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Friday, May 4, 2012

Marmalade Bread Pudding - Eggy Bread # 3

Recipe created in July 2011

I always wonder.. how do other bloggers style the setting for photography.
This is my first attempt in doing so and hahaha... it's so difficult.
Which is why I usually do close ups. A lot easier.

I had to get this and that ready, seemed like a lot of work and a lot of keep later.
What more with peeking heads and prying hands of 2 kids?
But I had to try because of these beautiful flowers seemed to match my bread pudding :)

Have you ever seen these flowers? I’ve never seen these, not until these 2 years. They look like chamomile right? But the leaves aren’t of chamomile’s. But they are probably from the same family.

I’m the type of person that like to look at flowers, ogle at them, gaze at them, peek at them, and lastly… pick them. Haha. At first when I saw these, there were at my house’s contruction area, then at places where there are tile shops, near quaries or any of those stone stuff processing /parts producing areas. Why around these areas? I’m not so sure why. And then I also saw these growing near my mom’s place near a rubble of pebbles that was placed there not too long ago.

I picked a small bouquet of this from those growing beside my house out by the road and they do grow like weeds. Who ever is interested, do tell me, I can send you some of these weed’s seeds. But don’t complain to me that they get uncontrollable

Some time ago, I made orange bread pudding, trying to copycat Delicious @ Midvalley's version. Instead of using marmalade, I went with orange juice and I did not regret it.

But this time, with the similiar inspiration from Delicious, I decided to do a marmalade bread pudding. This time with some gorgeous homemade marmalade, minus the croissant top and with some added dried fruits.

Marmalade bread pudding
Recipe source: WendyinKK

250ml milk
5 pieces dried apricot
1 heaped Tbsp dried currants
5 slices of bread (I used High 5 brand, which has better structure than Gardenia)
Few Tablespoons of marmalade
125ml milk
100ml whipping cream
2 large eggs

1. Soak apricots and currants overnight in 250ml milk in the fridge. (Or if you are in a rush of time, heat milk and pour over fruits. Soak for 1 hour or until softened)
2. Spread marmalade over one side of bread and slice into preferred shapes or slice then spread, whichever way you prefer.
3. Arrange bread pieces into a buttered baking dish (6X9inch or 8X8 or even 7X7).
4. Prepare custard mixture. Mix (1) with 125ml milk, cream and eggs until well combined
5. Pour half the custard mixture over bread, making sure you pour over every slice of bread. Let the bread sit for 10 minutes.
6. Pour the balance of custard mixture over bread. Let the bread mixture soak for another 20-30 minutes before baking. An hour will be even better!
7. Meanwhile preheat the oven at 160(fan)/180C. (Skip this if you prefer the pudding to soak overnight before baking, and do it the next day)
8. Boil some water. Place baking dish into another bigger baking dish.
9. Place the “set” of baking trays into the oven and carefully pour boiling water into the outer tray, until halfway full.
10. Bake for 45 minutes or until golden. Let the pudding turn warm in the waterbath before serving, so that it may continue to cook with its residual heat without being overcooked.


  1. the flower really match your bread pudding...look wonderful....

  2. I am too lazy with picture styling. Really takes a lot of efforts... but, it really makes your picture stands out. The little white and yellow flowers complements your bread pudding very well. ok, set... gonna make this for dessert tonight!

  3. Great presentation ! The depth of field is there...well done ! :) I am sure the kids can't wait to eat such mouthwatering pudding...who can wait until you finish with the camera...even my WB complains! :p

  4. In am not into probs and all either. Too much work ha ha.. The sweet yellow flowers look great with the bread pudding.

  5. very nice clicks, Wendy...
    the pudding together with the flowers, very much countryside feel...:)

  6. Beautiful snap pictures you have here but of course that dish of bread pudding tempted me more! I loves bread pudding and my mom loves this more! She would be more happier if I can make this for her.

  7. My bread pudding is 99% behind yours.... T___T Yours is so gorgeous, so mouthwatering, so delish-looking and I'm dying for a piece.

    I'm suck when taking photos with my RM400 camera (now depreciated to less than 50 ringgit, I think), thus I always opt for close up. Nice try with the white flowers and white background.

    Btw, I really admire your photography skill, superb good~

  8. Yes they are pretty flowers, and you captured them very well in the pics. The bread pudding looks so bright and cheerful too, like the should be called happy pudding! I also just made bread pudding yesterday, pineapple upside down bread pudding. Always a great (and easy) way to use up leftover bread!

  9. Good attempts... good start.. I m also not good in all this props and setting... However, what a lovely colour you have mix & match... especially d pudding

  10. Thought the flowers went really well with the bread pudding....color wise, so great job there. I suck on setting...too much work and probs involve la. The food sui sui can already, lol!

  11. There's a similar kind of flower here, by the roadside as well but the petals are smaller. The same white with a yellow centre, but the "stem"just below the blooms are very long, sometimes 6 inches long,without leaves until below that 6 inches of "stem". I've seen ppl curling the stem into a loop to make it into a ring with a flower. I want some seeds leh, coz yours look so much prettier...

  12. The small flowers really match very well with the bread pudding. I prefer close up pictures also because I'm lazy to style setting for picture taking, hehe.

  13. EVC,
    As requested i'll set my fan to blow them to you :)

    Pei San,

    you are always so quick!

