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Monday, May 5, 2014

Idiyappam @ Putu Mayam - AFF Indian Subcontinent #2

This week is all about breakfast..but you can eat these anytime of the day if you wish.

Idiyappam or String Hoppers is something like rice vermicelli that is made fresh for consumption. It is known in Malaysia as Putu Mayam. Idiyappam is a culinary specialty of Kerala,Tamil Nadu and southern areas of Karnataka. It is also a culinary staple in Sri Lanka.

It's a childhood favourite of mine, and still is one of my favourite things to eat. Being able to make this at home really makes my heart jump as I can have it as often as I like.

One can use rice flour to make it, but personally, I prefer making it with raw rice as we can choose the type of rice we prefer eating. Personally I find basmathi or ponni rice to taste better, with a fluffier texture, than Thai rice flour due to the low starch content. I haven't try it with par boiled rice...yet. The best for me will be Ponni, the fluffiest of all.

It's actually quite easy to do, provided, you need to get a mould for it. I used this Murukku maker that I bought from a baking supplies shop for RM38. It comes with 4 different disc and I used the disc with the smallest hole that is intended for omapodi. It is not as fine as the real idiyappam, but somewhere in between Vietnamese rice vermicelli and Chinese rice vermicelli. The real thing is finer than Chinese rice vermicelli.. or maybe those sold here are that fine. I am not too sure about the size in India.

Idiyappam is served in many ways. Some consume it with sodhi, some with sweet coconut milk and here in Malaysia, we consume it with freshly grated coconut and brown sugar. I read, it can also be served with mashed banana.

I tried making this quite a few times.... and I keep excess idiyappam chilled, covered in a container, and reheat it by steaming it for 2 minutes the next day. Excess freshly grated coconut can be kept frozen and thawed for consumption.

Idiyappam @ Putu Mayam
by WendyinKK
Makes 8pcs

150gm raw rice (Ponni, basmathi or any other low starch rice)
150ml +100ml water
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 Tbsp neutral flavoured oil

1. Soak rice overnight.
2. Drain rice and place it into a blender with 150ml water.
3. Blend it until fine.
4. Pour the blended rice into a non stick cooking pan, rinse the blender with 100ml water and pour it into the pan as well.
5. Add in salt and oil. Cook until a dough forms, it will be very slightly tacky.
6. Let it turn to warm, (it will not be sticky at all) and fill the idiyappam mould with the cooked dough.
7. Press/squeeze the dough out, according to the type of mould used, onto a oiled tray/clean banana leaf/non stick baking paper.
8. Steam the idiyappam for around 3 minutes on high heat, until the dough turns translucent.

the size of my idiyappams

Bought this for RM38 from a baking supplies shop in town.

I am submitting this to Asian Food Fest Indian Subcontinent Month


  1. 啊!我又学到了一样。原来这个东西是用来做mayung的。谢谢您的分享。like

  2. Hi, Wendy, I saw this tool in a bakery shop few days ago. I think this tool can be use to make muruku as well. Nice putu mayam!

  3. Hello Wendy, if I do not mind using rice flour, how much rice flour and water should I use instead? TQ!

  4. Interesting ~ I learn something new today. Thanks!

  5. Ann,
    If I didn't remember wrongly.... I used 200gm rice flour with 300gm water.
    The texture more chewy with rice flour and the idiyappams all fall flat after steaming

  6. Oh this was my favourite when I was young. Just topped it with grated coconut and sugar, yummy! Thanks for sharing Wendy.

  7. Oh! Where can I eat putu mayam Wendy? Sudah berpuluh tahun tak jumpa benda ni!

  8. Hi wendy, which bake shop u bought this putu mayam maker? I'd like to have this, tks

  9. Hi wendy, i am staying in jakarta, i am going to KL nxt month and like to buy this putu mayam maker, can u give me the shop address or phone number so i can drop by and buy it, thanks

  10. yenny,
    I am staying 3 hours away from KL, not recommended that you buy at where I bought.
    If you are in KL, try Brickfields area.Lots of Indian shops there.

  11. What the difference between the ponni rice (parboiled) and ponni rice?

  12. Forest,
    Ponni (parboiled) has a firm chewy texture.
    This ponni (steam processed) that I used has fluffy texture like a good basmathi.
    I prefer steam processed ponni over basmathi though.

  13. Hi can I know where you buy this murukku mold. I am want to buy 1 please advice here is my number 0122993371

  14. sweethands,
    I bought this in Kuala Kangsar where I am at.
    As mentioned below the picture of the mould, I bought it at a baking supplies shop, if you read that.


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