but those fancy stuff are never expensive, RM2 shops, or Daiso stuff. These Corelles are really for dinner time. When you have kids at home, durable tableware is the choice. But don't think Corelle is really unbreakable.. not it is not, and I have a post to prove to you. (Mike's aunt's domestic helper broke lots of it) Just that it's more durable and lightweight. I got them from US at a fraction of what is sold here, which explains the online shopping frenzy.

6 pcs of pasta plate, 6 pcs of soup plate, 3 Pyrex mixing bowls, one corelle serving platter, one cereal bowl to make up for the one that broke and one corningware stovetop that my niece Joanna broke. Mom asked to get one to replace that. And most of all, a Candy and Frying Thermometer!!!!! I can't get it here, maybe not at the baking shops that I frequent!!! The thermometer will come in handy.. very soon, you'll see. No no, I'm not making candy, not yet.

Besides that, my sis in law also got me a COACH bag. Genuine one la.... You can buy from her if you want, She's selling them (from Houston, TX), all authentic. Her link is always on the bottom right of my blog, next to my hit counter :)

And I have this weakness for cooking books, especially when they are introduced by blogger that I love and adore. This The Whimsical Bakehouse is mentioned in Patricia's site, in her DDL Cake post. Darn!!! I've just got to get the book. And well, buying at Amazon and getting them sent to Houston, and waiting for the next trip back is definately worth getting 60%-70% off Malaysia's bookstore prices.

The colours of the cakes are a bit scary for me... but I do learn something from the book, especially doing white chocolate paintings :)

I've have some more loot end of the year... My elder sis in law coming back again :)
Kitchenaid??? Maybe, it's less than USD300 there. 30% of what is sold here!!! Imagine that. But it's 10kg.. heavy hoh?

Now, Independance day sale.. I'm waiting for you :) I don't think I can make it for Thanksgiving, but that's is even crazier.


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so many things......ehh i like the cake painting one a lot hhahha

  2. Wow, that looks like a great book! Okay, ordering it now! I happen to be going back to California next month, heehee. Any other great cook books you can recommend? ;) Yeah...I got my KitchenAid for USD219...but still in shipment, not here yet. :) Wonderful purchase btw! Isn't shopping just great?!

  3. My wife buys the kitchen utensils....I do the cooking.....LOL!

  4. Yeah, I know you can get those kitchenware very cheap from US. One corningware only cost for USD$6.00! But the problem is who going to carry those stuffs all the way from US for me! You're lucky cause you got somebody there to take care for you. Those kitchenware is quite heavy though.
    Hope you enjoy your new toys!
    Regards, Kristy

  5. The bakehouse book looks very interesting.
    Strange, I am never a bagnatic...

  6. wor, good purchases, i like that pasta plate, expensive or not? I'm thinking ask my blogger friend in US who will be coming back end of this year to carry one KA mixer for me, but till now still paiseh to ask, hehehe..

  7. Love your loot ... I usually do the opposite ... getting my family to bring stuff from M'sia!!!

    Love your Coach Bag ... just got one myself at the Grove City Outlet ... got 50% off (old stock) plus another 30% off for purchases over $250!

    Love Shopping!!

  8. You know my husband ban me from going to the household sections and also Coach store. He said I am like a kid at the candy store ha ha.. I have so many household things and bags that I am running out of place to store it. Coach is really cheap here. You should get your SIL to buy you more. We women can't never have enough bags :)

  9. Manglish,
    U like it ah.... maybe you have a kiddy part in you :)
    I'm too old for rainbow stuff :)

  10. Honey Bee Sweets,
    Actually I'm not recommending the book directly. It's a bit thin for the price compared to other cook books I've got. The book's ok, but not a book that I'll rave about.
    Try to order Rose's Heavenly Cakes, she's a bit long winded, but her cakes are interesting.

  11. Pete,
    Good for you to let your wife enjoy the process of purchase.

  12. Kristy,
    USD6 for corningware, mana ada??? I always go on their site, never see any Corningware at $6. Pyrex bakeware got la. The one I got in the pic is bought at a 33% discount for USD19.90, ori price is USD30.00 w/o the lid.
    Yeah... I'm glad I've got someone willing to lug 10kg of stuff for me each time :)

  13. Angie,
    I'm not a bagnatic too. I'm a one bag person. Just that my current bag is no longer in a presentable state. That's why I asked my sis in law to get me one.

  14. Sonia,
    Normal price, the plates are 2.90 each, u say cheap or not?
    But I think I got the pasta plate for 1.90, cos March sales. The soup plate is still at 2.90.
    KA ah? More than 10kg ohhhhhh.... better think twice unless your friend has no luggage to bring.

  15. Tigger mum,
    Yeah... I knew last month there was this extra 30% off thingy at Coach:)
    After all this online shopping and seeing things are so cheap over there, makes me want to move to US liao..but only for the shopping :)

  16. ICook4Fun,
    Haha, actually hoh, one bag is enough for me. I'm not a person that likes to change bags often, same goes to watches. 1 watch, 1 handbag for every occasion, besides special dinners or when I'm really dressed up:)
    I never like to transfer my stuff from bag to bag.
    When I was a kid, one bag for every tuition cos I never like repacking bags. Now I don't have any more tuitions, so, just one bag :)

  17. Hey Wendy
    Wow good shopping...I was searching for the Pyrex glass mixing bowl in Sin..seems to be out of stock for very long time. How much did you pay for the 3 mixing bowls (a set)?

    it is no joke to lug all these fragile items all the way from USA!

    : )

  18. Irene,
    7.99. Scream, yeah!!!!

    Ori price was 11.99. Shopworldkitchen was on sale in March.

  19. I got the weakness to buy anything that are cute and pretty. Sometime we can get special discount price on corningware at CK Tang or OG store.

  20. Anncoo,
    I wonder how is Corelle and Corningware's pricing is in Singapore, as compared to US's online price with Shopworldkitchen.
    When compared to Malaysia's price, it only cost 20-30% of what is sold here.

  21. nice loot! im doing the same when my daughter comes back frm US mid year.

    btw about the bingka, teh pandan juice was very little maybe about 1/4 cup. and I used package coconut milk. not fresh. I did not use a mixer to beat the eggs because you dont need to beat it too long, just until they are mixed evenly thats all. In regards to it being too cld reduce the flour a little.

    benkang and bingka in Malay are actually the same word pronounced diferently by different people and means teh same thing ~ a kuih made of wheat or rice flour in combination with coconut milk and sugar baked or steamed. :D

    ive never made bingka beras. mine is made form wheat flour not rice flour so its definitely not bingka beras. Beras means rice actually. and there is no rice flour in my recipe. hope this helps and I hope u find the bingka beras recipe. :)))

  22. Hey, Wendy -I am playing catch up here- have been really busy lately and am still in Manila. On-line shopping can be really fun,addictive and dangerous! I have grown so comfortable shopping on line, I have to be very careful!

  23. Shirley,
    yeah... very addictive.. just click click click

  24. I bought that same Coach bag, too! Very nice and roomy.


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