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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fizzy Fruit Jelly - Jelly Week # 2

Recipe created in July 2011
Few years back, when I saw Jamie Oliver making a jelly that has bubbles set within, I was struck! I want to try this out. Not the recipe, but the method.
Not until lately did I.
I used soft drinks instead of champagne so that it will be kid friendly. It doesn't look too fizzy, maybe my fruits were way too cold, some were actually frozen, like my blackberry. It was only the strawberry that has the most bubbles stuck on it and it was only chilled, not frozen. Just like when you pour a cold coke out and a room temp coke out into your cup, the fizzling effect differs. Maybe I should try room temp 7-up next time instead of cold 7-up to get more fizz.
It's a nice jelly and there's only very mild fizzling in the mouth when you eat it..but it's still fun.

Fizzy Fruit Jelly
Recipe source: Wendyywy
Inspired by : Jamie Oliver

1 Tbsp gelatin
30gm water
30gm sugar
75gm water
250gm Sprite/7up

Chilled Fresh fruits (I used strawberries, orange segments and blackberries)
*Do not use pineapples, kiwi or calamansi. They will cause the jelly not to set.

1. Place four 6oz ramekins in the fridge.
2. Place 30gm water in a bowl. Sprinkle gelatin over water. Let it sit for 2 minutes.
3. Meanwhile bring 75gm water and sugar to boil. Pour over bloomed gelatin. Stir and make sure gelatin dissolves. Leave it aside to cool down totally.
4. Prepare fruits and put into cooled ramekins and place them back into the fridge.
5. When gelatin solution has cooled down, pour in 7up/sprite and give it a quick stir, but not too much.
6. Immediately pour into the ramekins.
7. Chill until set, say for about 5 hours.
8. To serve, dip ramekins briefly in hot water and overturn onto serving plate.


  1. Yeap I've been having problems trying to comment at your blog and a few others. By the way nice looking jelly. Really colorful!


  2. Wendy - I can comment properly - maybe the problem is solved?

    I love the idea of fizzy jelly - the strawberry looks extra yummy!

  3. Yummers!! Do an adult version too! But the fruits inside look awesome.

  4. Gert,
    Hmmm.. the problem was only for today, It was a blogger server thingy, cos error 503

    Oh yes, solved already, I can get into my dashboard

    Err... too stingy to get champagne, hahaha!

  5. Okay, this look much simpler than previous watermelon jelly to try :D And I'll remember the fruits tips (initially thought of using kiwi).

  6. just now there was a problem in leaving comment for you.

    This colourful fizzy jelly for sure will keep the kids jumping high! The bubblering strawberry looks extra pretty!

  7. It looks colourful & attractively.... love!

  8. Very appetizing even after a heavy meal. Just loves fruit jelly.

  9. gudness...this is really 'hurts' me! :D

  10. astonishing! the strawberries are like breathing and doing their dive under water!

  11. astonishing! the strawberries are like breathing and doing their dive under water!

  12. Love the colours. ;) The strawberries look like breathing there, heehee!

  13. i was stuck too..should try it out. thks

  14. edith,

    Oh yes, a lot easier and quick to prepare

    Ah Tze,
    It was blogger that was down, error 503 right?

    Yeah, more colour, better :)

    kekeke, who doesn't?

    Aiyo, mana sakit/

    hahahaha.... add some fishes hoh.. nicer!
    Jusco got those gummy fishes. Actually I saw Jamie doing a jelly aquarium before.

    the only thing missing is fishes.. kekeke... and the strawberries are red corals, right?

    Hope u like this ;)

  15. Wendy... I have 3 words..

    Gam dou dak?

    Hehe... Great invention.

  16. looks good!
    I wander can gelatin substituted with agar... I dont really like gelatin...

  17. haha, look like the strawberry is breathing in the water...nice and great!

  18. First time came across using soft drink to make jelly.. love it ^_^

  19. Thanks for teaching us how to have that bubble effect inside that crystal jelly . Nice and I am sure kids love them. Btw Reuben is getting handsome by the day :)

  20. The bubble effect inside the jelly look so cute!

  21. Another very lovely creation, this is so much healthier than cakes huh! Been eating too much lately, have to cut back!:P

  22. Tangmi,
    I don't think u can, because agar sets at a higher temperature, you can't let it sit until room temp and mix with the fizzy drink.

    U didn't see the oxygen tank meh?

    Thanks to Jamie for inspiring me

    Jamie taught me, I just spread it ;)

    haha, i'm sure ur kids will like it

    moderation.... haha, but I cut back on cakes lately simply becos no mouths to eat, and I'm learning to bake bread.

  23. Wow..awesome blog here. I like it! I've followed your blog. ;-)

  24. I wanna try this fun frizzy jelly too! I'm sure notonly the kids love it but adults too! ;D
    Tks for sharing this fun-loving recipe!

  25. Stunning!! I will display this jelly in a glass box for a few days to show off before I let anyone eat it! hahaha..

  26. Agnes,

    Yeah, everybody who loves jelly will love this.

    Set them in glass ramekins looo... then easier to display w/o the need of early unmoulding

  27. thks for sharing this post! i saw jamie oliver making this too.. but the ingredients he used so complicated.. yours is so much easier to make =)

  28. Lala,
    I think it sounds complicated to us, haha.
    If we were to ask an angmoh to make kuih, all the ingredients will sound complicated to them too, hahaha

  29. Can I use canned peach/apricot for this jelly?

  30. Hi Wendy, one thing I really love about your blog besides your great recipes is your prompt and good advice. Thanks heaps!

  31. Wendy, can I use small plastic container to chill? Can I use grapes?

  32. Jes,
    Grapes should be fine.
    Plastic container then u scoop with spoon instead of unmoulding


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