Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fried Sago Worms, Fear Factor Sarawak Style - MFF Sarawak #4

During my 2nd year in uni, a bunch of us from the same course flew over to Sarawak for a 11 day holiday (BSPTers, correct me if I'm wrong). It was absolutely fun fun fun fun fun!!! We have a a few fellow coursemates who come from Kuching and they were soooo happy to have us visiting.

Before the holidays started, I told of them that I want to try Sago worms. That's my biggest "want to try thing" in the list. FYI, I'm not a worm lover. I am extremely fearful of anything that wriggles, especially earthworms. But for this, I braved myself. Because if not, I'll lose an invaluable Sarawakian experience.

Just after we landed, our friend got 2 vans and drove us sightseeing around Kuching. Stopped by one place and then she took out a plastic container, and surprised me. Tadah! I didn't recognise it at first because they were all flat! I asked her what was that, she said, the worms that I requested. I took one, tried to eat it....... the rest of them followed.

It was delicious! Serious!

Imagine the smell of fragrantly fried peanuts with the texture of fried beancurd skin like ngoh hiang... yeah, just like that. How disgusting can that be??? Just close the eye and eat!

Everybody except one tried. DSPW, u lor!

We went touring around Kuching and after that to Miri

At almost the end of our trip, we went to the Farmer's market and there I saw more worms!! I was soooo excited and asked my friend to buy it. I dared not touch the bag, seriously squeemish of it, scared they'll wriggle out and bite me.  Each was 30 sen, I think, We bought 30 worms.

When we reached home... we washed them and cooked them... how did I cook them

Here's the recipe for u to try, hahahaha!

Fried Sago Worms
Recipe by WendyinKK

Sago worms

1. Prepare a basin of water.
2. Throw in all the worms from packaging into the basin. Let it swim until it is clean.
3. Discard the swimming water and pour in fresh water and let the worms bathe cleanly.
4. Pick up all the worms and drain well in a colander. You may need to repeat the bathing process.
5. Heat a wok, prepare a lid.
6. When wok is hot, pour in all the worms and cover with lid. Turn heat to medium low and let it cook for 1 minute.
7. Remove the lid, the worms should stop wriggling by now. The worms start to turn juicy.
8. Use medium heat and cook until the worms release oil and fries in their own fat.
9. When worms are dry and crispy, dish up and serve warm.

that hand holding on to mine was DSPW's. She considered that she had held them via my hand. LOL

Please don't puke!
It's delicious!

Oh yes, my friend's brother helped to swim and bathe the worms. I just cooked it. LOL!

Me and my friend Pei Foon ate the most. Most of them took 1 or 2, and both of us cleared up the plate.

It's a bit sad to see my pictures looking worn.. I wonder for how many more years can I keep them.

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest,
Sarawak Month hosted by Sharon of Feats of Feasts


  1. oh goodness, they looked so fat definitely very juicy!! hahaha you are indeed very brave to consume them >.<"

  2. look geli leh....but you look pretty...hahaha...

  3. Waa, so sweet and pretty and eating worms! eeek! now that you had your pics scanned it wont be worn any longer:D mine all gone!

  4. Wendy, I won't eat are brave.

  5. For a moment, I thought you fried these now. When young, usually more brave to game for such stuff.

  6. Oh sabah it's called butod ni...and I havent try this yet lol!

  7. Eeee......geli lah! Wendy, you are so brave. I would have fainted oredi.

  8. not sure i will eat that..nutritous is it? maybe if someone never tells me it's worms, then i will take , LOL!

  9. OMG! I won't even dare to look at it, let alone eat it! You're so "ga-rang"!

  10. it must be very high in protein content, good for skin.


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