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Monday, November 28, 2011

Watermelon Jelly - Jelly Week # 1

Recipe created in June 2011

No....... this is not made in a bowl.
I made this in a square pan.
No egg whites involved too, just good old coconut milk and dragon fruit.

I made this for Reuben's Full Moon Party and tried to use minimal food colouring for this jelly. I am not so keen to use sesame seeds as the watermelon seeds. So, in the end, I chose to use dragon fruit seeds as the watermelon seeds.

The process seems tedious, but I dared not just use the puree straightaway. The fruit pulp may make a streaky jelly. If you don't mind fine worm like lines all around in the jelly, just ignore my long winded instructions on how to extract the fruit colour and fruit seeds.
It's a matter of personal preference.

I used 1 large dragonfruit for this recipe.

I am submitting this to the Christmas Giveaway in
Just make anything in red / green or red+green to participate
Come let's join in the fun.
Not only sweet stuff, but savories like green veggies or red beets will be great!
Matcha, raw tuna, cherries, green mango.. anything goes!
Giveaway contest ends in less than 2 weeks time

Watermelon Jelly
Recipe created by Wendyywy
Makes 9 inch square jelly (2.5inches tall)

White and Green Layer (You will need twice of this)
500ml water
150gm sugar
2 blades of pandan leave, shredded and tied into a knot.
12.5gm agar powder
250ml water
150gm thick coconut milk
8gm quality cornstarch (1 Tbsp)
1 drop green food colouring /1 Tbsp concentrated pandan juice

Pink Layer
1L pigment liquid (from washing dragonfruit pulp)
250gm sugar
20gm agar powder
250ml water
200gm thick coconut milk
45gm quality cornstarch
Pure dragonfruit juice
Dragon fruit seeds

Prepare the lower white and green layer
1. Combine 500ml water with sugar and pandan knot and bring to a boil
2. Mix agar powder with 250ml water and pour into (1) and let it come to a boil.
3. Mix cornstarch with coconut milk and pour into the pot. Cook until it starts to thicken, turn off the heat.
4. Remove 250ml of the agar mixture. Mix with green food colouring. Pour this green layer into a 9 inch square pan. (Keep the balance warm by placing the lid on tightly)
5. Let the green layer cool down until it doesn't stick to finger but still wobbly then very very gently ladle the balance of white mixture in. Turn the fan /aircond on to quicken the cooling process. (Transfering to fridge may alter the fragile layers)

Prepare Pink Layer
6. Bring pink liquid and sugar to a boil.
7. Mix agar powder with water and pour into (6) and bring to a boil.
8. Mix coconut milk with starch and pour into the pot. Cook until it starts to thicken.
9. Turn off the heat and put in the pure dragon fruit juice and seeds. Stir to combine.
10. The white layer should be wobbly but doesn't stick to fingers. If it has totally solidified, scratch the surface with a fork.
11. Ladle the pink layer very very gently over the white layer. Let it sit for half an hour then ladle the balance in.
12. Set it aside to cool for 1 hour minimum or until the surface is set (inside still a bit wobbly is fine)

Prepare the upper white and green layer.
13. Repeat steps (1)-(3).
14. Remove 750ml of the mixture and gently pour it over the pink layer.
15. Tint the balance of the white jelly mixture in pot with green food colouring. Keep this warm by turning on the heat once a while. (If this has set without you knowing, you can melt it again by using the defrost mode in your microwave oven)
16. When the white layer's surface is no longer sticky (this time it takes much longer due to the hot pink layer underneath) very gently pour in the green layer.
17. Let the whole agar-agar sit on the counter top for another 2 hours to fully set before moving to chill in the fridge.

1. Extracting pure dragon fruit juice.
Mash dragon fruit flesh with fork and strain the juice. Press the pulp in strainer to release more juice. I got about 1/2 cup of pure juice.

2. Washing the pulp to obtain more pigment
Just mix the pulp (after extracting pure juice) with water. Give it s good stir and strain. I washed the same pulp twice, each round with 500ml water and I got 1L of pigment liquid

3. Obtaining clean pulpless seeds.
Just mix the pulp (after extracting the pigment liquid) with water and spoon out the seeds. Do this twice with the same seeds to make sure it's pulp free. (click on picture to have a larger view)

How to cut the Watermelon Jelly


  1. 你的手艺真好

  2. Good morning Wendy...
    waaa...cantiknye kaler jelly tu...kagum i tengok..

  3. Wow, you are so rajin to even pick the dragon fruit seeds...! Well done & sure taste good.

  4. Looks really good! Good luck!

  5. Very pretty watermelon jelly with a twist of dragon fruit. I love it!

  6. U always come out with some fresh idea n delicious too. I knew it coz i can imagine the combination of dragon fruit taste in that lovely jelly. Wendy laling, if u re an artist i know u can draw potrait much2 better than monalisa...hahaha sounds exagerate but i know u hv that inside... Bravos!!

