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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Facebook Confusion... Solved, I hope. - Random Sunday

 Edited 18/9/2012

I know some of you are confused between page and profile. Let me try to explain.
The difference between my PAGE and PROFILE of which they represent two different things

'fan'Page*: Represents my blog, @ my company, if you like to relate it to a phone number, it's my company's general phone line.
You see my blog's logo as picture

Profile: Represents me, it's my mobile line. You see my face as picture :)

*fanpage was the old term that Facebook used. Before the term "Like" came about, it was "Be a Fan"

Here's the explanation...
The current fanPage:

Name: Table for 2 or More
Method of connection: LIKE, no need authorization of any form.

Chatting : No
Private Messaging; No, it's all posting on walls, public.
Privacy: Higher because I cannot view your updates unless I purposely go to ur wall and that you've set it at PUBLIC
Updates from me: Only blog related updates, nothing more.

In short, I am blogger and you are reader. Nothing more.

You can either LIKE my page,
just for blog updates (nothing more), I won't see anything on ur wall.
Privacy of being just my reader. Your privacy.
Imagine you're calling up a company for general inquiries, no one knows where you're calling from.


Name: Wendyinkk Blogspot
Method of connection : Friendship request that needs authorization.
Chatting: Yes, chat with me if u need troubleshooting on recipes. No idle chat
Private messaging: Yes
Privacy: Depends on how you set the settings, but usually I get to see ur status updates. I get to LIKE your updates, comment on your sharing.
Updates from me: Kitchen related, blog related. Nothing personal.
Updates from you: Tag me with the stuff u made with recipes from my blog and let me drool at them.

In short.. we are blog related friends on FB.

Add me as Friend on my profile for more personal interaction. Send a message first to identify yourself as a reader or a fellow blogger. No absolute strangers please. I'm saying sorry NO to profiles with weird names or offensive profile pictures.
Remember, I do read your updates if you are on my friend list.
Imagine, when you call a person on the mobile phone, the reciever sees your number :p




The announcement below was posted on 20 May 2012
Recently there has been some major confusion on Facebook and I have decided to abandon my old page and migrate to a new one.
It will come sooner or later as the old page is named with my blog's URL and who knows one day I will get my own domain and the FB's page title will be irrelevant anyway.

a bit sad to delete, but I had to. This is the link to this old fanpage. Please UNLIKE it to end subscription.

If you are friends with me on my profile, and intend to continue the friendship,
respond here in this link (log in first b4 clicking). Link available for view for current friends.
This way members of page won't be confused.
I'll start to manage my friend list by 31st May.
Sorry for all the confusion.

***Real life friends:
***this has nothing to do with my personal account.


  1. Thanks Wendy, thanks for this post. It is very useful as I am a newbie and have been thinking about this issue too. I wonder if it is worthwhile keeping the FB page as some readers like to have our updates streamed into their wall and they like to access our blog through our FB page. My thinking is the more platforms the better as long as it does not incurr too much additional work. I am still thinking...

  2. Johor Kaki,
    Make sure you do not make my same stupid mistake of using the same picture with a similiar name for both page and profile.
    Maybe your page is ur Blog's title and the profile is the user's name, this way, it's easier.

  3. Thanks Wendy for the advice. Yes I made that mistake initially and confused even myself - almost same name for page and profile. I have since changed the profile pictures and hope it helps. Still learning ;P


  4. Wendy, good luck with the change! I don't have Facebook for my cookings, only through Blog, so I don't have to do anything, hehehe! My Facebook is kept private, a media to catch up with my old friends & I don't usually select "like" for all cooking websites! Hmmm, sounds like I have a double life! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Jessie,
    It's ok.
    this announcement is for those who find it applicable only.
    I do have another account for old friends :)

  6. Alice fr S'pore,
    Still confuse! Most important is your blog.
    I visit almost everyday. My vitamin of the day!

  7. Alice,
    Let's say the page represents the blog on general, professional, business related and this this case, blog related.
    My profile represents me the author.
    Just like how a company will have a general line and individual mobile numbers for its staff.

  8. Alice fr S'pore,
    Thanks Wendy!

  9. Hi Wendy,
    Yr butter cake looks appealing. I decided to give it a
    try today. Can I use 7" cake tin I/o 8"? Thanks

  10. Yen,
    which butter cake do u mean?


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