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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Durian Cream Pancake Rolls - Pancake Quad #3

Don’t u think it’s weird to have durians in April? (I did this in April 2011)

All my life, on this side of the country, durians have always been bountiful mid year and year end. Never has it been in APRIL!!!! With none during those usual times. I had been searching for durians last Dec (2010), with only a speckful of them around town and the quality isn’t there. This didn't happen only last year, but for 2 consecutive years, I haven't been seeing durians coming out the time that it should. Times have changed and it’s a wake up call to us about the changes in weather. The fruit trees are telling you to take note.

Last year’s durian harvest was rather pitiful, hardly seeing them by the truckload, my sister in laws who came back from US  during both the supposedly fruiting seasons couldn’t satisfy themselves with the king of fruits.
And mind you, even mangoes (local ones, I'm not talking about Thai ones)… with 3 huge mango trees back home when I was a kid, it was fruiting abundantly about the same time as the durians. But now… you see mangoes all around too, right? It just doesn’t seem to be at the right time.

FYI, on the east coast(Kelantan, Terengganu), I was told by my friend CTZM that durians are only available once a year around August. It is due to the difference of rainy seasons on both sides of the peninsula. She was shocked to see durians in June and early January during the one year we stayed together in Selancar.
But then again, it’s never April!!!

Durian Cream Pancake Rolls
Pancake recipe adapted from : Elaine’s Kitchen

70gm all purpose flour
10gm cornstarch
40gm castor sugar
250gm milk
20gm butter
2 egg yolks

1. Melt butter in non stick frying pan over gentle heat. Turn off the heat.
2. Mix flour with cornstarch. Pour in half the milk and mix with a wire whisk until smooth.
3. Mix in sugar, yolks, melted butter and balance of milk. *Cover buttered pan until time of use.
4. Let the batter sit for 1 hour minimum. *Remember to put it somewhere away from crawling ants
5. Wipe pan with paper towel to get rid of excess butter.
6. Heat pan over medium heat, and lower to low heat (I used a very small outer ring heat and a very small middle ring heat, which is about 11o’clock on my gas knob).
7. Put in a small ladle of batter, swirl it around and cover with lid.
8. Cook until the surface looks matte and doesn’t stick to finger. There is no need to flip the pancake.
9. Lightly loosen the sides of the pancake and overturn pan over a large plate to dislodge the pancake. The pancake is too fragile to be handled with a spatula but will be more manageable when cooled.
10. Repeat frying of pancake until batter is used up (There is no need to butter the pan).

Durian Cream Filling
Recipe source: Wendywyy

125gm whipping cream
1 Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp gelatin + 1 Tbsp water
125gm durian flesh

1. Freeze mixing bowl 15 minutes before use.
2. In a heat proof bowl, sprinkle gelatin over water and let it sit for 1 minute. Microwave for 20 seconds or melt over another bowl of boiling water. Set aside to cool.
3. Remove bowl from freezer and beat whipping cream until it starts to take form and put in sugar and beat until soft peaks. Put in melted gelatin and beat until stiff. Remove cream from mixing bowl and put into another container. Keep chilled.
4. Put durian flesh in the mixing bowl (after beating cream, no need to wash), and beat until flesh is disintergrated.
5. Fold in half the whipped cream until well combined and fold in balance of whipped cream.
6. You will have approximately 250gm of filling. Calculate and distribute filling evenly over cooled pancakes. Roll up and chill well before serving.


  1. Hai! Wendy....

    Sedapnya...kechur kak cek tgk...yummyyyy...:)

  2. Actually with the demand today, it's not surprising the suppliers putting more effort to sell it all year round. But true, the quality won't be there.  I love your durian pancake! There's this durian pancake chain store here which always has a super long queue...I haven't fall into their 'trap' yet, lol! Will try your recipe... Who needs to queue up...can make at home horr!

  3. Wendy...gosh you make them like the ones sold in MidValley....haha who need to buy them when we can make them at home...:p sLURP Slurp SLURPPP

  4. Wow...i must go & get some durians and try making this! Yummy stuff :)

  5. Looks good but i preferred eating fresh durian

  6. Gosh, you are killing me with this..!!!! I just had few fresh durian @ in SS2 recently...keke. As you mentioned about the durian season, it seems we can see durian few times in a year now..;p Btw, I really dun know the exact season for this fruit even I love it so much...LOL

  7. Whoah durian craze! HAHA..and looking at yours...OH MY..the oozing cream + durian...~~~HELP~~~~~

  8. These look great. I dont even know what a Durian is!!! I am going to look for them in August though and give this a try. Thanks :)

  9. I totally agree with you - the seasons are changing and our fruits and vegetables are all telling us messages but we aren't hearing them :( Anyway your pancake rolls look absolutely fabulous - the cream really looks dreamy!

