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Monday, November 14, 2011

Torta Dulce de Las Tres Leches - DDL Week # 1

Recipe tried out in March 2011.

Long fancy name huh, LOL. Simplified, translated it's a 3 milk cake with Dulce De Leche. Refer here if you want to make your own DDL.

I modified the recipe from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. I love the idea of a sponge soaked in milk, muahahahaha! So so sinful. Usually this cake is soaked with evaporated, fresh and condensed milk. But Rose's version ditched the evaporated milk and used cream. I love cream!!!! And I on ther other hand ditched the condensed milk and used DDL. Muahahahahah! I think by now non dairy lovers would have scrammed from my blog.

Being the naughty me, I played with the recipe again... reducing it's liquid amounts and totally cutting off the sugar! It already has DDL in it, how much sweeter do you want right? And I also changed the ratio of condensed milk and in this cake, DDL. Rose will hate me, because this cake is meant to be SWEEEET!

The final result is delicious! If you didn't add the DDL topping on top, it will taste just right, but with the DDL on top, it will be sweet, but not the type of lingering sweetness that makes your throat dry. It's the indulgence type of sweetness. So, omit the DDL topping if you really want to keep it mild. The soaking liquid oozes out just a little, but is enough to soak the cake, but my problem was I didn't pour it evenly. I was trying to take pics of me pouring, hence, the cake was beige in spots. The cake taste wet, like a soggy wet sponge (those that you wash dishes with, LOL) but, it's not crumbly, holds it form well when cut and eaten. Use condensed milk if you prefer it instead of DDL, it's ok. You'll get a very fair cake instead of beige. Tastewise, it won't be caramelly with condensed milk

Each bite of the cake squishes with milk.... Dairy heaven here I come!

Les Treches Cake With Dulce de Leche
Recipe source: Adapted with own preference from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes

The milk mixture
600gm fresh milk
100gm Dulce de Leche (DDL)
115gm whipping cream
Put DDL into a heat proof vessel and put in whipping cream as well.
Bring fresh milk to a boil and pour over DDL and cream. Stir to melt DDL. Leave to cool and chill in fridge until time of use.

The cake
4 large eggs
Small pinch of salt
133gm sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract
133gm cake flour

1. Preheat oven to 160(fan)/180C. Line the base of a 8 inch round pan
2. Beat eggs salt and sugar on high speed for 5 minutes (8mins with hand mixer then lower to low speed for another 2 mins)
3. Beat in vanilla extract and sift cake flour over eggs and fold.
4. Pour batter into prepared pan. Level and bake for 30 minutes or until cooked.
5. Let cake cool in pan for 5 minutes then remove from pan. Cool cake on wire rack.

1. Prepare the pan previously used to bake the cake. Wash and dry the pan. Place 2 large pieces of cling wrap, criss-crossing each other over pan.
2. Scrape top of cake with a serrated knife. Take care not to remove any cake.
3. Place cake, top side up into cake pan. The cake will bring the wrap down to form its shape.
4. Pour milk mixture over cake, try to pour all around the cake’s surface.
5. Fold cling wrap over cake and chill overnight.
6. Flip cake after an hour for few hours and then flip it again (You can be lazy and skip this step if you want)

To Serve:
200ml whipping cream
½ tsp gelatin +1 Tbsp water
50gm Dulce de Leche

1. Bloom gelatin in water for 1 minute, then either zap in microwave for 20 secs or melt over hot water(refer here). Let gelatin mixture cool down. Meanwhile freeze your bowl intended for whipping cream, and your beaters too.
2. Remove cake from fridge and unwrap. Overturn cake onto a plate and then overturn again onto serving dish (yes dish, there will be leaking milk later), with top side up.
3. When the gelatin has cooled down, remove bowl from freezer and pour in whipping cream.
4. Whip until soft peaks and drizzle in melted gelatin with beaters running on low. Then beat on high again until stiff.
5. Frost cake immediately with whipped cream.
6. Put DDL into a plastic bag and snip off a small corner and SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEZE DDL all over the cream.
7. Serve immediately.

Psst: Lena, it's finally posted! LOL.

