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Monday, May 7, 2012

Shallot Chicken Soup - Chicken Soup # 1

Let the recipes be light this week.
I know most parents are busy with exams, right?
I'm lucky my kids aren't at this stage yet. If not you'll see me like a Lion King everyday!

My mom says this soup is good to dispelling wind the body. Shallots will make one fart, or poooot. My kids say pooooot poooooot. My mom also said, this soup is good for confinement. As having wind is one of things you don't want to have during that period. Add more white peppercorns if you can take the heat.

Shallot Chicken Soup
Recipe source: Wendyywy

1 small free range chicken (Kampung chicken), it weighed 750gm dressed
300gm Thai shallots
8-12 white peppercorns (I like it 12)
1.5L water (6 cups)

1. Bring pot of water to boil.
2. Peel skin off the chicken. Trim fatty bits off and tuck the feet inside.
3. Peel shallots and leave them whole.
4. Crack peppercorns.
5. Add in everything and bring to a boil. Lower to a simmer for 2 hours.
6. Bring back to a hard boil for 10 minutes until soup looks slightly murky. Season with salt.


  1. haha, i ate a lot of this during the confinement of my's delicious! i love it, but hubster say too much onions for him to handle.

  2. U r right my dear... those in primary are bz with exam this week.. the secondary will be next week... WOW weeks.. Need to prepare more healthy & simple food.. Your soup is perfect...

    BTW.. i've posted my n3 on cream-puff, back link to u on d step by step recipe.. TQVM

  3. Sharon,
    LOL, was he farting non stop after drinking?

    thanks for the link. your puffs are beautiful.

  4. I have this soup during confinement time. But this soup is so good and all the family can have it once a while.

  5. this soup very buang mother will add lemongrass on it...she say more good....

  6. Haha! Wendy, pls post a pic of you like the Lion King when your turn comes! Anyway this chicken soup is definitely not only for wind purposes but also good nitrition! I like mine with lots of peppercorn - nice and peppery!

  7. Angeline,
    I boil this soup every now and then too

    Oh with lemongrass too? Great! I'll try that.

    Hahaha, pls la, why you want to see me when i'm ugly.

  8. Just two ingredients only in the soup? Simple yet nutrition, right?

  9. Another simple recipe :D

    But I wonder would the onion be overwhelming? My kids and hubb don't really like shallot like I do :(

  10. It will be nice to add in lemongrass...mmmm that you can fart the whole day thru :p seriously lemongrass is good for the body too :) I like soup light and this.

  11. My son in primary one. Will start his first P1 exam very soon. Like what you mentioned exam for parent too. :D this soup is new to me. I should try out. Another variety of soup for my family.

  12. I'm going to try this. Yum yum. Thanks for the recipe.

  13. This soup is new to me, never drink this soup before,,but i know this is good for release angin, hehehe..

  14. I like drinking this soup cos it's spicy! dislike the 'release of wind' after though >.< Made this just last week, added red dates and ginger to mine =)


  15. The soup looks tasty and with all the onions, I bet it's sweetness makes a whole lot of difference. I don't mind a bowl, Wendy!

  16. I don't remember seeing my mom making this soup for both my SIL. Must be really sweet with all the shallots in it.

  17. yeah, nice with more peppercorns! Just like that pig's stomach soup..but i dont really fancy pig's stomach, if it's cut into smaller pieces. Next time when your kids are having exam, i must think twice before i come to visit you!

  18. Trying this soon..thanks for posting!
    I like the minimalist ingredients, haha... :-)

  19. Hi Wendy

    Chicken meat would be tasteless to eat on its own after boiling for hrs, so what can I do with it other than discarding thm?


  20. Jessie,
    After boiling for so long, the meat is tender. If the chicken is boiled whole, the meat isn't entirely tasteless.It's still protein and we eat it up as well.

    But you can stir fry it with sugar and soy sauce if you like. Tear into shreds before frying.

  21. Everyone in the office will avoid me if I drink this soup,,,,,pnoot pnoot...ha ha ha

  22. Waaa...can't drink this during the weekdays, don't want to fart whole day in the office haha! Looks delicious, can cook during the weekend then see who farts the loudest :P

  23. HiWendy-thanks for following my blog...even though you didn't comment. I had to double check my follow option, to make sure that it shows!

    Your chicken soup is very unusual, knowing that I love onion/shallots equally. Never too much for me!
    Love this soup so healthy and delicious!

  24. great recipe! thanks for the idea. Will buy a chic and boil this during the weekend

  25. i've never actually had chicken soup with shallots, only onions but now that i think of it, why didn't i?? shallots are so much more pleasing with its round shapes :)

  26. Hi Wendy, I was wondering if I could use chicken drumsticks for this soup? Forgive me for my ignorance, but why used one whole kampung chicken? Thanks, Michelle

  27. Michelle,
    Kampung chicken is always the better choice when it comes to soups due to it being home reared, not on a commercial scale, some even come wild. It is the healthier choice. And it is so small, you can't be using just the drumsticks. No one will sell kampung chicken parts.

    Commercial meat chicken is loaded with lots of you don't want to know things, so, for confinement, usually it is avoided. But if you want to use drumsticks, go ahead, there's nothing wrong with it. It's just a less healthy choice.

  28. I love this soup, mom always boils it every 2 wks, we didn't add peppercorns tho' bu we poot poot a lot and tummy feels flatter too. Shall try w peppercorns next round.

  29. I added few stalks of lemongrass (bash it a bit) to it...the entire kitchen smells heavenly!


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