Monday, December 5, 2011

Candy Cane Steamed Buns - Red Green Week #1

My girls had a blast with these. They had fun "making" them and had fun eating them.

This dough initially could yield 15 canes, but my dearies made cake, worms, balls with whatever they could grab from me. So, I only made 12 of them.
I was glad these canes didn't unfurl or looked weird after steaming.

picture's blurry, but I love this sweet look on their faces

I am submitting this to the Christmas Giveaway in
Come on and join in the fun.
Make something red /green or red + green.
Savoury or Sweet
Main Dish or Dessert

The gift maybe enticing, but try to look beyond that and challenge yourself to make something with these 2 colours. I had so much ideas in my head. But I wanted to go with the Christmas theme too, so a lot of the ideas were instead scrapped. I had so much fun making these buns. Moreover I don't have the time, not to cook but to edit pictures and do the write up. I'm having a week of red and green. What about you? A day of it will be great!

Candy Cane Steamed Buns
Recipe Created by : Wendyywy

1tsp instant yeast
125ml water
Small pinch of sugar

250gm pau flour
50gm sugar
13gm shortening
1 tsp baking powder

Green and red food colouring

1. Mix yeast with water and pinch of sugar. Stir and set it aside for 10 minutes. It should look frothy later.
2. Mix pau flour, sugar, baking powder together. Put in shortening and frothed yeast mixture. Mix together until a rough dough forms.
3. Split dough into 2, about 220gm each. Add food colouring to each part and knead until a smooth soft dough forms. Cover and let dough proof for 30 minutes.
4. Make 15gm of dough balls from each colour, you will get about 14, roughly.
5. Roll each ball into long strands, about 5-6 inches long.
6. Take one strand of green and one strand of red dough. Twist both together and form a cane. Place on a piece of greaseproof paper.
7. Repeat with all other dough strands until done.
8. Let shaped dough proof for 45 minutes (covered).
9. Steam on high heat for 12 minutes. Best served when hot, reheat by steaming if needed.

They even did a candy cane dance after eating it..... hahahaha!

The last 2 pictures were demanded to be taken. They just stood infront of me and said, take picture mom!

The candy canes were sturdy enough to be hung. So if you need some edible Christmas decorations, feel free to make some. But it's such a waste to let them gather dust than to be eaten, haha! But these will be perfect as gifts to kiddies. Better than real candy, right?

 And Macys may have coupons available for steamers.


  1. hi wendy,
    last nite i have just baked your Baby designer Grand , make the dragon fruit honey lemon jelly and seri muka . all are for tonite carolling party. It was delicious !I just dropped by to thank you for all your shared recipe. One question is can seri muka served cool ? cos its inside my fridge now. thanks again.

  2. Anh,

    Swee San,
    I heard u yell.

    Let it come to room temperature (no need to reheat), if not the rice will be freaking hard due to the coconut milk

  3. hai wendy,it's a fantastic idea for xmas.Love it.Will sure be doing this with my girl as she is always excited to wait for uncles and unties from oversea to return home for xmas.

  4. Wendy...this is fantastic...only you can think of this ! LOL! Perfect for the coming festive. Swee San pening kepala now ! Your gals look sweet. This is the best time of their years...carefree and not a worry in their lives :)

  5. What a beautiful bun cum candy! You can even hang this up in the Christmas tree as ornaments!

  6. Hello Wendy...your little child so cute

  7. cute. Everyone will fall in love with it.

  8. these canes are so cute! i also wanted to make a red-white version using baked breads to enter swee san's giveaway but i don't have time sigh. but at least now I know it can be done and it won't unfurl hehe.

    ps: your two girls are adorable :) i can just imagine them going mommy take picture hee

  9. These are so fun! I am so impressed with the way you've twisted the dough, so neat and even!

  10. Pn Ros,
    Ur girl will love making these... it's fun!

    Hmm... Make for Sunday School party?
    SS pening meh? better send her some panadol, haha.

    very sayang lor... better eat them up

    Cendana kasih,
    Haha... wait til u see them being naughty

    Poh Lin,
    and that includes u right? LOL

    Oh yes, won't unfurl. Phew!
    They are so seasoned in front of camera now, they know what to do with the food and camera, pose like eating, hahaha!

