Monday, September 24, 2012

Lemon Steamed Sponge Cake - Lemon #1

I have this phobia about steamed cakes. I think I am not the only one.
I am ok with small steamed cakes, but my legs will be shivering at the thought of large ones.

The fear of collapsing is not unreal, it is very deep in me. I don't fear failure, I fear wastage.
I fear of having to eat the failure and forcing myself to do it rather than discarding.

Then one night, one fellow blogger buddy Yvonne of Ice Americanos showed me her cake on Facebook, and I liked how it looked. She recommended  I try it and she quickly sent me the recipe :)

I was hesitant at first because I am not a big fan of Jidangao, but she was very patient and tried to encourage me. LOL. I'm glad I did try it and the cake stood tall and fluffy. Thanks dear buddy!
She used a basket, but I used a pan. So, it's up to you on which to use.

But it's not too well recieved. My MIL found the lemon taste weird, so did my hubby. But I love it, it's a fresh new change. So, for purists,  I think it might dissapoint you, but people who are willing to accept changes, this will be nice new change. No eggy smell!

Lemon Steamed Sponge Cake
Recipe source: Menglaoshi 孟老师的100道小蛋糕
via Yvonne

250gm eggs.
190gm sugar
180gm cake flour + 3/4 tsp Baking powder
3 tbsp oil + 3 tbsp lemon juice + 1tsp lemon zest

1. Sift flour+baking powder. Set aside.
2. Beat eggs and sugar until ribbon stage, thick and fluffy.
3. Mix oil+Lemon juice+zest, and together with the sifted flour, pour into the egg batter. Fold with hand whisk,then only fold with spatula along the sides..
4. Line a 8 inch round pan with one big piece of paper.
5. Pour the batter in and rest batter for 10 min before steaming.
6. Steam on high heat for 20-25 minutes.
7. Lift the cake from pan and cool it on the wire rack. Remove paper when it's totally cooled and slice cake to serve.


  1. I didn't know anything about steamed cakes! Would you like to link this in to Food on Friday: Lemons and limes on Carole's Chatter? Cheers

  2. wahahaha i no need to wait long for this recipe!!Yeah Yeah....but i cannot understand this "Fold with hand whisk,then only fold with spatula along the sides."

  3. WOW ! Going to love making this !

  4. 我之前有做过。。。我们原来是用同样的食谱哦~~

  5. Hi Wendy, I'm one of those who feels the same about making a big steamed cake. I fear not the failure but the wastage too. Must try this to overcome the phobia..

  6. Carole,
    Sure, I'll get it done when this week is through :) There'll be 3 posts from me.

    Pei San,
    U do the initial folding with balloon whisk then scrape the sides with spatula.

    Too Mai Lin,
    Go go, domestic goddess!

    Mandy Kueh,
    I don't have this book :)

    I did try another recipe after this, also fail, and I tried 3 times same recipe cos I die die dun want to believe, eat until scared!

  7. Oh, I am not alone then! Also scared to make steamed cakes. You are right, if tak jadi very sakit hati to waste ingredients.

  8. Yaya...I too have tried steaming this cake so many times using different recipes, some using eno, 7-up too...but without much success...all said not nice! give up! Now this one looks so fine and delicious, maybe try for last time:D

  9. Steam cake... hmmmm,I'm still thinking whether I should try this or not. ;)

  10. Wendy, your sponge cake looks fabulous. Such fine texture. Is that wax paper you used to line the pan?

  11. Looks so soft and cottony like. Some would like a change of taste but some prefer the old "Kai Tan Koh" and I am scare to taste of eggy taste and smell.

  12. I don't mind the lemon taste actually...I would love to try this out :) Yours looks fluffy and light. Me too , scared that steamed cake may not stand tall and compact. Thanks for sharing the recipe ! I will give it a try one day :)

  13. Phong Hong,
    Sama sama ;)

    Usually recipes with ovalette works better.

    Never know if u never tried :)

    It's non stick baking paper, that's how it's written on the packing, the picture is in "My kitchen"

    Choi Yen,

    My MIL loves the eggy smell lor... hahaha! She says, baru macam makan kaidangou

  14. Your jidangao really fluffy! I have the recipe book. Should give it a try. Agree with you, sometimes feel 'xien' to finish those not well done product :P

  15. I have tried jidangao so many times but til now never once succeeded. I really don't know what went wrong. Could it be the oil? I've never put any oil before. Oh and do you think if I omit the lemon and the zest, it still can come out ok?

  16. I like steamed cake very much, how many tablespoon I have to put if I want to add Pandan Emulco?

  17. yeah, so afraid of wastage and so dogs will get to eat them :) i think some people dont like the lemon taste in steamed cakes maybe it tastes a lil sour, like taste gone bad maybe..

  18. vivian,
    it's torturing, haha

    this is a modernized version. I think it has to do with the beating of the eggs, the lemon is for flavour only

    Hmm... I think 1-2 tsp, and then you can replace the oil+lemon juice with coconut milk, that means use 6 tbsp (90ml) coconut milk

    she say not ori woh, must smell like egg only nice :(
    It's not sour leh... but it's nice to tone down the sweetness with the lemon

  19. I bought 孟老师recipe book, did not realize has such good recipe! I never tried her recipe...can you imagine how many cook book I have?

  20. Hi..i recently had a steamed chocolate cake which was really nice. Moist and really rich....cant get the recipe though...

  21. Hi... I tried many times steam sponge cake. Ended up is dry & not so soft. Can I just use normal baking tin? The egg qty is it calculate v the egg shell or just the egg?

  22. Grace Low,
    Usually such quantity for eggs are without shells, but you can safely use 5 Grade C eggs. That's what I did.
    I used a baking pan, stated in 4th paragraph and shown in the steaming picture :)

  23. hey there... i was wondering if i could try this in cupcake cases too?

  24. i m sossry i m 'anonymous' but i ve never done this again '^_^.. I m Maria

  25. Maria,
    It's ok. You can steam those in cupcake cases for 15-20 minutes, depending on size.

  26. Any reason why rest the batter for 10mins before steaming?? Thanks.

  27. J Razak,
    Probably to let the big air bubbles come to the surface and burst. Resting it could also allow the batter to develop some gluten and the cake will be more stable when cooked. Just a guess.


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