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Apam Perlis - MFF Kedah Perlis #5

These custard filled pancakes are easy to do and lovely to eat. My hubby can eat 6 in one go! LOL. I can easily down 4. Lydia eats 2 with ease.

I saw a few recipes and settled for one that uses Eno fruit salt because I know Eno gives batters a beautiful and delicious type of fluffiness.

Later I found out that Kelantan and Terengganu also have this snack, but comes with the name Telinga Lembik (soft ears). Since all these states are near to Thailand, it's no surprise that this Thai influenced snack is also popular there.

Apam Perlis
Recipe modified with adaptations from these two sources
Kak Rusnah and Mamawandiha
Makes: 20 pcs

150gm all purpose flour (9% protein)
250ml water (or pandan juice)
Small drop of yellow food colouring
1 tsp Eno fruit salt

1. Mix flour, water and colouring together until a smooth batter forms. Add in Eno, stir it (it will fizzle) and leave it for 15 minutes.
2. Heat a frying pan on medium low heat, put in 2 drops of oil and wipe around with tissue.
3. Put in 1 Chinese soup spoon of batter and fry until the surface is fully set.
4. Remove the pancake onto plate and fry another piece of pancake.
5. While waiting for each piece of pancake to cook, fill the pancakes with 1 heaped tsp of custard and fold into half. Gently press to seal the sides. (do this before it totally cools down)

Custard Filling (can be made in advance)
2 eggs
80gm sugar
Very small pinch of salt
20gm custard powder (use cornstarch if making pandan flavour)
100gm coconut milk
100gm water or pandan juice
*2 pandan leaves, torn (for yellow custard only)

1. In a small mixing bowl, beat eggs, salt and sugar until combined, put in cornstarch and mix until even. Add in coconut milk and stir to combine. Add in water and combine.
2. Pour the mixture into a heavy based saucepan. Put in pandan leaf.
3. Cook on medium heat, stirring al the time until the custard cooks and turns very thick.
4. Let it cool down before filling the pancakes.

I am submitting this to MFF Kedah Perlis Month hosted by WendyinKK of Table for 2...... or More


  1. Like pancake. Must be yummy.

  2. Hi Wendy,
    You make this into pandan flavor too. Must be full of pandan aroma..nice.
    I made this in the Terengganu MFF is telinga lembik like you mention above.
    Love yours very much. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    I love your recipes and have followed many with successful.

    Can I ask if I can replace coconut milk with fresh milk instead? Can't wait to try it out.

  4. Nice nice...I can down 6 too :p you so geng la...every states , you can put up 3 or 4 recipes...I wish I am retired now so that I can participate more actively in MFF :(

  5. 看到哪些filling我的口水就忍不住了。

  6. Can I substitute the ENO with something else?

  7. Can I substitute the ENO with something else?

  8. Would love to try this one out.

  9. Whoa, nice, nice! I see the custard oozing out, myself "terliur" already. Dreaming of apam.....

  10. What's the size of the pancake ? So sweet and cute. Nice photography too !

  11. very nice..& moust...i like inti kaya pandan

  12. wow! this is looking fantastic! I have to make it:)

  13. macam sedap je..eno tu eno yg untuk sakit perut tu ke..eno warna biru ke?

  14. I don't have to eat it to feel good. Your pics already convinced me... Really like the colour combination... sweet!

  15. Gee,
    memang sedap! hehe

    I think it is pancake

    Cendana kasih,

    Greatest Mom,
    After u've tried it, do join us for the event

    mui mui,
    I saw them doing it, so I ikut saja, haha

    Anonymous (pls leave a name),
    it won't smell as nice, but can la

  16. Elin,
    My job ma, haha, at least 3 recipes.
    I have been doing everything way ahead of time

    TRacy Low,
    Haha, can just eat the filling like that, haha

    Anonymous (pls leave a name),
    You can use self raising flour if you want, but the result will not be as good as Eno. I just bought a small pack.

    I hope u do! LOL.
    Join us for MFF

    Phong Hong,
    Day dreaming no good! LOL.
    Make it a reality!

    Lugie Amir,
    Do try do try!
    Then join us for MFF

  17. Pei San,
    Me too!
    But I found it boring cos I made flowers many times, hahah!

    Lagi enak kan!

    I hope you like it and do join us for MFF

    Ya, eno biru.

    Chef and Sommelier,

  18. Look sooo good & lovely! Can't wait to try .
    Can I cook the custard over water ( double boiled)? Have tried cooking 'kaya' direct fire & the texture was coarse.

  19. this looks really yummy, Wendy
    beautiful pictures, too :)

  20. Yoon Hee,
    this one has cornstarch or custard powder in it, so it's much easier to handle. Use a whisk to stir it all the time. Cooks pretty fast!
    You can use double boiler if you want, but very slow la.


  21. Wendy,

    This recipe is so cool..I made the pandan flavour today..My family & friends all love this snack! But the sealing part is little bit tricky though, took me quite a while to get it done properly..The best part is, this recipe doesn't require any baking powder!
    Do you think I can use 'instant custard powder' for the custard fillings? becos I only have that in the fridge.

    Best regards,

  22. What a pretty pancake,Wendy. Is there any subtitute for Eno Salt ? I never seen here,in US. Is there any problem if we skip those salt ? Thank you

  23. Cyndi,
    I think you can use instant custard, just make it thick.
    I saw the pics on FB and they look good!
    Sealing them while warm helps a lot
    One tip: Place them slanting on the side of the plate

    Nisa's mommy,
    Eno is the leavening agent here.
    You can substitute with baking powder. But the texture will be less favourable

  24. Hi Wendy,

    Can i check with you, is it better to be eaten on the day it was made or can it be made the night before and put it in the fridge for the next day?


  25. Lily,
    Best eaten on the day itself. After chilling the pancake taste floury, like most pancakes do.

  26. very nice! i love how the colour turns out too! i will gobble few too at one go!

  27. wow the pancakes look so light and fluffy I can actually feel it even from the photos! no idea where to get these eno salts though urgh!

  28. Shu Han,
    You can replace with Andrews Liver Salt. It's also an antacid and it's fizzy,right?

  29. wendy nak mintak izin copy & paste recipe from yr blog..but cont la..huhuh nak buat Apam perlis nie..

  30. the apam looks so soft... nicely done with eno... thanks for the good idea.. & thanks also for trying...

  31. There a 1000 of ppl blog about food. But yours pic & stories can't stop me of trying it, u portray the photo & stories in professional way...keep up a good works mummy :)

  32. hi.sorry am asking q on an old post.have u tried using corn as filling? if you have may i have the recipe pls.tq


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