Interested in the book, get it from Amazon


  1. The cake looks moist; sure it does because it was soaked with cream. It must be a delish cake.

  2. Mel,
    Cream is just a small part. There's more milk than anything else

  3. hehe made mini ones before but not with DDL.... soaked in yummy fat!! hahaha

  4. So sinful but yummy. Your sponge cake looks good ~ browned evenly.

  5. I almost fainted when I saw the pic of milk pouring over the cake! I'm definitely not a milk or cream person. Luckily, your lovely nice sponge "wakes" me up again.

  6. Thanks for the recipe, i have 3 cans of DDL inside my fridge...:P
    Wanna try this soon...^^

  7. yay, finally! waited till my neck grows so long, haha( is this the way to say it)? yeah, must try it one day..and wallop all the sins in this cake. let me see to do this with ddl or condensed milk! thank you, masterchef!

  8. Hey Wendy..the tin of DDL is still in my pantry shelf...LOL! I have to share it with Lena , I promised when I open the tin, I will give her looks like this is the right time to give her some :p Great recipe...I am sure the cake taste good. Won't the cake become soggy when soaked in milk ?

  9. Swee San,
    Oh yes I remember yours

    Yeah, very sinful

    Oh no, that bad meh? LOL

    Siew Hwei,
    oh if unopened, it's ok to keep outside

    ur neck is oredi long, if longer, sei foh lor, giraffe oredi.
    elin say give half to u, u jap dou la. LOL.

    Oh yes, soggy like a sponge, that's why it delicious, each bite squishes with milk, LOL!

  10. I can't wait for the rest of your week's post. No idea what to do with my DDL..

  11. Say, how do you get your cakes to bake so nicely levelled at the top? Any tips?

  12. what a wonderful cake...just curious wanna touch myself the texture of the cake after soaking in the milk, haha

  13. Wendy, this cake looks over the top! I don't think I dare to attempt making this one (mei gow kung fu lah). I wish the name of this cake is just long but it is not. When I tried to pronounce it to my Quay Lo, my tongue got twisted! My Quay Lo was puzzled and asked why was I slurring?? Aiyoh!

  14. Experimental Cook,
    I think you're not the only one with this problem. I am wanting to clear my supply too!

    hmmm.... No idea. I just bake it as per instruction in the book, LOL. I've bake the same sponge another time, and it came out just as flat. But this sponge is a bit dry.

    Go touch ur soggy sponge in the kitchen, same, LOL!

    Quay Po,
    Don't joke me la, mei gow kung fu.
    Just imagine those Latinos speaking it, and do the same, LOL.

  15. Wendy, wow your cake looks s....o good, me drooling already, yum yum

  16. I love the looks of this sponge. As for the cream... will it be "soggy"?

  17. Amelia,
    U want tissue??

    The cream will be like cream. I don't see how cream can turn soggy. Or is there a typo?

  18. Wow, soaking it with DDL cream? Must be super moist ya? Nice one...but I'm still procrastinating on making more DDL, lol!

  19. My precious full cream condensed milk from SG is still sitting in the cupboard. Wondering whether i should try out your recipe? But hubby is on a diet.. If i were to bake this, i would have to sapu the whole thing on my own!

  20. wow...this cake looks amazing and spongy!

  21. Another gorgeous and very achievable cake! I am bookmarking this one!

  22. Love the perfect sponge cake you baked! But not the topping! CNY is close le, hehehe!

  23. Oh this is not easy, I rather pay you and u bake me one. Hahaha

  24. Bee,
    It's DDL+milk+cream :) LOL
    It's soaking moist.

    in that case, I recommend you stick with Rose's suggestion to use condensed milk. As least you won't need to headache with the rest of the DDL. You won't need the whole can here, it's less than half the can. But the SG condensed milk will be soooo gooooooood here. half this recipe if you're consuming this yourself and skip the squiggles, then won't be that fattening.

    Haha, can wash dishes with it :)

    It's not difficult as long as the sponge gets done, and Rose specifies, this "biscuit" to be used as it's very sturdy when soaked.

    Ah Tze,
    Actually eating this is consuming less cream that having a plate of Chicken alfredo, LOL. You only eat one slice but the pasta is one plate, LOL.

    It's easy one la, important is the sponge only.
    U got new baby hoh, u no time to bake la. U tunggu after confinement la. LOL.

