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Beetroot Tofu Salmon Parcels with Brocolli Xmas Tree - Red/Green Week # 3

I wanted to do a Brocolli Xmas Tree, but has been contemplating between Chinese style or Western style.
Not until Mike's relatives came back for the weekend, and I'm hosting them a dinner did I finally decided on how to do it.

It'll be Chinese style :)

What I will be making as parcels will also be determined by what's for dinner. Recently I picked up a new hobby, making noodles. So I asked them whether they want homemade noodles and pasta at my place. So, they said yes and so, the idea of forming the tree base with mashed potato is scraped. It has to be a fully veggie tree. Mike's aunts are a bit health conscious, so I better do something healthy. Before that I had been contemplating between red cooked pork belly parcels, or bacon wrapped chicken parcels or something associated with meat. But since it's for them, hmm no bacon, and no fatty stuff like belly and such. Tofu parcels will be the best for them, with salmon in the middle. That will sound better for entertaining, rather than plain frugal tofu.

These tofu parcels took me more than 1 hour to complete............ But maybe because I made 15 pieces. Took me quite some time to get every piece nicely bundled up. And the tofu is fragile, can't work too fast without breaking them.

But alas..... I was late. Although cooking this was simple, as in, steaming, blanching and cooking a simple sauce, but I was so so tied up with the noodles and pasta I barely had time to nicely decorate the Xmas tree. Everybody's hungy. So, only "snow" was on the tree with a Star, rather bare, hahaha! But then again, at least it's completed. If only I added some chopped capsicums here and there a bit or some goji berries, then it will look much much better.

Are you in the mood for Christmas yet?

Beetroot Tofu Salmon Parcels with Brocolli Xmas Tree.
Recipe created by Wendyywy

Beetroot Tofu Salmon Parcels
Tofu (2 large blocks)
Salmon (I used one palm sized piece, 1 inch thick)
Beetroot ( as many as needed)
Chinese Chives (Few stalks)

1. Cut tofu into squarish slices and slice salmon into similar sizes.
2. Slice beetroot with a mandolin and trim to similar slices with tofu.
3. Boil a small pot of water and blanch chives (Untrimmed) for 3 seconds. Immediately plunge them into cold water to stop the cooking.
4. Sandwich a slice of salmon with 2 slices of tofu (sprinkle some salt and pepper onto the salmon if needed, but I didn’t and I should've).
5. Use beetroot to sandwich (4).
6. Tear a piece of chive (up until its white base) and wrap the “sandwiches” like a parcel.
7. Steam on high heat for 5 minutes or until done.
8. Remove from steaming plate and arrange on serving plate.

Brocolli Christmas Tree
2 heads of broccoli
1 slice of starfruit
1 cup chicken stock
1 tsp cornstarch
1 egg white
1 tsp oil

1. Heat a pot of water and put in some salt and sugar.
2. Boil whole heads of broccoli for 1 minute or until desired softness(I like mine to be still crunchy) and drain.
3. Trim broccoli and arrange like a Christmas tree (with the beetroot parcels around) Top with a starfruit slice.
4. Mix chicken stock with cornstarch. Bring to a boil (adjust consistency if needed). The gravy should look thicken than what you want because it will water down when it touches the broccoli. Taste and adjust saltiness if needed.
5. Put in oil and egg white. Stir it immediately to create egg white streaks.
6. Pour the gravy over edible Christmas tree. Add some goji berries if needed. But I was in rush for dinner.

I am submitting this to the Christmas Giveaway in


  1. wow this is the cutest post very love it

  2. Waaa....vry creative!!!

  3. Wendy, you gotta be kidding said it's a simple dish? I think I'll face difficulty with those tofu :s

    Nice edible xmas tree. What would you opt to put as the tree's 'ornaments'?

  4. Rebecca,
    thanks :)

    Good for your parents! Try Try! Very "ching"

    It's simple cooking process, steam and boil only ma. I never said simple preparation and assembly. hahaha!

  5. You are really something. Going into such a lenght to prepare a dish. For me, too lazy ha ha.. the simple the better :)

  6. Oh! Love it so Much.
    Merry Christmas to u & Family!

  7. Chinese style Xmas tree? that would be the greatest surprise for family! :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Amazing, speechless..awesome.. thanks for sharing.

