Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hasma with Red Dates Sweet Soup 红枣雪蛤膏

Hasma, as said in Wikipedia is Asiatic Grass Frog's fallopian tubes, a part of the female's reproductive system. Therefore, I don't think any man should be taking this. Just like you wouldn't see a woman taking deer penis soup. Chinese likes to eat whichever part to rejuvenate the same part of the human. Just like if u have poor memory, u are advised to take pork brains... kekeke. There goes the saying, pork head.

My confinement lady prepared this 4 times during confinement.
It's really yummy, just don't think that u're eating the innards of a frog.

2 grammes of this in dried form is enough to prepare a serving the size of a rice bowl, but I'm taking double portion, 4 grammes.

2 Servings:
4 g dried hasma
10 pcs red dates
2 Tbsp rock sugar
2 rice bowls water

How to do it:
1. Soak dried hasma in cold water for about 4 hours or until expanded. It'll look like jelly.(Soak in the fridge overnight and clean the next day)
2. Clean hasma, use a tweezer to pick out black or brown bits. Be gentle and don't break it up. What is left are just translucent jelly. Discard soaking water.
3. Deseed 10 red dates.
4. Double boil cleaned hasma and red dates with 2 cups of water and 2 Tbsp of rock sugar, depending of prefered level of sweetness, for 3 hours.

Can be taken warm or chilled. Refreshing and good for the fairer sex.

Hasma in its dried form.


  1. actually Hasma is taken mostly by people who are recovering from a persistent cough. To prevent wheezing or asthma like symptoms. So men and women can take it too. And must take this every week for a period of 6 mths. The ones you show in your blog is the higher grade ones..the whiter ones. Which is already cleaned and processed, just need to soak in water. There dirtier black ones need time to soak and pick bird's nest.

  2. Thanks for the comment. As said in the blog, it's just "I think", with personal view of the animal part it came from.

    The hasma I got are white, yes, but still they are not that clean. Still got black bits. My CL missed some, and I bit into some hard stuff, dunno what's that. Better be safe than sorry and clean it.

  3. Hi Where can you buy Hasma in the U.S.?

  4. Anonymous,
    I have never been to US.
    Maybe you can try Chinese Traditional Herbal/Medicinal Shops

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