  25. Wendy, i also bought this book, but i have yet to try any recipe from this book. "Pening" with the long and detail instruction,hehehe, and i find the cake all contain with high sugar amount. So i think if i bake cake from this book, i need to reduce the sugar also ^^

  26. wow, my sponge cakes never turn out perfect and yours did! job well done. love the decor on top as well :)

  27. Sonia,
    Hmm, actually so far Rose's recipes have been quite ok on the sweetness. I've made quite a number of cakes from her book and so far so good.
    Just this cake, this cake is meant to be sweet, just like how macarons must be sweet.

    it's this recipe ;)

  28. This is a very popular cake with the Latin people here. They will serve this cake on special occasion together with their famous flan. I am sure Carlos is going to like this because of the DDL :)

  29. Gert,
    Oh yes, this is a popular Latin cake. The name is already Latin (no idea what country..)
    Maybe you would want to make it as per the original recipe, so that the sweetness is suitable for Carlos.

  30. Hi Wendy,

    I plan to purchase a stand mixer but I know that some cheap mixer isn't able to do bun/bread. I'm targeting to purchase KitchenAid brand. Would you mind to advice me which is good to buy? Here the model available


  31. Yvonne,
    First of all, it depends on your budget.
    No 2, it depends on how much bread you intend to bake.
    For the Artisan model, it could knead 500gm of bread flour with no problem. 500gm of bread flour could yield a very large loaf, like my 17hr white loaf. You check out the wattage of the one you intend to buy. Generally, Artisan is 325W, but the ones sold by a local Direct Selling company is 300W only. But it could still knead bread, no problem, but maybe in smaller amounts. Oh yes, 500gm of bread flour could also give you 20/more pieces of sausage rolls, so, LOL, it depends on how much you intend to eat also la.

  32. wow really, that looks professional. pple would pay A LOT for that.

  33. Hi Wendy,

    Tks for your details explaination but sound complicate to me. My friend help to buy from directly from US. Is that you mean u suggest any model with 300W above?

    Tks..from yvonne

  34. Yvonne,
    ok, let's say, your family eats a lot of bread, can consume 20 sausage rolls in a day, then you need 300W above. 325W should be enough to make you a jumbo sandwich loaf like Gardenia's Jumbo loaf.

    If you plan to make 30 sausage rolls and above, then buy 450W above, like my machine.

    But you only need less than 10 sausage rolls, then there is no need to get a mixer with a big wattage. A bread maker will do a good job for you at only RM500.

    If you don't consume a lot of bread, then there is no need to get a big mixer because in my personal experience, it doesn't knead very well for dough for less than 10 pcs of bun or 250gm flour. It is also not suitable if you want to bake a small loaf of cake, a hand mixer will do a much better job.

    That's why I say, it depends on the consumption rate of your family. Eat more then need to make more. Make more then need more powerful machine. But then since you intend to buy a mixer, I guess ur family loves bread :)

    While your friend can get it for you, ask your friend to get the ice cream attachment and beaterblade for you too. The paddle attachment that comes with KA doens't cream 250gm butter well for butter cakes, and you will love the ice cream maker attachment, that is if you're planning to make ice cream as well.

    Email me if you want links for beaterblade and ice cream maker attachment.

  35. oh Really ?! Thanks for the info..:)

  36. Thank you so much Wendy. I actually have Philips 350W handsfree mixer but someone told me is not enough for making bread dough. Do you know with 350W mixer how many gram of flour I can beat?

  37. Anon/Yvonne?,
    US 325W is not the same as local 325W.
    The voltage there is 110V only, unlike here is 220-240V. Therefore, what is 325W there is somewhere 700W here, about that. Which is why my 450W mixer needs a 1000W transformer. this is the one you have? You can read your manual to check out the dough weight capacity.

    Take note that plain flour dough and bread flour dough capacity is different. If it can take 500gm of dough weight, then bread flour dough should be 30% less, which should be about 350gm(dough weight not flour weight, meaning bread flour + water +egg + sugar and everything)
    I don't think making 150gm of bread flour is very viable, LOL. that will give you 6 sausage rolls only.

    A breadmaker may be the best choice if you're not feeding bread monsters, or if you're not baking much of other stuff. But then again, I won't deny the flexibility of having a stand mixer should you ever want to bake a lot lot of other stuff. I always bake for parties, so I need the large mixer, if not my hand mixer is very much enough for cakes to feed my family.

  38. Ooh, your cake looks very nice indeed!


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