Monday, July 11, 2011

Pandan Lacy Crepes - Pancake Quad # 1

I made this for tea. And I gobbled it all up by myself. Leaving non for my girls. Haha! So bad of me.

Well, they were napping and I was hungry. I had some pandan leaves in the fridge and some coconut milk so why not make something simple and nice. Haha, I can still make these for them tomorrow.

This is a sweet version for roti jala (lacy crepes). Roti jala is a Malay crepe, that is usually yellow and eaten with curry. But I decided to turn it into a sweet version, and green with pandan. Actually I had this idea long ago, which was why I got this bottle from Daiso much earlier on. I have read in some blogs saying the usual roti jala cup is a menace to use. And I saw one girl improvising by poking holes into the cap of a mineral water bottle. Well, bottles are definitely easier to use as one can easily add pressure by squeezing. You can’t adjust the pressure with cups. So, if you don’t have a bottle like mine, just grab an empty small mineral water bottle and poke the cap. You will have a DIY squeezing bottle.

It was raining by the time I had this done. Tea time with rain... nice!

Pandan Lacy Crepes
Recipe Source: Wendyywy
Yields : 6 pieces

40gm all purpose flour
50gm egg
50gm pandan juice (no need to be too thick)
25gm thick coconut milk
Very very small pinch of salt
Kaya and bananas for serving

1. Mix eggs, pandan juice and coconut milk together.
2. Put flour and salt into a bowl. Pour 1/3 of the liquid onto the flour and with a whisk, stir vigourously. Add more liquid as you stir until the batter turns smooth and lump free.
3. Leave batter for 15 minutes at least. Pour batter into a “holey” bottle.
4. Put a few drops of oil into non stick frying pan. Wipe away excess with tissue/paper towel. Heat the pan on medium low.
5. Drizzle batter into pan, creating a lacy effect.
6. When the batter turns matte and is cooked, fold crepe into quarters right in pan before removing.
7. Serve with your favourite kaya and some sliced bananas.


  1. This really looks great. I can imagine the comfort and warmth eating this in a rainy weather. :)

  2. Gee.....looks very tempting and delicious, with the coconut milk and pandan juice in it, it sure looks very yummy. I loves snack.

  3. A pretty variation of crepes - so apt for a small gathering of ladies, tucking into lacy crepes! I want it too!

  4. ya, this is too good to enjoy it with a cup of tea..

  5. This looks yummy. How do you make the pandan juice?

  6. Wendy....hahaha I thought I am the wicked momsie but looks like you are no better than me....your gals so close unlike mine far away in KL...hahaha just you had the whole lot all to yourself...mmmm it does look great with the kaya and banana :)

  7. what a genius idea with this!! They turned out perfect!

  8. I love your bottle. I had a yellow one and I find it so hard to control. Maybe next round when I go up to KL, I would buy myself one and throw mine away. Edith

  9. i think i'll love the pandan flavour too! Usually i will put another cup beneath the roti jala maker to avoid the batter to drop all over, i think that's the mess that some bloggers might be talking about..

  10. Hanushi,
    Hehe, yeah.

    Any south east asian will love the combo of pandan and coconut ;)

    Serving with cream and strawberries will be good for the ladies too right?


    Blitz the pandan leaves with water
    Or refer my post on pandan juice. Find it on "search for recipes" on the right panel

  11. elin,
    Haha, if I wait for them to wake up, dinner time oredi loo.

    I was glad they did too :)
    They were rather fragile when hot from the pan.

    Oh the yellow cup?
    This bottle only holds enough batter for 2-3 crepes, then have to refill oredi.

    thanks for the suggestion, but that is not the problem. The problem I read about was the batter drips drop by drop from the cup and not drizzle out from the cup. Some cups may come with manufacturing defects or maybe due to the recipe used was too thick for the cup's hole size. One can squeeze the bottle to add pressure, but cannot squeeze the cup to quicken the flow

  12. Hey great idea! I can make these using the Roti Raja vessel ! Bookmarked!

  13. Wish I could have these roti jala, looks very yummy. First time here, loved your yummy recipes, following your beautiful blog :)

  14. Nice blog with many good recipe. Will bookmark your blog.

  15. oo.. what a find on that bottle! the normal roti jala cup is messy...

    the color is soooo pretty pale green.. Wendy, you always give us great ideas and variations! tq


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