    It's actually very easy to do, I'm sure you can have similiar results, if u're doing it too.

  11. hey, i just cant stop grinning at these candies..oops..buns.. i mean. this is fantastic!! i would love to see how reuben holds this!

  12. sonia,
    thanks :) u're really not joining?

    Haha... Reuben cannot la, he'll eat these. He's very wai sek.

  13. What a sweet special bun, indeed is a Christmas candy stick lookalike. But I'm sure both your girls are much more sweeter than the buns :D

  14. You are a one creative woman Wendy. Seriously, I envy you. Not only your creative but your end product is so neat so pretty and so mouthwatering.
    Will I be able to shape the dough to look something like yours? What I can say is, I'll give it a try and we'll see... ahaks...
    Thanks Wendy for the lovely idea....

  15. likelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelike!!!

  16. yvonne,
    the girls ah... when not naughty quite sweet geh. hahaha

    thanks for the kind words, sames goes to how I envy ur buns... very pretty too! Can! I'm sure with ur artsy hands, u can do something similiar!

    Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,Tq, Tq, Tq,

  17. This is a good twist to the usual bun. Very festive mood too!

  18. Wow! really have a festive feel with your pretty candy cane buns, very attractive to kids and bloggers lol!

  19. Heehee, love how your two cuties posing and dancing for their mummy and of course the "candy canes". :)) Cute idea...think I'll try it out too, heehee...

  20. :) wah.... very nice ler :) love it love it love it :D

    will try to do this. :) going to get myself pau flour tomorrow :) by the way, shortening can i replace with butter? pls advice.

    i love your kids :) they so cute :) i have 2 princess too :)

  21. oooo its so cute......brilliant idea

  22. fong,
    Yeah, twisted, LOL

    none (Jeannie),
    Oh why did u change ur name?

    Good, I hope ur girls dances for u too!


    Yes, no prob with butter.

    Small kucing,
    Thanks ;)

  23. Aiyo, lovely buns.....can use for Xmas deco!

  24. oh wendy, your girls are so cute! No doubt, they loves everything from mom's kitchen :)

  25. That was a very creative X'mas cane, Wendy! I wondered how you can get it in such a nice shape! I love your girls, they are really so adorable, and love to take pictures. I wished my children will let me take pictures of them often!

  26. pete,
    2 in 1, good ma.

    Thanks, they don't love everything, but so far they definitely love my steamed buns of any sort.

    Passionate abt Baking,
    It's not hard, roll on a flat surface rather than rolling between ur hands. Last time when I roll between my hands, any rolls will look uneven, but when I started to roll on a surface, they looked much better.

  27. I am amazed by the this Christmas Candy Stick bun. It is so nice and attractive.

  28. I have some balance pau flour from my mooncake making. Not sure if I can find time to make this but I really want to. This eczema is killing my baking/cooking/blogging mood. And obviously, I'll prefer my kids to munch on this candy cane than the real thing.

  29. Wendy, love your cane bun but I love the happy faces of your kiddies more!

  30. Wow! Amazing! Something i can finally do for the old folks at home!

    Can these keep for 2 days? in fridge or in room temp, im afraid it will harden


  31. Gene,
    these will harden defintely when left at room temperature for some time, always steam it again when it's time to serve for best texture.
    It can be kept at room temperature (remaining soft for 12 hours) for up to 2 days or chilled in fridge for 1-2 weeks (before the mold gets to them) or frozen until it gets spoiled.

  32. hi wendy so sweet of u god has given u a nice and beautiful kidss


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