Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Bake Strawberry Yoghurt Tart 草莓酸奶挞

Actually I planned to make Yoghurt Cheesecake…. a Secret recipe copycat.. But I didn’t get hold of cream cheese and my yoghurt’s coming to it’s use by date.. And I got a lot of fresh strawberries in the fridge (just went to Camerons the week before, Strawberries were on sale, RM20 /2kg @ 4 big boxes).

So, this came as a sudden idea. I planned to use digestive biscuits for this, but the minimart nearby didn’t have it. So, I changed plans to use Oreo and Weetameal instead.

No Bake Strawberry Yoghurt Tart Recipe


Weetameal Crust
130gm Jacob’s Weetameal (1 small pack)
2 Tbsp honey
65 gm melted butter

Oreo Crust
150gm Oreo (1 tube)
50 gm melted butter

Yoghurt Filling
500gm / 2 cups good creamy strawberry yoghurt
1 cup milk
2 Tbsp sugar
1 ½ Tbsp gelatin
2 Tbsp water

2 cups of strawberries (cut into halves)
1 cup water
2 Tbsp sugar
½ Tbsp gelatin

1. Weetameal crust: Blend biscuits in a food processor, mix in honey and melted butter. Mix well.
2. Oreo crust: Blend whole cookies in a food processor and mix in melted butter. Mix well.
3. Press crumbs into a deep dish or tart foils. Freeze.
4. While tart cases are freezing, prepare filling. Bloom gelatin in water. Boil milk and sugar. Pour onto bloomed gelatin. Stir until gelatin is totally dissolved. Leave to cool down.
5. Pour yoghurt into milk, mix well. Ladle yoghurt mixture into chilled tart cases.
6. Place tarts into the fridge again to set and then prepare topping.
7. Boil water and sugar, remove from heat and sprinkle in gelatin. Stir to dissolve. Leave to cool until syrupy consistency.
8. When yoghurt filling has set, arrange strawberries on top of filling and spoon in a 5mm layer of gelatin mixture.
9. Chill in fridge until everything is set.

The tarts I made, 2 big and 2 small

Weetameal crust

Weetameal crust cut up

Oreo crust

Oreo crust cut up


I personally prefer Oreo crust


  1. Thanks!! You're the first person (that I do not know) to comment in my blog.
    It's really an encouragement! Thanks a lot.

  2. wow.. it looks yummy guess the little kids will love it a lot - momoko78

  3. Do you use the Oreo without cream?


  4. Heidi,
    Oreo with cream. The cream acts like binding agent

  5. hiyee...just found your blog and love it so much!
    thank you very much for ur willingness to share those wonderful recipes!
    all of them look really yummiessss!


  6. Oreo crust looks and sounds like a really delicious idea! The strawberries look beautiful in the tarts. Are they sweet? I got lucky with some Korean strawberries recently, but not with the Aussie and US ones. :(

  7. Ju,
    Cameronian strawberries depend much on the weather. If the weather is sunny but cool then the strawberries will be large and sweet. If the weather is hot and sunny, small and sweet. If it's cold and cloudy, sour and big. If it's hot and cloudy, sour and small. Hard to tell :)

    US ones are rarely sweet. Never had any luck with them.

  8. It's yummy and easy!! But can I ask how can I dissolve gelatin in hot water without them clumping into a blot??


  9. Apple,
    Place water in bowl first, then sprinkle the gelatin in. Don't stir it, let it sit until it blooms, then melt it in microwave for 15 secs or more, or over hot water.

  10. Ooo... okok.. I shall try again!!!

    Thanks!!! :D



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