  10. Wendy, looks so yummy! I seldom see durians recently although it's the season now. I used to buy durian pancake from one of the stalls in Mid Valley. If got chance, I want to try this out myself too!

  11. i have seen jusco selling durian pancakes but never try. NOw with your recipe, we can make this at home, yay!!

  12. I haven't eaten a single seed of durians for years! This pancake of yours are so droolworthy

  13. I've tasted this pancake roll when I went home the last time. My BIL bought it from Mid Valley. I find them way too sweet. I am sure you homemade version taste so much better. When durians are off season they are super expensive. I remember my sister bought 1 for me from Jalan Alor and it cost her RM60.00. Crazy isn't it!


  14. 惨了。。。。榴莲。。。我难以抗拒的。。。我先拿走你的食谱咯!

  15. Your pancake looks very drooling... the filling was the best part.... realy like it....

  16. cik cek,

    Oh no, I'm not refering to those type of durians, of which can be Thai in origin. Here we usually get local durians, those from around town. Those that you see in the pic are grown just 15km away, from a relative's tree.

    I know how you love durians, LOL.

    Pink lady,


    pure glutton,
    hope u like this

    small kucing,
    My husband did say I wasted the durians, LOL.
    cos he's like u

    Suppliers in KL source from all over Malaysia of which even the west and east have different timings. Unless you eatlocal durians which are grown nearby, you won't be aware of the fruiting seasons.


  17. Little Inbox,

    An American looking forward to durian?
    I really wish to know your feedback with this fruit that even Andrew Zimmern couldn't stand

    sad, isn't it?

    Most sent to KL leh I heard.

    the stall at the back? I love their durian bombs

    Mind telling why? LOL

    Homemade ones can be made to our own liking :)
    Those at Jln Alor are huge woh.

    Cherry potato,
    haha, take la

    True :)

  18. Wendy, because the rest of my family do not like durians!

  19. Wendy...thanks for this, it was quick to make and I love the fact that it yields very thin pancakes.

  20. Wow! I can smell durian now. I bought durian pancake once before in Mid Valley..very nice leh

  21. I always crave to make this durian pancake, thanks for sharing! Most appreciated!

  22. Jes,
    Hmm.. then maybe one day u should try making this.

    Alice Law,
    Hope you like this recipe :)

  23. Hi Wendy

    I chanced upon your blog and was fascinated by the recipes you have. I would like to try out as many as I can. Thanks for keeping such a fantastic blog!

    I tried out the pancake rolls today. Unfortunately, mine did not turn out as nice as yours. Did you cut before rolling or the other way round? Also, after mixing all the ingredients together, it curdled. Is this how its meant to be? Or have I done something wrong here? Lastly, is the butter for coating the pan part of the 20g which you have listed in the ingredient list?

    Pls pardon my questions as I'm quite a noob. Thanks.


  24. Eleen,
    It curdled? It's just a very basic pancake batter and pancake batters don't curdle with that little amount of butter and that large amount of liquid(milk or in some cases, water)

    There is no instruction asking you to further coat the pan with butter. When you melt the 20gm of butter in the pan, the pan is already coated with butter. I even said in Step no.5 to clean the pan of excess butter. If your pan is too oily, then your pancake will not have smooth base but instead be pockmarked. The melted butter that is poured into the batter will be enough to make the pancake to be easily removed from the non stick pan. Take note that in Step 10, there are notes saying, "there is no need to butter the pan".

    Melting the butter is in Step 1 and you turn off the heat.
    Step 2 required you to prepare the flour and milk.
    By the time you have the flour and milk whisked to a smooth consistency, the melted butter will be cool enough to be poured in without cooking the batter in Step 3, but then again, it's only 20gm and that will not be substantial to cause any curdling or cooking

    You can see in the picture no.3, the rolls are whole. Never roll anything cut up. It's always roll the thing up and then you cut. Same goes for spring rolls, swiss rolls, sushi rolls or whatever rolls. If you need to cut up anything in rolled form----roll it up, then only you cut.

    There is always a point in life where we begin to do something and learn. If you never ask you never learn, but most of the time, we should always learn from observation and experience. Our teachers in school can only teach us this much, it's through personal practise and homework that one learns the most. School teachers will only teach you the basics, it's how you understand the basics and apply it to the questions that you encounter.

  25. My pancake doesn't look so evenly thin like yours. It sometimes a bit char in the middle, thin at the sides. When I rolled it up, its not a fat roll like yours. What is the right pan size for this?
    Its very yummy, definately will do again.

  26. Esther,
    Whatever that chars means the heat is too high.
    instruction no.7 says, swirl the pan around, if you didn't do that, you won't get an even pancake.
    The bigger the size of your pan, the bigger your pancake will be, up to you.

  27. kecur air liur...mesti try untuk buka puasa ptg ni...ada stok durian skit...

  28. Hello,Wendy!
    is there anything can replace the gelatin coz i found it was hard tried to get one.
    terima kasih!


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