Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lyanne's Home!

I didn't get to be induced on 29th... I had stiff neck that day, so it was postponed to 31st, 7am.

31st dec, 4.30am, I woke up, feeling an urge to poo... It feels like it...
After 3 poo-like contractions and no poo coming out, I knew it... OMG!
Went out and check the clock. 5 mins apart! Oh no..... better be quick.
Woke Mike up and he quickly got ready.

Thank God Lydia is spending the night with Nanny cos I was supposed to be induced that morning and be in hospital by 7, so she didn't sleep at home that night.

It's 35 mins to Ipoh Specialist Hospital. Throughout the journey, my contractions shortened from 5 minutes to 3 minutes apart. I dared not tell Mike...

When we reached, I quickly went in on my own, while Mike parked the car. By the time I made it to the Maternity ward, the pain was just 1-2 minutes apart.
The nurses quickly attended to me. It was 5.50am

Midwife checked me, I was 5 cms dilated. I asked for epidural, she said, "No need, by the time u take the enema, u'll be 8 cm dilated." I was so scared! How to deliver a 9 pounder??????

My waters broke right after the razors left me. It felt like "pop" and "slusshhh"
Then, the enema. The nurse told me to go ease my self after 10 minutes, but I said, I'm not going to wait.. She went away.

I got down the bed and saw my waters... It was thick and dark green! Meconium! I kept calm and was telling my self that the nurse saw it and told the midwife..

I went in... I sat down on the WC..

Pain came, and it won't stop, it was a different kind of pain, I couldn't walk, or stand up, I was so scared.
I yelled and the nurse came to open the toilet door..she quickly got me a wheel chair and helped me got up onto the wheel chair.

The midwife came in and told me to get on the delivery bed, I dared not move my legs, the baby's pushing! They persuaded me to quickly get on.....and I finally did it with much courage.
She checked me again, indeed, I was 8cm dilated.

I was given gas, Nitrous Oxide, my mind was off the pain, I just focused on sucking in the gas while waiting for my doc to arrive. Baby's pushing... In my heart I was so scared.

Mike finally came back from the admission procedures, and he was surprised to see me in the delivery room. He tought I will be in the staging room. He quickly put on his apparel and came to my side, held my hands.

Dr Diva finally arrived and the nurses put me into position, legs up.
When the baby pushed again, I also pushed.

**At this point, I've forgotten about the pain**

1 push, can see the crown.
2nd push, the head's out!
3rd push! All out!!!! It was 6.26am
I cried in relieve.... I was so scared, really very scared! Everything's over now. Mike held on to me, wiped my tears...

Doc put Lyanne onto me.... and I could see her.....
The nurses quickly cleaned her and did whatever necessary.
Doc got my placenta and blood clots out, sew me and I was transfered to my room...

Everything's over... I can finally rest. I can't believe it. She's 3.84kg or 8 pounds 7 oz, and I did it without the Epidural...

Both baby and I were discharged on 2nd Jan, and headed home.


  1. wahhh.. so drama! hehehehe..
    congrats, wanyee!! :D
    so u got yourself a NYE baby.. hehehe.. awwwww..
    take care!!


  2. Congratulations! So touching... Take care, rest well..

  3. Finally you made it without the epidural. You are luckier than me my husband wasn’t around when I deliver Isaac. We thought the induce section going to take quite sometime as I do not have any sign of labour pain and the baby head still haven’t down yet. He missed it and I went through the process all by myself and it really tough. By the time when he came back to hospital Isaac was already born.

    Glad that Michael is with you throughout the delivery. Congratulation once again to a great Mummy!

  4. Thanks! Seeing it all happened so quickly, he's asking for another baby oredi.. hahahaha!!!

  5. Congrats!
    What a great way to start a new year!

  6. I know how this feels as I had my now 18 month baby without any epidural too. Your daughters are lovely!

  7. HI Wendy,

    I am your new reader.
    Chanced your blog when my sis introduced me your roasted pork recipe. I like the way you describe the whole delivery process. Congrats on your new born.. Will be hanging around very often...



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