Friday, July 1, 2011

Reuben's Full Moon Party

Today Reuben is a month old.

Full Moon of the new baby is celebrated by the Chinese community to mark the baby being one month old. Usually either food is given out in packs or a reception will be done either at home or at restaurants. Whatever it is, it is celebrated with joy and cheer.

Back in those days.. when infant mortality rate is high, to get to a month old, is something BIG. Nowadays, with immunization, formula milk and better medical facilities, the mortality rate has definately dropped. Nevertheless, it is still something to be really happy about and it marks the end of my confinement!!!

Woohoo!! Freedom. The freedom to wash hair everyday(not once every 3 days), the freedom to bathe as many times as I like per day(not once per day), the freedom to drink iced drinks, the freedom to eat chilled fruits, the freedom to go out anytime and feel the breeze anytime I like, BUT!!! I will be stuck at home with baby, losing sleep, losing time, losing mobility to go out alone. It's the beginning of a new responsibility when my confinement lady leaves the house. Chores and everything will be back in my hands.

All my kid's full moon were celebrated differently.

Lydia's time, we held dinners at restaurants, twice. Once in Kampar for relatives on my side, and another time in KK for my hubby's side.

Lyanne's time, it was exactly during Chinese New Year, so nothing much could be done. I can't do it in restaurants as it will be too jammed pack. Not a good idea to bring a month old infant to a crowded place. So, we gave gift packs. We didn't order the packs as it was CNY, and people might be around, might not be around, so we won't be able to distribute it all in one day. And who's going to take up our order during CNY? Everybody's busy with their own family affairs. So, I made my own packs and it's a lot easier to give out cakes than savoury food like roasted chicken that can't last more than one day. See the gift pack here.

This time, since we moved in to a new house, we might as well, do the full moon party at home. A full moon cum housewarming party. Did I cater? LOL, no! Never! I didn't even cater for my pre wedding thingy that's for hundreds of people, what's with a party for 50? Peanuts! Haha.

I had the party a week earlier as my confinement lady will be leaving on Thursday, which was yesterday, so I did the Full Moon last Saturday. Usually Full Moons are done earlier than late. And I need extra help in the kitchen, definately, especially with all the washing. On this day, my mom took care of Reuben while my confinement lady helped with the party preps.

I started preparing since Tuesday.
Tuesday: Baked a Topo Map Cake for backup, Baked Chocolate Designer Baby Grands
Wednesday: Went shopping for all my ingredients, cooked my Creme Pattisiere.
Thursday: Made Dragon Fruit Angku jelly and Watermelon Jelly, cooked durian custard cream.
Friday: Marinated pork belly for Roasted Pork, made choux puffs and filled them, prepare most of the raw ingredients for the next day
Saturday morning : Prepare red eggs and cooked everything. Finished cooking by 230pm.

I had more help coming in by 3pm when my dearie cousin Eileen and family arrived from KL. Eileen loves preparing for parties and she couldn't come any earlier due to her daughter's music class.  When she came, she helped a lot with plating and final preps. Her mom, my aunt, also helped by nicely chopping the roasted pork. My bro and sister in law who arrrived at about 4pm also helped a lot with the final preps.

Dinner was all laid out by 6pm and phew and I ran upstairs to bathe. Came down and started the party!
Cooking was a breeze, it was the final preps that took a lot of time. Time seemed to fly after 3pm.

The dessert table.
Fluffy pancakes with creme pattisiere, Chocolate Designer Baby Grands(tray baked), watermelon jelly, Dragon Fruit Angku Jelly, Dulce De leche cream puffs, Durian custard cream puffs

Labels were put up, but weren't read. Some popped durian custard cream puffs into their mouths only to get the eyes almost popping out later when they realised it's durian. These people happened to be durian haters.

The main courses : Chicken in Milk with Mash, Pasta with Mushroom Meat Sauce, Turmeric rice with Creamy Curry Chicken.

Red Eggs, a must for Full Moon or any birthday celebrations. It's hard boiled eggs dyed with vinegared red food dye.

The only pic that shows the roasted pork. Should've place it elevated on a box :) But I don't have the time to do it. The big bowl is shredded white and red cabbage with carrots and the dressing is Tomato Cream.
The red eggs are served together with pickled papaya and pickled young ginger.

The party was over by 9pm and some friends stayed back to help with the cleaning and to chat.
I finally rested at midnight. Tiring, but fun. Kekeke.


  1. So many delicious food ! Nice !!! ~ 弥月之喜 ~

  2. Wow! is a SPREAD of yummy food, bakes and desserts! you're so good at it! each of it look so delicious!

  3. what!?!?!?! party for 50 = peanuts! HAHAHA..i really admire you... =) I freak out for a party of less than 10~~ i don't even know what to make for them...
    Babies grow up really fast..have fun! =)

  4. Congratulations on the FullMoon of Reuben and also your 'freedom'. Lots of work and lots of delicious and mouth-watering food. Well done again, Wendy!

