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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Strawberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast - Eggy Bread # 2

*I served it with Kopi-O (local black coffee). *

Woooooahhhh.. what a long name.
Make your kids say the name properly before they can dig in. Hahah!

The same old french toast is kinda boring at times.
And sometimes we are left with just a bit of cream cheese that we don't know what to do with it....
Don't you just hate it when cheesecakes calls for 450g or 200g of cream cheese? What to do with the 50gm balance?

*glowing in the 8.30am sun*

This might be the most delicious solution for that pesky 50g of balance.
And a delicious breakfast that is sinful, indulgent and is worth waking up to. Oh yes, healthy with fresh fruits too!

What am I talking about? Sinful but yet healthy? Can they co-exist? Oh yes..  it can, in this french toast, it can.

Excuses................ LOL.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Idea derived from seeing Dupont's

What you will need

Sandwich bread
Cream cheese
Some strawberries
Eggs (1 large egg should be enough to coat 2 sandwiches)
some butter (as much as you like)
honey or syrup

How to do it?

1. Smother two slices of bread generously with cream cheese, leaving a 5mm clean edge.
2. Slice some strawberries or any other fruits and lay them on one slice of the cheesy bread.
3. Cover the fruits with the other slice of cheesy bread to form a sandwich.
4. Pat them together to adhere tightly, but don't flatten it.
5. Whisk an egg.
6. Heat the pan with some butter.
7. Dip the sandwich into the egg, coating every side. Don't soak the bread in the egg.
8. Fry the eggy sandwich until all sides are golden, don't forget to fry them on the sides.
9. Drizzle with honey or syrup to serve.

I didn't use any milk or liquids in the egg coating because I'm going to serve it with honey. Further more, the strawberries or fruits will moisten the toast.

I don't like my french toasts to be very soggy and wet.

Tell me.... will you wake up to this?


  1. It is sinful indeed!!! Now who can resist that for breakfast.

  2. wow... marvellous... i woke up already..

  3. ahhh.. the perfect match to this toast is indeed KOPI O !!! :)
    making me drool the combination of savoury toast wif strawberry.. sweetness of honey.. then a bit bitter punya KOPI O ~

  4. Of course, I will wake up early for this delicious toast!! Goes well with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I just do not know what to make for breakfast and this just something different for a change.

  5. hahaa... yes, brilliant idea to use up leftover cc.

  6. wahahaha i will but i scare weight increase LOL

  7. this looks heaps fun and easy to make!

  8. I would, I would!! I don't mind having toast like this every morning. Yum~~

  9. omg !! just what i need it looks damn super yummy . i have lots of bread left, a box of strawberry and cream cheese . will do this for bfast tomorrow definitely .

  10. Yummy!! strawberrys inside it's a great idea! buonissimo!!!!

  11. I will, I will...smell the fragrant toast in my room, definitely I will wake up... Hmm..yummy. French toast with cream cheese is a new thing to me.

  12. this is a luxurious french toast, i think i will feel like a queen having this for breakfast! i like your brown cloth :))

  13. I want this. It's so good to kick start my day. :P

  14. Hi Wendy,

    can send to me some for my breakfast???

  15. I want...dont worry ..wallop first then think of the calories later LOL! I preferred this when I am bored with oats and noodles! I just made a quiche for breakfast...believe was sinful yet so yummy ! :p Yours definitely looks sinful yet healthy and heavenly ! I dont mind waking up to have this!

  16. Yes, I will wake up anytime if this is served... :) Yummy..

  17. I saw the last photo with the fork closeup and opened my mouth! Yum!

  18. Totally agree with you that this is a fantastic idea to use up the "leftover" cream cheese.

    Totally love this fantastic French toast transformation. Didn't realise that cooking French toast can be such a creative task :D

  19. Oh Wendy I certainly will! The french toast looks absolutely delicious! Beautiful photos!


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