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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dulce De Leche French Toast, 2 versions - DDL Week # 2

Someone went to Brazil and got me 2 tubs of Brazillian DDL.
After I tasted this, I understood why they use so much more DDL in their recipes of which I find to be so sweet. These from Brazil is less sweet compared to homemade ones. I can be more liberal with it when I'm using this original stuff.

After Reuben was born, I was no longer as tired as before. And after preparing Lydia to kindergarden, I made breakfast for me and my hubby, which was unheard of before. Well you see, I was never a breakfast person. I'm the brunch type. But then again. it's rooooooooomantic to be having breakfast at the patio with the golden sunlight hitting your back and make some Vitamin D 

I made 2 types of french toast with this. One is stuffed, one is dipped. With almost the same ingredients

Version One
Dulce De Leche French Toast
Recipe source: Wendyywy

6 pieces of sandwich bread
2 large eggs
1 heaped Tbsp Dulce De Leche
30ml (2Tbsp) hot water
Small pinch of salt
Butter for frying
Fresh fruits for serving.

1. Beat eggs with salt.
2. Mix DDL with hot water to dissolve.
3. Mix dissolved DDL with egg.
4. Heat a pan on medium low heat.
5. Put in some butter. (I use a scant tsp for every 2 slices of bread)
6. Dip bread in egg mixture and put in frying pan. Do not soak the bread in the mixture. Just make sure the surface is coated, then it is sufficient.
7. Fry bread until golden and serve with some fruits by the side. Drizzle on more DDL if you prefer it sweeter.

Version Two

Dulce De Leche Stuffed French Toast
Recipe source: Wendyywy

4 slices of bread
2 heaped Tbsp DDL, more or less
1 egg
Pinch of salt
2 Tbsp fresh milk
Butter for frying
Fresh fruits for serving.

1. Spread 1 Tbsp DDL on one piece of bread. Top with another piece to form a squarish sandwich. Make 2 sandwiches.
2. Beat the egg with a small pinch of salt and milk.
3. Heat pan, put in some butter.
4. Dip the sandwich into the egg mixture, coating it well.
5. Fry the sandwich until both sides are golden. Serve with fresh fruits.

Which version I prefer.. hmmm...
The first version, the DDL isn't obvious, but the 2nd version, you can taste and lick the DDL, hehehehehe.
So, it's up to you.

Well, just try both ways. You can't be eating the same style all the time. Do some variation!
Enjoy your breakfast!


  1. Sedapnya...bestnya dulce deleche ni...leh buat seniri kan ...tapi kak cek tak penah buat day kena buat jugak ni...

  2. Your toast super tempting especially the DDL filling.

  3. Beautiful looking DDL toast you have made. I always had headache what to make for breakfast.

  4. Mmmm....wish I can have it now. Just had lunch and I still feel like eating it.

  5. When was your first post on DDL? Rem I saw some DDL cookies recipes then and I told myself I should make some upon reading your blog. To date, still no action from me :P This looks good, you have tempted me again.

  6. I think I'll like the stuffed toast version, like to see the DDL ooze out, yum yum....

  7. wallahhh...look so yummy...shld try 1 day..

  8. lucky gal..two tubs of DDL :) I will be using mine soon( the one I won from you :p) Will be giving Lena half a tin of that :) Hope this weekend can make something out of it :) Still scratching the head . Do you think I can use it for DDL swirl bread :) Will it be messy ?

  9. Kak cek dtg lagi...nak say tq kongsi resepi kuih serimuka yg ntah kali keberapa dah kak cek buat...setiap kali buat serimuka resepi Wendy jadi pilihan...cuma maaf ya kak cek ubahsuai sikit...kak cek letak durian...
    Byk kali kak cek buat...custard kat atas tu mesti berombak...ngape ya...ada tips ke...guna api kecik pun masih begitu gak hasil kejadiannya....

  10. such a yummy toast! I wish I can have a slice of it too :)

  11. oh my gosh this looks amazing. I wonder, could you use nutella instead of the DDL? Looks so so yummy.

  12. cik cek,
    biasanya Wendy buat sendiri, tapi ni pakai yang abang aku yang belikan

    LOL.. drooling?

    Milo cukup, no need headache

    poh Lin,
    Tomorrow's breakfast aint too far away :)

    I've a DDL label, all there

    yummy little cooks,
    more intense :)


    2 tubs of DDL plus 2 tins of DDL from my MIL, of which one is with u ;)
    This is small matter for my bro, later if it gets featured in my blog, you get to see what he got me, It was so expensive for that small amount my jaw dropped.

    Cik Cek,
    Cik Cek pukul kastad tu terus kukus ke, biar kejap? Pakai stainless steel punya periuk ke apa? Wendy buat, tak pernak berombak, kecuali over masak.

    Ah Tze,
    Can can.. make urself

    sure can, even peanut butter.
    I'm sharing this so that others may have more ideas to utilize their cans and cans of DDL.

  13. These toasts are awesome! I bet my son will loves it.

  14. Never tasted ddl before n too lazy to made my own. Looking at yrs make me eager to try.

  15. seems like i dont have to make my own DDL...yes..i really jap tou..then i can try making something out of it..i still dont know how it taste like but i remember one word you said...Sweet lor!

  16. i love your recipe, simple and clear! but i can't really make it like the way you said. would try to improve again :) !

  17. haha u are so bad to be posting these sinful food! making me drooling... :P

  18. Hmmm...both look just as good, it's good to have some variations as you said:)

  19. Sharon,
    Then make some for him ;)

    Bits of Taste,
    I hope he enjoys these

    Try with one can, you might fall in love with it

    It's made with Condensed milk ma, if condensed milk is sweet, then of course DDL is sweet, BUT, it smells and taste caramelly. Very delicious!

    Oh, this recipe?

    Not that sinful la, it's breakfast, LOL!!!
    Add some fruits to reduce the sinfulness, that's tactic.

    Oh yes, so boring to eat the same stuff everyday. I cannot, never can.

  20. The stuffed version looks divine! i can just imagine chomping into that and all the DDL oozing out. YUM!

  21. I like the first version, not so sweet I guess. :D Never tried DDL before and I bet kids will like it very much. Will try out someday :))

  22. Wow, DDL from Brazil looks so delicously rich!

  23. catty,
    good for some early indulgence

    belly good,
    LOL, yeah not so sweet

    Better go eat soemthing then :)

    Oh yes, even the taste is so much better, rich but not as sweet.

  24. I love dulce de leche, the ultimate indulgence.

    I'm glad that I dropped by on your blog via a few blogging friends.

  25. Hello Wendy!
    I found your Blog By case a few days ago, and i am loving it! there are so many recipes i wanna try almost All!
    I am from Brazil and i love Cooking...I was surprised to see a Brazilian DDL pot here, and i am happy you liked our version! :D
    Here we dont like too sweet food, thats why the DDL is this way ^^
    I will be always Here reading and commenting your posts!



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