  5. Sweetylicious,
    Somehow, there is a pressure to outperform myself with each party... I need to do better each time for self improvement ;)

    It just takes some planning and organizing.
    Won't be hard as long as you give urself ample time and utilize all your cooking apparatus to the fuillest.

    thanks. It's freedom and yet another jail term which will last at least 3 months. hahaha.
    I only slept 3 hours yesterday...... sigh.

  6. Happy fullmoon to your Reuben!
    So many dishes, it make me hungry now...

  7. Wow, loads of foods! You are superwoman that can prepare them all. Sure your guests were so pleased. Congrats to Reuben for one month old and to you too for completing your confinement.

  8. Congratulations on the fullmoon of Reuben. A very special and nice name for your cute baby son, Wendy..:) Oh the celebration, you did all that..woohoo, you are a super woman. Got tag label for food somemore...geng ah!!

  9. Congratulations to Reuben for one month old,and to you too, FREEDOM!! You're a superwoman,you did all these by yourself.:)

  10. My jaw literally dropped! You are amazing leh! Somemore with a infant to take care and you can simply whip so much delicious food just like that! Hats off man! You are superwoman...your family is so lucky to have you! Oh yes, happy 1st month to your darling boy! Sending flying hugs & kisses to him! How cone no pics of him huh?? His big day mah, heehee!

  11. Congratulations to your baby's Reuben full month! Wow, what a spread on the long table! Wish I was invited.

  12. Speechless :O
    woooww... you're amazing

  13. if for me, I would rather call catering, you are just amazing. Anyway, congratulations! and all foods look so yummy. May i ask you, how and where you store the choux puff after put in the filing? can i still maintain the cripsyness?

  14. Congratulations to little Reuben. I like to join in a delicious well spread party. ;p

  15. by the way, how to pronounce your son's name? I dont know how, kekeke..

  16. Happy fullmoon to Reuben! I could imagine how nice it was to be able to finally take that first shower after a month:)All the food you prepared looked so delicious! I like the watermelon jelly:)

  17. what a spread! you must be extremely happy and tired at the same time! happy 1st month to Reuben!

  18. wpw such a lavish fare. Yummm...

    I like durian but not durian pastry.

    Congratulations on Rueben's Fullmoon. May he grow up strong and healthy

  19. Mimosa,
    Hope you had a nice lunch just now ;)

    thanks, haha, I had some help on the final day. I didn't 100% did everything. Not that super, haha.

    Haha, "Jou hei jou choon tou", so made labels as well.

    I'm cooped up in the house now... :(

    That day I brought my mom over to my place to overnight so that she can help with the baby while my CL and I prepared the food. I cannot cope without help la, haha.
    Later la, I'll post pics of him. keke.

    Lots of ppl didn't turn up leh... How i could invite u.


    Somehow I never like catering. The food is just.... "sigh" boring.
    I love doing cooking for parties :)
    The choux puffs I filled them the day before.
    They were very thoroughly baked, after filled, they weren't soggy, but soft with a good chew.

    Happy Flour,
    If you are willing to come from Spore, I'd invite u.

  20. Jeannie,
    Aiyor, no! I bathed everyday during confinement, just not twice.
    The recipe will be up one day... dunno when.

    Oh yes, very tiring, but very fun.

    Small kucing,
    I like durian in everything :)

  21. Wah so many food ,must be very delicious .congratulations wan yee,canbe go out now.happy full moon Reuben .

  22. Wow! You sure a great food caterer. I salute you! and happy one month old, Reuben.

  23. Wendy, you are really capable, everything DIY... salute!

  24. in a blink of an eye, u;d be making Reuben's 1st year birthday cake ;P :P ... where's the topo map cake?

  25. happy full moon ,so many delicious food!

  26. Wendy, Thanks for your reply. Store in the fridge right? I just learnt how to pronounce your son name via here-
    - what a nice name you given for your son!

  27. Wow...what a lavish spread of food :) Supermom no doubt. Congrats on Reuben's full moon and like what Swee San a wink of eye you will be baking his 1 year old birthday cake !

  28. Wendy, u r really super! I still cant believe u cooked all this yourself. Even with help, u did a marvelously fantastic job! Looking at the food pics, im drooling! ;)

  29. that is such a spread! you're brilliant.

  30. Wow you are so amazing and capable! You can whip up such a wonderful spread amidst your confinement! Happy full month to Reuben!

  31. Hi Wendy, wow, a huge congratulations on your new baby boy! Such fantastic news. :) And you're really quite the SUPERMOM!

  32. Wendy, you are better than professional caterer.
    I like the way you label the food!!

  33. Dear Reuben,
    Happy first month to you! You know, your mummy is super amazing... Whipping up so many delicious food! You must be jealous right.... Can see, cannot eat. I fully understand that...cos now I can only stare at my computer screen and nice to pop one durian puff into my mouth!