    A silent reader/ follower,
    Adeline Ho

  9. Wendy....That is beautiful...tofu with salmon and favorite. That broccoli tree with the starfruit is a real beauty :) I would never have thought of this. This dish is a winner alright ! :) Thumbs up And well done !

  10. Gert,
    For SS ma, hahaha. I wanted to make "presents", If I used tofupok, and stuffed them to make parcels, then easier.. me itchy butt la, hahaha.


    Haha, Christmas is inter-racial. God didn't come into this world for the angmoh only.

    I'm happy this tree broke ur silence,

    OOO..... who wins no one knows yet ler.
    Not important la, as long as we did our best and we won over ourselves, right?

  11. wendy,you really very very make my mouth watering.....Merry Christmas to you and your family.....

  12. Wah your red and green theme is super nice ya! I think Swee San should just give e prize to you la...for being so supportive, heehee! Love the broccoli Xmas tree....:)

  13. Hody,
    Hahaha.. still very far off leh

    cannot like that one.
    Only winners will get the prize.
    BTW, I'm not the one with the most entries. If you see her roundup, u will know

  14. That dish will be on my Christmas table!! FANTABULOUSLY STUNNING!!!!

  15. It is indeed a simple dish but the delicate preparation involved and the eventual artistic plated presentation speaks for itself. This is true talent and definitely pure food art. Excellently stunning!

    Reinnie Choo

  16. very impressive with the design and use of beetroot and salmon for the tofu! Awesome!!!

  17. Wendy...yeap..the most important we enjoyed ourselves and win over ourselves :) and not to forget give our support to SS lo :)

  18. Enjoyed browsing thru your red/green week, simply amazing, all of them! Bursting with creativity :)

  19. hai wendy..
    i'm simply amazed by your blog..
    so proud as a perakean..esp when u mentioned Kampar in one of the entry (that's my hometown!!)

  20. You're very creative, thumbs up for you .....

  21. This looks so fascinating, really like a christmas tree:D I like the look of the beetroot parcels.

  22. How's the taste like? I tried salmon with tofu before, but not with beetroot. Agree, the salmon needs a little salt and pepper, since all are bland. The final gravy is not sufficient to bind the taste together. If not for healthy consideration or the red theme, maybe ham will taste better than the beetroot?

  23. omg that looks so beautiful! I swear you're getting more and more chef-y these days!

  24. Dear Wendy,

    OH MY GOODNESS....this is soooo beautiful. At first I thought it was a christmas ornaments. This is really amazing... Keep it up! I like your blog/recipe very much and I have tried a few of them. All turned out GREAT!

    Keep it coming ya....


  25. this is very very pretty!! and Wendy you are so creative in presenting this dish! I bet your relatives must be enjoyed this dish very much!

  26. You are amazingly creative!
    And I really don't know how you have the energy to do all these cooking, baking, blogging and answering readers' questions with 3 kids :)
    I need to learn from you!

  27. Wendy , can you give me the link to SS round up of this contest? Thanks

  28. QP,
    wow, then I hope to see u blog about it

    Wow, tat's a very generous comment.


    Not yet ler.. I think on 12th Dec. Today is the last day for submission. But I know that one blogger submitted 5 entries.

    Lite home Bake,

    Oh yes, I'm very proud to be a Perakian and prouder even of Kampar. LOL.


    Thank you

  29. Fong,
    It taste pretty "ching" and somehow, perfect for my guests. Ham isn't red enough... that's the problem loo, I have ham in the freezer though.
    Yeah, if for me, I won't do the tofu, instead just do pork belly parcels, hahahaha!

    Shu Han,
    Oh no la.. I think I have always been this way. I love to play around with food. Later la, u'll see more homey stuff.

    glad they all turned out great!
    It'll be greater to get a feedback on the recipes on the related blog posts too!

    Ah Tze,
    oh yes, they loved this

    Happy flour,
    thank you

    My kids are pretty independant.. I don't "looooook" at them all the time, just be around.

  30. Woh, very impressive & good ideal for banquet dish.

  31. wow, superb idea! you can make this as a christmas 'lang poon'. i'm fascinated looking at the parcels and the overall presentation of this dish!!

  32. you are very creative. very nice decoration.. especially the colours blended well.

  33. You can open up a 5* restaurant.... very creative!


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