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Dragon Fruit Honey Lemon Jelly Angku

Recipe created in June 2011

Angku is Hokkien for Red Tortoise. Tortoises in Chinese culture symbolizes long life. And red is always the colour for celebration. Full moon is always an important milestone for an infant. Back in those days, mortality rate is high, and to pass thieir first month is something worth celebrating about and of course, we wish the child to live long, like a tortoise. LOL

For Lyanne's full moon, I also made jelly angku instead of the traditional angku. I find traditional angkus a bit cloying after all the good food and some light refreshing dessert is always better than a sticky one made from glutinous rice flour. But for Lyanne's I made them using rose syrup, artificially flavoured and coloured of course, and this time around for Reuben's Full Moon, I want to use all natural ingredients.

My elder brother preferred this over the watermelon jelly because of its refreshing taste, of which is the opposite of my mom who loves any jelly made with coconut. LOL.

Dragon Fruit Honey Lemon Jelly Angku
Recipe source : Wendyywy
Yields: 35 pieces

1L water
100gm sugar
28gm agar powder
250ml water
180gm dragon fruit flesh (half a large fruit)
200gm mild flavoured honey
2 Tbsp lemon juice(30ml)

1. Mash dragon fruit with a fork. Set aside.
2. Bring 1L water and sugar to boil.
3. Mix agar-agar powder with 250ml water and pour into the boiling syrup. Let it come back to a boil and let it simmer for 1-2 minutes.
4. Turn off the heat and put in dragon fruit puree, honey and lemon juice.
5. Pour agar-agar into moistened angku jelly moulds.
6. Let it cool down and harden. Chill in fridge.
7. Remove by prying the sides with a toothpick.


  1. 这个我喜欢,谢谢分享!

  2. Thanks for the recipe.. do we add the dragon fruit flesh when we add honey too?

  3. Tracy,
    U're welcomed

    Thanks for pointing that out! I'll ammend it immediately. Yes, together with the honey.

  4. Cantiknyaaaa....warna merah yg menggoda...yummyyy...

  5. Im not a huge fan of the red angku but i would definitely gobble this. :)

  6. nice! i got no problem with or without coconut jellies, like both! this will be a great jelly to make during CNY!

  7. i like the red color from the dragon fruit, jellies are bright and clear.

  8. I love this their vabriant color though their taste can be quite bland but made into jelly angku and ice popsicle...yummy !

  9. Jelly Angku? Angku Jelly?

  10. Angku is my favourite kueh, preferable with peanut filling. But likewise they are quite filling especially when taken with others in full moon package. But I've got no problem to sapu all angkus if they were jellies~ kekeke

  11. The fruit purée really make these jelly angko look outstanding! Very refreshing too.

  12. Hi Wendy, just a little thank you note to let you know that I made your seri muka kuih, anc came out beautifully. Thank you!

    your jelly is so pretty!


  13. Loved the intense colour! By the way, what kind of agar powder did you use? I've never use it before.

  14. cik cek,
    hmm.. jelli aku nie sexy ke, kakaka!

    me too

    yawoh, CNY is hot and all the food is so cloying. Good for some refreshing change.

    Agar has this wierd thing, once chilled, they look duller

    oh dragon fruit is super bland, but when mixed with honey and lemon, wow, super!

    I think should be jelly angku, you don't call mooncake jelly gua, but jelly mooncake, right?

    gimme 20 also can sapu, if jellies la, hahaha

    oh yes, the colour is very lovely

    thanks for the feedback

    it's plain unflavoured agar powder, made in Thailand. Mermaid brand. AAA grade. AA grade or A grade not as crunchy and firm. Agar-agar made from powder yields a crunchy jelly compared to strands that makes jellies hard if used in high concentrations.

  15. This so beautiful! I love the color very much and it does sounds refreshing!

  16. The crystal clear angku jelly looks lovely and refreshing!

  17. It's a very refreshing jelly. Even my cerewet hubby love it. He didn't notice I use the powder agar. He refrain me from using crystal jelly, premix pudding, konnyaku, his comment like eating plastic wor. I wonder those are really artificial or just produce in powder form. If cook using agar straps won't get the smooth texture, always rough even filter.
    I love your angku mould. Where to buy? can't get at wah seng n any place.

  18. esther,
    I bought my moulds from Wah Seng many years back.
    Real one la, even when I did my tissue culture in lab last time also use this leh.
    If use strips, can get smooth texture la, just not as crunchy. Boil longer and do not move it after setting until fully solidified.

  19. Hi Wendy,
    Can I use golden syrup instead of mild flavored honey? As I do not have the latter on hand.

    Thank you.

  20. Lynn,
    I'm not sure how the flavour combination will be with golden syrup

  21. this is very beautiful! thank you for sharing the recipe :)


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