Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Cucumber Soup 老黃瓜汤

My mom bought me a lot of dried octopus for my confinement, and there’s still a lot left. They’re really good in soups, I add in some every time I make soup now.
Pork loin taste much better than bones, so, less is used here. More for less…. But the meat will be dry and bland in the end, after all the simmering.

1.5L water
150gm pork loin, cut into cubes
2 octopus tentacles, plus a bit of the body (washed, cleaned and cut 1 inch lengths)
1 old cucmber, about the length of my palm
8 white peppercorns (smashed)
½ tsp salt
1 tsp light soy sauce (a tip from grandaunt on how to make this soup better)

Cut old cucumber half lengthwise. Discard 1 inch from top and bottom ends. Cut into chunks and use a spoon to discard seeds. Do not remove skin.

Bring water to a boil. Put in cucumber chunks, pork, octopus and peppercorns. Simmer on low heat for 2 to 2.5 hours. When time is up, season with salt and light soy sauce.

If u wanna know how good this soup is, ask Lydia.


  1. Hey, Lydia so cute. However, don't feed her until become a fat little girl.


  2. Eh, u simmer your soup on the gas stove? How about using the slow cooker? easier, no need to jaga api maa...but would the soup taste different?

  3. Melody: I simmered my soup on the gas stove when I'm at home and awake.
    When I was working last time, I used a slow cooker plus a timer for my soups. Ikea's timers are cheap and reliable. Been using mine for years.

    Frankly, the slow cooker doens't work for all soups. Lotus root soup is fine, but never ABC soup.

  4. Iris: Lydia's getting slimmer now, dun worry.. kekeke.. She's running around a lot. She's still in her M diapers.


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