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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aeroplane Crackers 飞机饼

When I was a kid, the grocery stores have these large rectangular tins of biscuits where u can buy as little as u prefer, even 10 sen biscuits also can. So, being kids, we will always buy 10 or 20sen, eat up and that’s it. Now I don’t think they’d even sell 50sen worth of biscuits.

My favourite biscuit was the red aeroplane crackers. They were really spicy then, but as I grew up, the spiciness seemed to have gone.. Hey, it’s not me growing up and having my “Heat tolerance level” gone upscale, but really the “ummph” somehow was lost. The glaze on the biscuit was also not as tasty, not as sweet, not as salty… basically, cut short of everything except the price. Miss them.. don’t ya?

On my last trip to KL, I saw these cookie cutters in Daiso, The Curve and wow!!! First thing that came to my mind!! Aeroplane crackers!! So, this time I tried making it.

Frankly, the cracker base tasted great, little bit like Jacob Cream Cracker, just that it has some cookie feel to it, and more buttery. Overall, good. The glaze is somewhat less pronounced, taste and looks. I’m wondering how much food colouring the biscuit factories put in, mine is no where near red. And Life brand chili sauce is oh so so mild, no ummph here. If u like it to breathe fire with the cracker, maybe u can try using a hotter chili sauce or add in chili powder. But the chili sauce thing is correct. Gives a bit of sweetness and very slight sense of stickiness.

I adapted the cracker base from this site and this site. Mix mix a bit.

The dough is easy to work with, doesn’t seep oil, doesn’t crack, easy to cut and easy to make.

Cracker recipe
150gm cake/superfine flour
½ tsp salt
½ tsp baking powder
25gm cold butter
1/3 cup cream (I used whipping cream)

Sift flour and baking powder together. Put in salt. Put in cold butter and rub onto flour until the flour resembles breadcrumbs. Put in half the cream, and moisten the flour crumbs. Add more cream gradually into the crumbs until a dough can be formed. That’s it, stop. Do not knead too hard or too long.
Roll out dough as thin as u can, and cut with cookie cutter or a pizza cutter. Use a fork to make holes on crackers. Apply glaze and bake in a preheated oven at 200C for 10 mins.
(I rolled my dough about 2-3mm thickness, and since my oven is a convection oven, I only used 180C)

Chili Glaze
2 Tbsp Chili sauce
1/5 chicken stock cube, or u may substitute with ½ tsp chicken stock powder

Combine both ingredients and use it to glaze raw crackers before baking.

Oh yes Shirley, this is not the cracker that I mentioned in your cheese biscuit post :) That will be posted later
I still have a long queue of posts :)


  1. I have been waiting for this! I am in Japan now and have just bought some really cute cookie cutters too... will try this recipe with cookie cutters when I get back!

    Oh, love the photos... clever depiction.

  2. Shirley,
    No.. this is not the one that I told you about.
    But this recipe will be nice with some added grated parmesan for that cheezy touch.

  3. Eek! i love this too!! but it's so difficult to get them now...

  4. Wendy, I shortlisted the same recipe from SK! And another coincidence, I've got the same set of cookie cutters! But it had been sitting in my cabinet for ages...

    Yes, I rem this aeroplane biscuits, we have that in Sgp too ;-) It was one of my childhood's favourite snack! And after all those run-down provision shops' disappearance, I don't see such biscuits anymore. I may make this one day :-)

  5. Meldylocks,
    BP should have la.... try the kedai runcit. Klang should have some old fashioned sundry shops. Just that we never go in those anymore.

  6. Blessed Homemaker,
    You miss them too eh.... :)

  7. Wah, my little toddler would love these little aeroplanes. Thks for dropping by my blog and the comments.
    Added your link to my blogroll. Cheers!

  8. Very clever and I bet they are great!

  9. sure i dont know to make it.

    but i like the design u make! fly fly - little plane fly fly - nice!

  10. Wendy!!! I love you so much!!! smuak!! Thanks gal!

  11. Don't post this.

    You know what? We have telepathy or what? I just made egg tarts 2 days before I received your parcel! But didn't have time to blog about it yet. Anyway, the tarts didn't turn out well as I'm lousy with shaping the tart pastry. Too thin :-(

    And yes, I'll like to try out your recipe. Won't publish. Thanks!

  12. how long can I keep the crackers? can it last for 1 week @ room temperature?

  13. afoomi,
    It can definately keep longer than 1 week, but in an AIR TIGHT container. I do not know where are you from, but here in tropical super humid Malaysia, we keep all our cookies and biscuits air tight, cos if not, they'll loose their crispiness in just 1 hour. I never keep my cookies chilled and they last me for weeks, and my room temp is 27-34 whole year round.

  14. Thanks for your prompt reply, I'm from Singapore. :)

  15. afoomi,
    OK. Cos I thought u were from US or somewhere else where they keep their cookies in cookie jars (not air tight) and they always mention the cookies could only last a week or 2.

  16. I thought the chili sauce glaze couldn't last that long in such a hot weather. ^^

  17. afoomi,
    The chili sauce glaze is baked, and therefore it is dry.


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