  34. Happy 1 Month old Little Rueben!

    Mommy is a Wonder Woman!! When Reuben reads this post, he should know how lucky he is as mommy has outdone herself this time again for his lovely party...

    Somemore got place card menu, salute to you Wendy!! Everything looks amazing... :D

  35. You have prepared such a feast!!! Really v pandai! :)

  36. How time flies! Reuben is already one month!
    WoW! Look at all that spread! Drooling! You're one power mum!

  37. Happy fullmoon! Wow! You are so capable, still prepare your own food for the party.
    I did follow your confinement menu. Is great! Thanks for sharing and I have new recipe for my coming confinement.

  38. wow!wow! I'm really impressed with all these!! made labels some more!! are you going to show us how to make the watermelon jelly? Following to come without any helper around, i guess you'll be very busy handling everything by yourself, please catch up with mr " chow koong" whenever you can! you take care. Yeah, reuben is a nice name! congrats !!

  39. Happy Full Moon Ruben. Ruben is a nice name. You are one terror woman. Able to prepapred all these food by yourself.

  40. I just showed my husband this post..he went WHOAHhhhh..saying that u r really clever and capable!!!!! =)

  41. Happy full moon to baby Rueben

    Wah, got nice roast pork to eat.

  42. Wow, it's been a month? Time flies. You really have alot of energy :D.... Don't know how you did it... bet your confinement lady didn't count on preparing full moon buffet as well :D:D

  43. Wendy

    Happy full moon to you and baby Reuben. You really are fantastic by preparing all those nice and delicious food. Well organized too.


  44. Happy Full Moon Baby Reuben! oh no did i wish you lil late but is ok you celebrated it early anyway.

    hey mama, i see that few ppl got yer baby's name wrong...somehow lil confusing! i have to check thrice to make sure i got the name right.

    oh no durian but oh yeah puffs! well done <3

  45. ooops, sorry Wendy, I spelled your son name wrongly. It should be Reuben

  46. Wow Happy Full Moon to Reuben!
    These dishes are all so beautiful and look incredibly delicious! I really do admire you!

  47. WOW!!! I love having people over but usually would be a potluck or BBQ. You are a BRAVE woman! Makes me feel quite inept! Btw, I did everything one is not supposed to do during "confinement".....washed my hair and showered 4 hours after delivery, drank cold juice while in recovery, had icy cold water everyday, wine with dinner when I felt like it(was breast-feeding, and baby slept real good that nite!!), ate spicey food, took baby out if I had too..including a pub with some friends, breast-feed in public, in other words as normal as ever! There really is no scientific basis for all those silly rules and peopel should be more cognizant of that!

  48. Happy Full Moon to Reuben! I'm drooling over the delicious food down there :)

  49. Happy full moon rueben and happy freedom to you. You did a great job with such tedious party planning n cooking! Really kow tow to you for the energies you had! Lol anyway, rest whenever you can for taking care of little ones are more energy draining than anything else. Cheers!

  50. You are fantasticly crazy la, cha-bor...
    One day I'll really go visit you and make you cook a feast for me...! ;P
    Happy Fullmoon to baby Reuben!!

  51. lots of dessert! im droolinggggg over it.Happy fullmoon to your reuben!

  52. Wow, I can't believe that it's already a month. So fast.
    And, I can't believe that you can cook so much of food during your confinement.

  53. two thumbs up...

  54. you are really a super woman. yummy foods though.

  55. Congrats Wendy & Little Reuben!

    Feel hungry after seeing all delicious food..really a great mum

    Soo LF

  56. love the pancakes and the watermelon jelly. This is something different from the traditional chow mihun, fried rice kind of buffet. Yum!

  57. Caca,
    Actually I sick of those type of buffets, which is why I always do my own.

  58. Oh, how did I miss Reuben's full moon! Congrats my dear and now you got a jail break! hehe.. Lots of food to eat, wish I am staying near you so that I can join in the fun and enjoy all the delicious food. Give Reuben a hug for me.

  59. QuayPo,
    I'm serving new jail term for an indefinate period of time. LOL.
    I want to go to KL and meet up with ur gals. So miss u all leh.

  60. Congrats Wendy on your new bundle of joy :)
    You never fail to amaze me...and my oh my, the spread is to die for and you pulled it off so well, thumbs up!!

  61. This is amazing. Cant believe you actually did all this by yourself. Looks yummy and nice presentation of food with label. Like professional catering. Doubt your fridge and kitchen must be big in size.

  62. Anonymous,
    Oh no, my kitchen is not very big. I do hope my kitchen is big.
    I kept half the desserts in my in law's house. My fridge can't keep everything.

  63. WOW, just picked this up. Just a word of compliment if not too late.

    Is real well done and origanized. Superb!! Congrats. JJ

  64. Hi Wendy,
    WoW, another new members :) congrats :)


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