Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Seepu Murukku - AFF Indian Snacks #2

Seepu Murukku or Seepu Seedai is a ring shaped snack. The word seepu means comb and the traditional method of forming the lines is by using a comb. See here.

But newer methods nowadays uses a dough press, that is similar to the ones we use for pineapple rolls or nastar. It definitely makes life easier.

The dough is different from the other ones that I made because it uses coconut milk to bind. There is no need to use butter as coconut milk already has fat in it. If you have toasted mung bean flour (tepung kacang hijau, digoreng), you can use it in place of black gram flour.

Like the other snacks... I like it better the next day

Seepu Murukku
Reference: Annam's Recipes

120gm rice flour
30gm toasted black gram flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp water
100gm coconut milk
More water if needed*.

1. Mix salt with water until dissolved. Mix with coconut milk.
2. Mix both flours together.
3. Pour the coconut milk into the flour and knead to form a soft dough. Add more water if needed. The dough should be soft enough to be piped.
4. Pipe the dough into long ridged ribbons. Cut the ribbon into 2 inch sections. Shape each section to form rings.
5. When all the dough has been formed, deep fry on medium low heat until there are no more air bubbles.

*If the dough cracks during piping or rolling, add a tsp of water into the dough and knead until smooth again.

Can only fit my pinkie, hahaha!

I am submitting this to Asian Food Fest Indian Subcontinent Month


  1. One of hubby and my favourite snacks! But we limit it as we can eat too much of it at one sitting! We don't usually have this version though! I got to give it a hunt and try it. :)

  2. Hi Wendy

    found your blog from Kak Jee's bloglist

    thanks for this recipe

    we usually had this during raya time but never know how to make it. tau makan je...hehehe (tutup muka)


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