Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strawberry n Cream Layered Sponge Pancake - Pancake Quad #2

Remember the sponge pancake?

It was a lazy afternoon and I had some Korean strawberries and lots of cream in the fridge waiting for me to use use use. Let's just say, 3 cartons of half used or quarter used whipping cream, altogether 1.6L. Blame them on bake orders. They all came 5 days apart and I never sell bakes made from an old pack of cream (more than 3 days). Always new pack. Which is why I always had to think of ways to use up the balance.  And the amount I needed was more than 200ml each time, so to purchase 2 small packs of cream is just not economical.

FYI, I do keep my cream for more than 3 days as the cream available here is not farm fresh but UHTed already. I always do a taste test after 7 days before I use them, and after 7 days, the cream is always cooked/baked before consumption. Any longer then 14 days, I'll freeze them til GKW. My record was keeping them for 3 weeks in the fridge. Don't worry, they only get consumed, never sold.

This time, I did a simple tea time treat for my loved ones and the whole thing was gobbled up in just one sitting.

Easy and nice.

Refer here for sponge pancake recipe.
Just do 3 batches of it separately. Do not be greedy and beat 3 batches together. Chances are, the batter will get deflated before it is even cooked.

Then, just beat some cream, pipe it over the pancakes and top with strawberries.



  1. Look more like a layer cake than a pancake! Saliva drooling again looking at the cream and strawberries. You are very creative.

  2. Now I have a non-stick pan, so I can try your recipe. :)

  3. Mel,
    Oh yes, that was the intention :)

    Little Inbox,

    It also tasted yummy :)

    cik cek,

  4. WoW..it looks really tempting leh. And your photos are really good...real big pancake..hehe!

  5. Okie you are forgiven...the loving Momsie now :p I would gobble down one shot too if you serve me this :) Looks good...yummy

  6. One order over here plse....so yummy delicious!

  7. There do look more like cake than pancakes. At a glance I thought it was layered cake :)

  8. looks yummy...must try this simple recipe.
    tq for sharing!

  9. actually i wanted to tell you that the anchor cream now available in smaller packs but i think you knew that already. What can we do with the frozen cream?

  10. Reese,
    Yeah, can feed 8 with this

    Not small leh, 8 inch stacked pancake, can or not?

    LOL, sorry no cream cake deliveries

    hehe,that was the idea. A quick and easy cake done over fire

    Hope you like it

    haha, yeah, I knew it oredi, but then, it still came in 200ml packs, selling for RM6 something. Buying 2 small packs is almost equal to buying 1 large pack. Not worth it la, I'd rather use the same amount of money and buy a large pack.
    Can cook (pasta) and bake (puddings) with the frozen cream, as long as it needs no whipping.
    There are a lot of recipes that needs some cream, and if I cannot use up, then I'll cook pasta or make ice cream, which is the fastest way.

  11. This would make a good delicious breakfast!

  12. Simple and yet so pretty. If I have this for breakfast...I'll be so happy! LOL! But this can pass as a layered cake already...so nice. :D Will try this out coming weekend...i think my kiddos will love it. :P

  13. Wow, looks stunning! Never had this before, must try. Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

  14. So English tea time looking... makes me want to have a cup of warm tea with this cake now!

  15. Hi wendy, I did try the recipe of this fluffy pancake but it turns out that it has this strong egg smell as its cooked. Is there any ways to make the smell less obvious? Thanks :)

  16. Izyan,
    Add in some vanilla.
    It'll get rid of the egginess


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