    Lydia is the one who can't wait.
    Lyanne won't touch anything with dried fruits.

    that's why i really salute those who put so much effort into props

    hehehe.. the only miss not using rusty cutlery, right?

    Then pls make this for ur mom, it's mother's day!

    Look at my earlier photographs. haha.
    Same camera as now :p

  14. Fern,
    What a nice cheery name! Thanks :p
    Is the recipe u did from Rose L.B?

    Haha, it's a once off thing. I'm very lazy to take out so many things. I hate keeping them later

    Yeah, if the food is sui enough, close up also good enough.

    I think i know which one u're talking about.
    That one has existed since our childhood, right?
    My Lyanne goes crazy about them, today she just picked one bunch from the kindy's garden. OMG.
    Post these weed seeds to u ah?
    I got to find ur address in my email, kekekeke.

    Very mah fan hoh. Sien.

  15. Hi Wendy, I'm not a huge fan of bread pudding but your photo is beautiful! I think you did a great job at food styling!

  16. Wendy you did abgreat job in baking the marmalade bread pudding and also the presentation. I also have the same problem...mine even worst, I only able to bake at night, so I must switch on all the lights so it looks brighter...if not I can get the best shot. Salute those food bloggers doing some special set up to take nice shots. So far all your close up photos are simple and nice...nothing to worry so much. Wish u have a nice weekend.

  17. Jasline,
    thanks. Just tried that for fun :)

    then invest in an external flash.
    I use that after the sun has gone down.
    I'm not worrying abt mine being all close shots, I'm actually more comfortable with close shots, just wanted to try styling. I prefer the eyes to eat the food than to eat the feel, kekekekeke.

  18. that's why you also see my photos also no styling..not even a glass of milk! haha! just lazy and secondly, just dont hv so many pretty things to be shot..haha! moreover i dont know how to play with my camera! so you also got to bear with my boring photos. btw, both your bread pudding and flowers also very pretty but i dont want your flowers, i take your bread pudding!

  19. oh yeah, i will always remember the sarong that you mentioned in my post.LOL!! that really cracked me up! more sarong to come!!

  20. oh yuuuummm!! i love mango, this is a perfect brunch menu..

  21. lena,
    Take la, kekekeke.
    Eh, the months to come, u'll surely be using more of your sarong, LOL.

    Mom's the little one,
    sorry, there's no mango in here at all.

  22. Yeah, it involved some time and effort styling, but the effect that comes out is really nice, so the time and effort will not be wasted the way, do you think those wholemeal or whole grain bread will work in this recipe?

  23. I really like your blog, its so creative with amazing combinations!!

  24. The bread pudding looks tempting, so are all the other eggy breads :) Will try them out some day to spice up one or two breakfast.

  25. hai wendy...
    so nice bread pudding..luckyly we had same breadpudding like yours yesterday in our pot luck!...if not will kempunan..
    i wonder if u can share how to make wantan's difficult to find the halal one..thanks a lot

  26. Lovely photos, it's always nicer to have probs but I too am not bothered, I don't even own an up to date camera lol! I just use the iPhone to take all my photos:P Yeah, I have seen these flowers around my area too, they do look pretty when there are plenty of them! But as lena said, I'll take the pudding anytime! lol!

  27. Hi Wendy-I clicked over to your blog from Luan Ee, and I'm so thrilled to have found your lovely blog...also following you, and invite you to follow mine, as well!

    Your amazing bread pudding has caught my attention, re: the meticulous way you have cut, and lined up the bread triangles; instead of cutting them into pieces. The presentation is beautiful, and the recipe is superb!
    Love the sweet, and gently flowers in the background. I sure want to pin this on PINTEREST!

  28. Wendy, love your photos. Matching colors of pudding and flowers. I have that flower in my garden but mine if yellow not white:D I used to play with food styling in the first year of blogging but now I got lazy. You are right too much time involved and need a lot of props too. No more place to store them. LOL! I am now doing more close up too. Less hazzle and you are right no need to pick up after shooting.

  29. Wendy, your pic is just lovely, the flowers do match the bread pudding perfectly :)
    i always love bread pudding, yours look yummy!

  30. How i wish i have my own nest to do all these stuffs. I don't mind to do all the work in order to achieve good picture result. But Sigh! It seems like it takes forever to get my own nest.

  31. Nitya,
    Personally I don't like to use wholemeal breads in eggy mixtures, the flavour of the wholemeal seems to interfere with the flavour of egg and butter/cream/milk.

    Thanks and see you around :)

    Lite Home Bake,
    wish you lots of spicy mornings :)

    If you're going to fry your wantons, just use popiah skin. I did that with my school students in the Felda. If you're going to boil them, I'm sure there are halal ones at the supermarkets.

    thanks for dropping by.
    I'll hop over to your blog :)

    Quay Po,
    that one is different, I know which one u're talking about.
    I hate the keeping part more than the bringing out part, hahaa.


    La..... u dun have prying hands and heads... nevermind can do. I have to rush against time.

  32. I've never eaten bread pudding before. May I ask how is the texture of the milk layer? Will be dry up and taste like cake/kuih? Or is it supposed to be soggy?

  33. SC,
    Yes bread pudding has a soggy kuih-like texture


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