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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old Fashioned Jackfruit Popsicles - Local Fruits # 2

When I was a kid, there were some homemakers trying to make an extra buck by selling popsicles.

We will either call from the door or the window in Cantonese, “ Aunty, Ngo Ngoi Mai Suit Tiu” ( Aunty, I want to buy popsicle, 阿姨,我要买雪条)

Then someone will answer us, maybe not the Aunty, maybe their kid or any other person in the house. “Ngoi mat yeh mei?” (What flavour do you want? 要什么味?)

Then we will ask back, “ Kam Yat Yau Mat Yeh Mei” (What flavour do you have today? 今天有什么味?)

They might answer us , “Sarsi, Oleng, Laici, Mei Look, Kopi” (Sarsaparilla, Orange, Lychee, Milo and Coffee), with only one place that might say “MangKat!!!” (Jackfruit)

And this place that has “MangKat” flavoured popsicle is at Golden Dragon Garden’s flats, one of the ground floor units.
The Aunty or whosoever will then hand us our popsicles, with the top cut, and we will pay them either 10 sen or 20 sen, depending on flavour and the place you bought it. It was far far cheaper than buying ice cream at grocery stores.

When the 90’s came along, somehow, these popsicle vendoring homes somehow have stopped selling these, or maybe it was only us who stopped patronizing them.
I hope you will love these popsicles as much as I loved them when I was a kid, but of course those sold didn’t have this much of fruit in it : ). They needed to make a buck from it. You can make these in your regular popsicle moulds if you can’t find these bags, but the fruit will all be at the top or the bottom, since you can’t freeze them on the sides.

Old Fashioned Jack fruit Popsicles
Recipe source: Wendyywy
Inspired from : The aunty who lived in GD flats, Kampar

4 pieces of jack fruit (or less)
50gm sugar
500ml water

1. Chop jackfruit flesh. Fill 8 popsicle bags with it.
2. Mix sugar with water until dissolved, you can use warm water, no problem. And fill the bags (with jackfruit in it) until 60% full.
3. Press top of bag (the part above the syrup) to remove air.
4. Tie bag, leaving behind a limp length about 20% of the filled length. This is to facilitate the expansion during freezing.
5. Lay the popsicles down, make sure the chopped jackfruit are evenly dispersed. Freeze.
6. To serve, just snip off the top and push the popsicle up and suck suck suck.

See how Lydia enjoys her popsicle. Delicious!


  1. Geee..... you really can bring back our childhood memories! You are wonderful! Oh, and I like the way you translate the cantonese sentence in English, hee..hee... "Lei hai tak keh!"

  2. Nice read, hou hou siu leh :)) It was definitely more fun back then

  3. ooo like that. Must try and make.

    My school last time selling asamboi flavour. Just like these

  4. Just nice for the hot weather brought back sweet memories for us :) Wow...look at Lydia!! that expression worth a million leh :)

  5. Ooo.. brings back my childhood memories too!! Ours was ' suin mui ' ( sour plum ), haha.

  6. Hello Wendy

    Ur Lydia is so so beautiful!! All ur children look so cute and beautiful, esp. when they are seen in pics enjoying Mummy's cooked dishes.

    God bless ur entire family.
    Priscilla Poh

  7. oh...balik Kampar again, heehee...i just realise during those days i never follow you to get the popsicle but eating those that 'tah pau' back. suddently remember there is an indian uncle selling colouful ice ball and an aunty also selling a few streets away.

  8. This post really brings back to old memory lane lol! Used to buy this and suck after refreshing and delicious on a hot afternoon!

  9. Wah, you bring back all our childhood memories!Our childhood memories is the best, right?No computer,no handphone, less tv..MMMmmmm wonder, what our children will tell, when they read love the assamboi version.

  10. Mel,
    the story won't be nice w/o the cantonese :p

    Lite Home Bake,
    Oh yes... there's food to buy and eat almost at every corner in town and neighbourhood

    small kucing,
    asam boi is nice, try with some added calamansi juice, even better

    this was the only shot of her smiling. The rest was just a blank look. She needs to take posing classes la, can be a wood at times. LOL.

    Belly good,
    suin mui is nice too

    Swee San,
    sometimes got ribena ones..but 20 sen lor, same price like milo

    thank you. my kids love taking pics

    Aiyor, now I dun remember the Indian man la, got meh? Yaiks! U have better memory than I do la. I don't remember tapauing back for you, maybe that was my brother.

    Got popsicle to eat, sure happy. LOL.

    It's hot these days, so what are you waiting for? Make some for your boys to suck after school. LOL.

  11. Mang Kat ngo to chung yi! yau mo chim pu lut?

  12. yummylittlecooks,
    Well, i'm sure they can't even imagine the times without those stuff. Most of my students or even people of my time don't even know the hardships endured during the Japanese occupation. They don't seem to believe me that the 40's ppl hid in the forest and ate cassava often, eat monkeys and all the wild game.

    chim pu lut? yau yau. lei jou mai yau lor.
    Not a bad idea hoh. But chim pu lut will taste nicer with some evap milk, like thos icecream potong.

  13. Oh.. I make this with blending the nangka into a puree.. add a bit of evaporated milk and it becomes so yummms!!

    By the way, this fruit is very angin.. You baru gave birth should avoid this fruit for at least 100 days.. and more if you are breastfeeding.

  14. Lydia is so cute! and she is lucky to have you as a mother who pandan masak, ^^

  15. sorry,typo error, should be pandai masak!

  16. What a cutie. She is really enjoying it. Wow your blog has so many fabalous recipes.

  17. I havent been eating popsicles (tube) for a long time... This certainly bring back fond childhood memories.

  18. food so delicious,
    thanks for the advice. Don't worry, this post is made months and months ago. My blog post aren't always the latest products from my kitchen.

    so are your kids ;)

    Malay-Kadazan Girl,
    Thank you and welcome.

    I think these bags are hard to come by in Singapore nowadays, is it?

  19. Your girl so cute. :)
    Refreshing ice cream for our super hot weather....
    slurp.....Those were the days, I hardly got the chance to eat any ice cream due to asthma..

  20. so pretty to look at and brings back so many memories...

    This is a first for me though for jackfruit. Thks for the idea!

  21. Amelia,
    Same goes. I had 3 ice-free years.
    So pitiful looking at others slurping ice cream and drinking iced drinks

    Food Dreams,
    Haha.. just shows how much times have changed. It's hard to come by nowadays

  22. I can see how much Lydia enjoys her popsicle! And this brings back memories how how much I loved them - I used to get them from a mamak shop for 10cents! hehe

  23. This will be so good for our hot summer heat. Wish I can get this type of ice-cream potong here. My mom used to made this with leftover red bean soup and sometime asam boi.

  24. Nothing beats home-made, and Lydia's smile with her thumbs-up sign made it all so worthwhile. I've only taste Milo popsicle thus far, hahah..

  25. It's so difficult to find them in Sgp now. Are the bags easily available in Msia? We might do another road trip to Sitiawan this Jun/Dec, so maybe can pick up some during the trip.


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