Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Strawberry Almond Muffins - Strawberry #2

It was one of those hungry afternoons again.

I rumaged the fridge and saw this box of strawberries bought 2 weeks before and still looking pretty good untouched under the cling wrap. Then I took out some milk, ground almond and few eggs and this and that and some muffin liners recently given to me by fellow blogger HKChoo. I started baking muffins without a recipe.

As always, muffins taste best made with soured milk, buttermilk or yogurt. Not ordinary milk, blekkk! That's too dense and heavy. I was lazy to cut up a lemon, seemed wasteful, and so I thought, why not use balsamic vinegar to sour the milk, since it goes well with strawberries. And I also used ground almonds to further lighten up the texture.

40 minutes later, a delicious tea time treat was sinking into our teeth. Texture was light and moist, bursting with strawberry flavour. Lydia ate 3 in a row and Lyanne as usual ate but dug out all the strawberries. Lydia gladly took everything she dug out, LOL. I know many don't like to eat muffins because it tastes sticky and floury, no no, not this one.

Strawberry Almond Muffins
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Makes 12

Dry ingredients
200gm plain flour
1 tsp baking power
1/3 tsp baking soda
50gm ground almonds
120-150gm sugar (depending on the tartness of your strawberries)

Wet ingredients
60gm butter, melted
140gm milk
1 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract

200gm strawberries, cubed

1. Preheat oven to 160(fan)/180C. Line a 12 hole muffin pan.
2. Put balsamic vinegar into milk and stir. Let it sit while you do the rest.
3. Sift flour with baking powder and baking soda. Then mix with ground almonds and sugar. Set aside.
4. Combine butter, soured milk (2), eggs and vanilla extract. Gently beat to combine.
5. Make a well in the dry ingredients and pour the egg mixture in. Gently stir to combine. When the batter isn’t totally smoothed out, pour in the cubed strawberries and give it a few folds.
6. Divide batter equally into the 12 lined muffin holes.
7. Bake for 25 minutes or until done.

Muffins are one of the easiest things to bake, and if I were to grade it's difficulty level in a scale or 1-10, it's a 1. There's not much technique involved with baking muffins, as long as you've got the ingredients properly measured.The most common error I know is "Stirring too much", or using the mixer all the way and beat it for few minutes. No no no, There's no bicep work involved at all. Even kids can do it. The key to making a good muffin is stir until just combined.  The more you stir, the flatter the muffin will be and the tougher the texture will be. Less is best with this.


  1. Dear Wendy,
    Your muffin is so tempting..!
    If i would to use yogurt, then same amount with milk? thank you :)

  2. Ur lui lui very cute. She seems enjoy the muffin.

  3. Wow...looks day with the background pink basket and pink cake liners and pink fruit :))

  4. Wah I love the pink basket ya! Of the strawberry muffins too! I bought some fresh strawberries today, will make it. I think if I use apple cider vinegar also can? are good, do you even own a recipe book?? Never hear you mention it.

  5. Mmmm...looks good although I am not a fan of muffins! I know they are healthier than cupcakes, but still...:D Maybe I should give it another chance and bake it one more time!

  6. Feel so romantic today...
    You think replace the butter and milk by using whipping cream ok? Then add vinegar into it...
    Sorry ya...not yet master already try modify recipe. I always find way to finish whipping cream now:-)

  7. Kah Chin,
    Yes, just use the same amount.

    It's their masak masak, LOL

    She ate 3 in a row! super enjoy!

    Hehehe... be super girly for a day :)The plate and the basket are all their toys, masak masak, and they keep on asking me, Mommy, why you take our toys???

    Haha, I do own books la, but not much.
    Apple cider vinegar should be fine. If not lemon juice will work great.
    The basket belongs to my girls :)

    I do think many do like like muffins due to the same reasons like me, sticky dense and nothing spectacular to the senses, that's why I used butter, almonds and soured milk to give it a facelift :)

    suka tak, kekeeke.

  8. Wendy, your muffins very cantik, lah. Now I feel like baking mufins pulak.

  9. Shenny,
    I didn't see the rest of the comment earlier, today blogger seem sot sot.
    Should be ok to use cream to sub the both, since cream is 31% fat, just nice! Remember to sour the cream first.

    Phong Hong,
    Sometimes muffins are a good change, quick and easy

  10. gonna bake this today, i have some strawberries i bought from wah seng a week ago.It look so sweet n delicious. I tell ya, mdm wendy ur inspiring others to bake like a pro hehe
    thachayani ignaiusmuthu

  11. Hi Wendy,

    Beautiful post of these yummy muffins. You mentioned the strawberries are Cameronian, do you mean it comes from Cameron highland, Malaysia??

  12. haha, even your 'loi' also wearing a pink top!! The whole theme is so happy-girly! Love them muffins. But my men not really into strawberries. :(

  13. Very pretty! Love the pink wicker basket too. And your girl has such a cute expression on her face :-)

  14. Wendy, I made these beauties immed after reading your posting. They are yummy!! Thanks so much for sharing.. =D=D (tagged u on FB already)

  15. Very pretty indeed, this whole post is meltingly sweet! Cannot wait to try this out. Thanks.

  16. tachayani,
    How's ur muffins? By now they should be out from the oven already. I hope you liked them

    Yes, these are grown in Cameron Highlands, I buy these all the time instead of imported ones because these are good for flavour and colour.

    They dun like tangy sour stuff eh, haha, I know ur hubby dun like chao chai, ahah!

    it's their toy, LOL! finally I got to use that basket as prop, I wanted to soooooooo long since they got that as a present last christmas.
    Same goes to the plate, their toy, haha!

    glad you liked them and i saw you shared them with your friend too! I read the comments and am glad she liked it too

  17. Wendy, one question, can i use all SR flour? How much should i use then, and how much baking powder? Thanks

  18. Esther,
    No need to add baking powder, just use the same amount of baking soda. It might turn out crumbly due to the SRF. But it's ok and just be careful to catch the crumbs. The reason I used plain flour is for better gluten structure to hold together everything but yet, maintain the fluffiness with almonds.

  19. now i know a tip here..on the balsamic vinegar to make sour milk. that's really a nice picnic basket, i saw one in ssf something like this but never buy, dont know what to put inside :)

  20. Wendy, the muffins sound delicious, should bake some for my daughter to eat :)

  21. envy u can easily get Cameroon Highland's strawberries.....haih.......jealous....

  22. Hi Wendy, tried this recipe during weekend and it turn out very well! thank you very much... :)
    The only thing is i find the strawberry too soft after baking. Not sure whether i cube them too small? but i'm just worry they may sink if leave it too big... haha...

  23. Kah Chin,
    Yes, all berries will soften after baking.
    I'm glad you liked them :)

  24. Hi Wendy,
    Beautiful muffins! Mine never turn out with a nice brownish color on the top :/


  25. Lynn,
    there could be a few reasons, but first of all, make sure your upper heating element is working well.

  26. Thanks for sharing this recipe :) I was so inspired by your daughter's happy smile and couldn't wait to bake it today. Hope my daughter will smile happily when she bites into one :)


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