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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homemade Pizza

I haven't been making pizza for almost 2 years... and recently when I saw it on a this blog, I felt like making pizza again. And Chinese New Year hampers always come with canned mushrooms, so this is a good chance to use it. I just smothered the pizza base with pasta sauce, dumped some "dunno since when" mushroom sausages, sliced onions, pineapples, sliced tomatoes, canned mushrooms.... and finally lots of grated MOZZARELLA!!!! yum yum...

I used the same pizza recipe from here. This is no Pizza Hut, Shakeys or Domino's tastealike or even similiar or even a bit near there.  It feels very italian... just like the type where you get at italian restaurants, because I got the recipe from a Italian website. They have changed the recipe. The one that I used years ago weren't like the current recipe. Even the temperature given to bake was changed, cos I followed the recipe to a T last time. Well, I was still new, new to serious baking :) Anyway, it should be as good.

I baked my pizza this time at 220C, 12 minutes before the cheese, another 8 after the cheese. And I used an Aluminium steaming rack to bake my pizza, just like those perforated pizza pans :) Just want to try out :)
It was crispier indeed at the base. The next time I do it, I think I want to do it on my convection oven's ceramic turning table. Maybe it'll work like a pizza stone.

Getting the pizza to be round was not easy, and I was in rush of time, I made the dough too late, at 3pm, so had to rush for dinner and bake some for my in laws to bring home after work, and 5.30pm was getting really near. Anyway, I got it all done by 5.30 and I left our own dinner baked at 1st stage, but unbaked for 2nd until the time to eat, because if I don't bake it first, the yeast will proof and proof.

These were made to be taken home by my in laws.

I wonder will I make the next pizza in 2 years time? Hahaha!!!

And now, the kids want their pizza and eat it too.. They loved it.


  1. I personally feel that homemade pizza is always the best. I suppose your family must had enjoyed it very much!

  2. Nothing beats a good homemade pizza for the whole family to enjoy!

  3. Yummy! Homemade is fresher and yummier!

  4. I just made this last weekend but by using sweet bread bun & not pizza crust! My son ate them all! Your kids love it too, don't they! Nothing happier than our kids love to eat what we make for them! =)

  5. Wendy, remember the store selling char siew glutinous rice at the market there? They also selling quite a number of kuih and one of them was the green Thai kuih! My hubby & his family love that very much. I'll order one tray to bring home with me whenever I'm back. But now I make my own cause lately the quality of their kuih is not satisfying!

  6. I baked pizza mostly on school holidays, kids often request for pizza during this time. Homemade pizza always good. And thanks for pointed out the mistake I made on cucumber leaves, actually my mom was not really sure the real name.

  7. To get a nice round pizza, try pressing it down and stretching it with your palm and fingers at the edges. So far it has worked fine for me. Coincidentally, I made pizza for dinner on Wed but it was disastrous.

  8. I used to get a good nice shape last time, maybe I was in rush of time.
    I saw your pizza, it looked good :)


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