  7. *In the state of awe*

    I'm speechless. One word: wow!

  8. Hi Wendy,

    You're awesome !!!


  9. Wow, so beautiful! Kids love it for sure!

  10. clap hands! Well done. These looks terrific.

  11. Wendy, is like a pc of art, but I don't think I can handle, is too challenging for me to make this. Is for my eye only...
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Wendy, your water melon jelly so pretty and refreshing. You're very creative and your skill is superb. Have a nice day.

  13. Wow!炎热的天气,来一片西瓜解暑吧!

  14. i dont know what to say..even though this is just a jelly, i have to say it's simply a marvellous one, so pretty and you make it look more of a watermelon by adding that white layer on it. just a little typo error you made on that 'mash the dragon fruit with pork" haha..i'm sure everyone knows it's fork but i thought just to let you know..

  15. wow...Wendy!!!! so pretty....

    Yenny Chai

  16. Kudos to you... this looks like alot of work and I bet it tastes delicious!

  17. Very artistic....looks so nice....sayang to eat lah!

  18. 鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝,
    hahaha, but all my babies (made by me too!) dun look like me lor!!! All my hubby's side looks leh.

    Warna semulajadi cantik kan

    cos i don't want to use sesame seeds.. that's why have to go thru all the trouble, looking back i want to pengsan

    I'm not in it to win, hahaha, but for the fun.
    U too can join.

    Happy flour,
    Haha, watermelonless watermelon jelly, hahaha

    cendana kasih,

    sorry to dissapoint u, my art work is never good, hahaha. technical drawing bolehlah, artistic drawing tak boleh pakai one, tahap tadika bolehla. hahaha.

    Must eat, if not will spoil :)

    one word, Thanks!

    haha, thanks!

  19. little inbox,
    too bad not many kids that day, it was my mom who crazily loved it, hahaha. The big kid, like how my hubby always says, hahaha.

    small kucing,
    thankyou for the applause

    skip the top skin, then will be easier, hahaha... but have to cut rectangle lor

    thanks for the kind words ;)

    haha, a dragonfruit watermelon, haha.

    I only know agar agar is called "yeen choy" 2 years ago, hahaha! I have always called it "Dai Choy Gou"

    that thick white layer acts as a buffer for the red and green to permeate. Luckily i did the white layer, if not the red and green will get mixed up when they permeate into each other's layers. After chilling in fridge over night, the white layer is almost non visible but has taken up both colours. u can still see the line... hahaha, thanks for pointing out, pork, hahaha! If got pork that hard, I'll send to museum, hahahaha!

    Yenny Chai,

    Looking back, i think I was half crazy, hahaha

    must eat la.. if not lagi sayang when spoiled

  20. You really have a lot of patience! Your jelly turned out looking so good!

  21. Beautiful slices of watermelon jelly, look real! Thanks for sharing with us on the cutting it :)

  22. wow that looks so pretty i can't believe you'll bear to eat it!

    btw i tagged you in a bloggers unplugged tag going around! hope you can do it (:


  23. look exactly like a watermelon. Lovely. Needs some patience to complete the whole Watermelon Jelly. The process is worth it.

  24. i want to join but this whole week i very busy about my cousin wedding.i already have idea in my head.i have to done my cousin wedding cake 1st then only got time to do.
    your water melon jelly look very 'real' and look like very delicious also.

  25. the awkward moment when they eat the jelly and taste dragonfruit and not watermelon .ekekke Thanks for joining!:) :)

  26. Jeannie,

    Haha, real ah, haha.

    Shu Han,
    thanks, I'll check it out

    Oh yes.... actually if you plan ahead, it's not too much work


    Oh please do join in the fun.
    Red and green is so so versatile

    Swee San,
    actually they just thought i put food colouring, hahaha, cos dragonfruit mana ada taste punya.

  27. wendy,
    thank you so much for your kind sharing on this jelly! you did a great job!! it was just in time as i am looking on how to finish up my 10kg dragon fruits...

  28. wvfy,
    Wah, that's a bounty harvest!
    BTW, have u recieved the vouchers? Even Singaporeans got it already.

