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Snakehead Fish Soup with Sweet Corn and Huaishan 生鱼粟米淮山汤 - Fishy fishy #2

Not that slithery snake!
It's the type of fish with a head that looks like snake. Locally prized as a wound healer. It's known as "Sang Yue" or ikan haruan.

Whenever someone has an operation done, or an open wound, this soup will be very suitable. Don't think that I have wounds, haha. We drank this just as a regular soup for dinner.

Some relatives passed us some snakeheads and I adapted a flathead fish recipe to make this soup. I made this soup twice before and it's soo delicious! The original method calls for frying the fish before use, but I chose to rub on some oil and bake it. The reason for pre cooking the fish in oil is that the flesh won't disintergrate that easily when being boiled.

According to the book, the benefits are
Corn: good for spleen, nourish yin, reduces blood glucose level, helps burn fat
Huaishan: tonify spleen, strengthen Qi, stimulate secretion of body fluids
Flathead fish 牛鳅鱼 (original): nourishes yin and yang
Snakehead fish 生鱼 : improves blood circulation, benefits the heart, calms the nerves

Snakehead Fish Soup with Sweet Corn and Huaishan
Modified from: Soups for Expelling Dampness and Heat by Chiu Sang

600gm snakehead fish (Mine has the head, so it's heavier, use less if it's just the body)
400gm corn on the cob
200gm lean pork (I used pork loin)
38gm huaishan
2.5L water
Salt to taste

1. Cut fish into large chunks, rub some oil over and bake at 200C until the skin looks slightly golden. Rinse fish under running water to remove excess oil.
2. Cut corn into chunks and pork into large cubes. Rinse huai shan.
3. Bring the water to boil and put in everything, except salt.
4. Bring it back to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 2 hours.
5. Season with salt and turn off the heat.

pictures taken late when sun was almost down....


  1. Ohh....snakehead fish is ikan haruan...Myself blur sotong, don't know what is snakehead fish, sekarang baru tau.. hah! hah! I think I have eaten it before but not in soup.

  2. Wendy...the fish looks geli leh...really like a snake head LOL! I must learn how to cook chinese soup :)

  3. Aiya, how come i've never thought of baking the fish?! My family loves fish soup, the only thing that stop me from making it more often is the thought of having to fry the fish, messy stove. Now i know, just bake it. Clever idea!

  4. so good idea to bake the fish!! fryign the fish is so much faff and also uses so much oil. I get lazy sometimes and just boil without frying, but then the soup has a strong fishy odour, fine by me, but my sisters and most of my friends hate it. another brilliant tip from you (:

  5. Wah.. haven't have this for ages.. My mom make this soup too, taste heaven, taste love. I am sure your family taste the love in this soup too.

  6. so scary looking at that head of the fish! now i know about frying the fish first to prevent them for tearing apart so much, last time i ccoked with 'kot choi', have to carefully scoop out the soup cos the fish was torn apart and bones all over the soup!!

  7. Thank you for this recipe. my husband recently had an operation for haemorrhaging in the rectal. I was informed this fish is good for healing but cant be taken more than 3 times otherwise gets thick keloid.

  8. Joy,
    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he'll be be better soon. There's another recipe in the blog, using snakehead too, maybe you can alternate the soups so that it won't be so boring.
    Keloids... can never get rid of them. Yikes!
    Thanks for letting me know that.

  9. Thanks. I learn from you about baking first. And can't eat too much.


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