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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup - Chicken Soup # 2

Woah...did I have you disgusted?

It's a pretty common soup for the Chinese. And pretty tasty too!
During confinement, we consume a lot a lot of chickens. And we end up with lots and lots of chicken feet or claws. Lots.

It may seem disgusting, but there's a lot of collagen there. Good for the skin. If you want the saggy skin after delivery to pucker up, you better drink this. Don't believe me? Read here. The best is, after the soup cools down it actually taste thicker.. oooo..... that when you can feel the collagen. LOL. But of course it tastes nicer when it's warm.

But what I love about this soup is not the collagen, it's the peanuts! Yummy! Soft soft peanuts. Besides being yummy, peanuts are very rich in B (niacin and folate) and it seems that most of the galactagogues are too, like brewers yeasts and fenugreek, all are very rich in Vit B. But it does seem to be real that peanuts did have some impact on me when I was breastfeeding Reuben. Whenever the day before I had soup with peanuts, the next day, I do have more milk. My cousin also says the same, peanut soup is her best help to enhance milk supply. Another friend of mine swears by peanuts with pork hooves(Chu Geok Jim).Yes, the hooves, not trotters nor hocks. Hooves. Well, I'm not sure if this is old wives tale, but if you look at the nutritional composition and compare to the other galactagogues, maybe you can understand why.

For confinement, consume only after 12th day. Make sure the stiches are no longer red or painful before consuming. If you were to use all the chicken feet cut off from the chickens during confinement, you could boil this soup at least twice during that period. Want not, waste not.

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup
Recipe source: WendyinKK

300gm raw peanuts (I prefer Vietnamese peanuts or large China peanuts)
10 pairs of chicken feet (or more if you have more)
25gm dried octopus
150gm pork loin or use lean pork
25-30gm preserved big head vegetable (tai tow choy)
2.5L water

1. Soak peanuts overnight in water. Discard water and rinse.
2. Rinse big head vegetable and soak in water for 30 minutes. Drain and cut small.
3. Rinse dried octopus and soak in water for 10 minutes. Drain.
3. Snip/chop off the toe nails from the chicken feet. Cut pork loin into smaller pieces.
4. Put everything except the pork and feet into the pot and bring to a boil.
5. Put in the pork and the feet and bring to a boil.
6. Lower to a simmer for 4 hours or until the peanuts are soft.
7. Taste and add salt if needed. Serve hot.

This is the big head vegetable. It is very very salty. But adds umami to the soup. Use sparingly.


  1. I love this soup, I know how good chicken feet are, so any soup made with it is just delicious!

  2. This is the soup I used to boil to drink! But sometimes I also have lotus inside. Putting the "tai tau choy" makes some difference in the soup, isn't it? Wendy, soaking the peanuts overnight, would it really go tender after boiling the soup next day? I always had hard time getting the peanuts boil till soft.

  3. My mum always cook this, she add garlic in it as well, said to kill the germs of chicken feet (accding to her)

  4. I like to add peanuts in any soup, more fragrant although I'm not a fan of peanuts :p

    I don't consume chicken feet. But now you tempted me with collagen. No need to spend extra $ in the pharmacy but can get fresh one from the feet. To eat or not to eat? Hmmm...

  5. I love this soup but I can't drink it in front of Carlos. The chicken feet will freaks him out ha ha I never add tai tow choy in it before . I have to remember to do that the next time.

  6. Jes,

    Oh yes, chicken feet is very good

    You have the buy the right type of peanuts.
    Nowadays I purposely look for vietnamese or those large round ones from China, not the long ones.

    That's new to me, but garlic in soups adds umami.

    I don't add peanuts to all soups because they are so mah fan, need to soak in advance, sien. Drink la, chicken feet so cheap, supplements need more $

    Oh yea, I can imagine Carlos's expression seeing u chewing on the feet, haha.
    Hmm.. in Perak, adding tai tow choy is almost like a must for this soup

  7. Oh, okay. I shall look for these types next time so that I can boil a nice good soup and even make peanuts porridge too!

  8. Wendy

    would you mind to show me what is dried octopus?

  9. Anonymous (pls leave a name)
    A picture of it is here. There are some that are 1 ft long, some few inches long.
    I always buy those that is 1 ft long.

  10. no lah, not disgusting. This afternoon just had chicken feet for dim sum. I would like to believe that drinking this soup will help us run faster like a chicken! LOL!

  11. I have not made any peanut soup for such a long time, as my hubby cannot take peanuts! I love this soup, I would usually sprinkle chopped spring onions and lots of white pepper powder over this hot steaming soup and have it with rice with chili padi and see yau as dipping! Delicious!

  12. I tak makan kaki ayam sebab I tak 'berani' pegang the kaki ayam even. Hahaha.. Kalau beli ayam di pasar, I made sure they remove the skin, the head, the feet, the insides... I just want the flesh and the bones. Believe it or not, that's me. Teruk betul la!

  13. I love this soup too :)And added dried octopus, must be very tasty!!!!
    What a coincidence, today my sister cooked braised chicken with mushrooms for us, so tasty, yummy :)

  14. lena,
    Haha, eat chicken feet can run faster? then eat fish mai can swim faster, LOL.
    I used to think this way when I was a kid.

    Kitchen flavours,
    Ooo... that's a nice way to enjoy the feet, nice soft feet.

    La, u not teruk, u only sama macam the omputih.

    yummy little cooks,
    Somehow I always like a combo of meat and seafood for soups, they always taste better this way.

  15. I'm 36 wks pregnant and been reading a lot about confinement recipes too. From different books I read, peanuts are said to be great in promoting lactation. Now with your personal experience, I have to cook it more often too!

  16. By the way, dried octopus also helps lactation too...never thought of making chicken feet with dried octopus. Will definitely tried this!

  17. minneville,
    Yaya, that's what my mom told me too about octopus.
    I have a few more ideas for confinement food, but I don't hope to go through another.

  18. it doesnt sound disgusting to me at all! My mum makes this very often, and I love it because I hear it's great for the skin and all girls want to be pretty hehe! for my siblings who arent fans, my mum just removes the chicken feet, she says it doesnt matter much as the goodness is all in the soup already, so what they dont know wont hurt them!


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