  29. Wendy...your watermelon jelly makes me drool...looks so good :) Well done! patience and time taken to make this deliciousness paid off when you see the result :) I have just posted my entry to Sweet Spot :p

  30. Nice one!! I like both dragon fruit and watermelon, it would be awesome to have it at once!

  31. This is so ingenious ! Got to tell you I am your fan.

  32. I've seen watermelon cookies and watermelon agar in a bowl. This is such a great idea! I'll see if I can get some red dragon fruit from the supermarket, want to make this for dad's birthday.

  33. Hi,Is me Christine....from facebook...

  34. Hi,

    It's a beautiful jelly.

    What do you mean by wobbly? For the first stage (green layer) how long does it take before you pour the white layer in? Do you mean, I can't let the layer really set before pouring in the next layer?

    From my understanding, with most layers, we pour the next one in once the layer becomes wobbly but with the pink layer, why do we need to wait till the surface is set?

  35. Love2Cook,
    The first green layer was about .. more or less 3-5 minutes. It depends on the temperature of the house also la and whether the fan or air conditioner is turned on.

    The pink layer is very very thick and it is actually still wobbly, but the surface is set. Try touching the surface, it should not stick to the finger at all. When I poured the white layer over, the pink layer actually concaved, that wobbly. But it should not be fully set, just the surface set. We need to wait longer for the red layer bacause of the inside of the jelly is not set yet due to its thickness, if it's too thin, the upper skin might break and the white layer will flow in. I've had this nightmare before and it wasn't very pleasant.

  36. Thanks for your reply.

    Your step (11)

    Ladle the pink layer very very gently over the white layer. Let it sit for half an hour then ladle the balance in.

    Do you mean I can't pour all of the pink mixture straightaway? Only pour half of it?

    It seems very complicated, abit worried to try..

  37. Love to cook,
    because the red layer is very thick, and is ladled in when the white layer is only wobbly (not fully set). The white layer may not able to support the weight and the skin on top might eventually concave in. One small mistake and the water melon might not look like one.

    If you want to pour all the red layer in together, then wait for the white layer to fully set, then scratch the surface. But adherence may not be as good as the stage when it was only wobbly.

  38. I know you can't set a timing because it all depends on the environment &temperature we are working at. I try to work out the timing assuming I turn on the air-cond. Do you think the timing is ok for each layer before I pour in the next?

    Bottom Green layer :more or less 3-5mins
    Bottom White layer : abt 10mins (?)
    Pink (partial) : Sit for 1/2 hr
    The rest of the pink : 1 hr minimum
    Top white layer: more or less 3 - 5 mins(?)
    After pouring the top green layer, let the whole agar agar cool for 2 hrs before transfer to the fridge?

  39. Love2cook,
    about that, but the final white layer takes more than 3-5 mins before the green can be poured on because the warm pink layer makes the cooling much much longer. If I'm not mistaken it was more than 15 mins w/o air cond.

  40. Do you mean with or without air/cond was more than 15 mins?

  41. Love2cook,
    w/o is without. Like I said, timing is vague, but it's definitely much much longer than the 1st white layer. Just check it visually and do the touch test. It should form a skin that feels thin, but yet does not lift up together with the finger when touched.

  42. wah! Wendy really a very patient person! I saw so many layers I already scared ;P but still, I hope I can try out this one day :)

  43. Hi Wendy, can I use anything else rather than the red dragon fruit pigment liquid and red dragon fruit juice because it's hard to find red dragon fruit in Adelaide.

  44. Julie,
    Edible basil seeds or black sesame seeds will work.
    Beet juice? But i'm not sure of the taste of it with coconut milk.

  45. Hi, 可以请问在倒椰酱和corn flour时,发现有颗粒,怎么做才不会有白色颗粒,是因为倒太快,所以结成块?谢谢你的分享!

  46. soh,
    did you stir the coconut milk with cornstarch before pouring?

  47. Yes, I did, coconut milk from fridge and mix with cornstarch till smooth. The moment add into boiling mixture 7, it turned lumpy, not sure whether to keep stirring the coconut mixture?
    so must keep stirring or not? so next round can do better.
    Anyway I pick this recipe after so many years following your blog, enjoy do it, with your details step by step. My family members love it so much.

    Thank you for all your sharing!

  48. soh,
    yes, must stir as you pour. If not the starch will not disperse

  49. Noted, thank you for all your sharing! update you once I made.
    Have a nice day ahead!

  50. Çok güzel gözüküyor ...
    Ama , bizim burada ejderha meyvesi yok ki :( Kıskandım
    I really like it but there is not Dragonfruit near here.I'm so jealous:)

  51. Hi do you have the recipe with egg white


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