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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fried Milk with Cream Cheese 炸牛奶

Bet you thought they were fries....

I found this fried milk thing while searching for other stuff. I do believe that sometimes we find what we did not intend to search for, and it takes us away from our goal.

There is a Italian version called Crème Fritta, meaning cream fritters, usually a custard, coated in bread crumbs and deep fried. The Chinese version is just a milk pudding coated with a batter. I saw another crème fritta, with cream cheese , but it’s just cream cheese and cream, a bit too heavy think. Why not I combine both recipes??? Fried Milk with Cream Cheese!!!

Fried Milk with Cream Cheese Recipe
500ml full cream milk
250gm cream cheese
100gm sugar
100gm cornstarch

1. Bring cream cheese to room temperature. Beat until it it smooth and free of lumps.
2. Mix cornstarch with 125ml milk, set aside and bring the rest of the milk to a boil with the sugar.
3. Pour some of the boiling milk into cream cheese. Stir. Add milk gradually to the cheese and mix till smooth.
4. Pour cornstarch mixture into(3). Mix.
5. Put milk mixture back into the saucepan/pot, on low heat cook until it thickens. Stir all the time to ensure bottom of pan doesn’t burn.
6. When milk mixture has thickened to a thick paste, pour into a very lightly greased (pour 1 tsp oil onto pan and swipe with a paper kitchen towel all around.) 9X9 square pan. You may use 8X8, just that it’ll be thicker. Both will work well.
7. Leave to cool down. It will harden to be a firm pudding. Chill in fridge until time of use.
*If your milk pudding is not smooth, don’t worry, just whack it with a pot blender.

~ the Batter (This is enough to fry half the pudding, if you intend to save the other half for tea the next day)

100gm rice flour
25gm all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/3 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
185ml water (3/4 cup)

1. Combine everything together to form a batter.
2. Cut milk pudding into strips, or squares, as preferred.
3. Heat few cups of oil and dip each milk pudding into batter and deep fry until golden. Do this one at a time, cos the pudding is quite fragile.
4. Serve hot. You can serve this with a sprinkling of icing sugar or just plain like that.

Verdict: It’s good, that is if you’re a milk lover. Although the cream cheese taste is not that prominent, but it sure lent a creamy end to the fried milk.

Suggestion: I f you want to try this out, maybe try adding in some finely grated parmesan to the milk pudding. It has a stronger cheese taste and smell. I also think that I should put in some salt to the milk.

Take a guess whose hand is that?? Lydia or Lyanne's???

These puffier looking ones were made with a second batch of batter using more baking powder than the 1st. Those fried with 1st batch batter were the first 4 pics. The recipe I gave here is my 2nd batch recipe.


  1. Nice!!! bookmarked...Gonna try dis..Thx!

  2. Lydia's ?? Hehe reminds me of the Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks I wanted to make. Now the cheese stick is still in the fridge... T__T

  3. I tried this 炸牛奶 when I was in Beijing. Crispy crust and inside is sweet, my kids love it.

  4. I'm so full from lunch, but this looks so good, I could eat a whole plateful!! LOL

  5. Wow, this sounds so delicious! Yummy yummy!

  6. A snack fit for cheese/milk lover! Interesting combo! Usually cut cheese is used. It's just like deep-fried durian cream fritter!

  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaa very milky hahhaha

  8. Thanks! I still have cheese cream in my fridge. Maybe can make it this weekend.

  9. Ah Tee,
    Don't forget to tell me how it went ya!!

  10. Swee San,
    Nope, it's Lyanne's. Hehehe.
    It doesn't taste like mozzie sticks. Not stringy, not salty.

  11. Happy Home Baker,
    It's nice right? The batter for this is crispy too, and the inside is not too sweet :)

  12. NEL,
    If you eat a plateful, you can skip dinner and supper. Hahaha!!!

  13. Little Inbox,
    Delicious and fattening!!! Hahaha.

  14. Busygran,
    Hmm.. durian cream fritter. That sounds good. Maybe can try that hoh, replace the milk with coconut milk, maybe half coco milk half water and the cheese with durian pulp... hmm, sounds good.

  15. Manglish,
    At least this time, you're describing it correctly.

  16. Anncoo,
    Oh, if you do, let me know ya!

  17. Reminds me of the fried custard squares that I made last time but yours look so much better and got cheesee..yummy!!!!

  18. oh Wendy, my boyfriend loves fried milk!! We've only had it at the restaurants. Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to try it!!

  19. wow...look so good. I'm a milk lover.

  20. Looks so yummy! But don't think I'll try this as need to deep fry.

  21. Le genre de recettes que j'adore.
    je note.
    See soon.

  22. Looks so much like fries in the 1st 2 pics! :)
    I bet the kids would finish this in minutes! How much exactly "fries" you get in a recipe?

  23. such wonderful & delicious snack! Yumm... Some of them used goat cheese. I think they're all taste as great. Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  24. At first look I thought they were Fried Mozzarella Sticks but not. I actually never heard of this before. Interesting and I am sure it taste googy soft and milky. I like busygran suggestion adding durian to it. Can you imagine the smell and taste of it :) :)

  25. Quinn,
    Oh, you made Creme frittas, the italian version :)
    Maybe mine looks better cos it's dipped in batter and fried, rather than rolled in flour.
    Maybe next time you try it with batter.

  26. KK,
    Oh I can't wait to hear about the results :)

  27. MnHL,
    Same here, gila for susu and everything susu.

  28. Blessed Homemaker,
    Haha, frying phobia.
    I hope you overcome that one day.

  29. Mel,
    Hard to tell, depends on how big you cut.
    You can try make it, and you don't need to fry the whole thing the same day. But half of it is enough for to serve 4-5 for tea, but it also depends on how much they like fried stuff.

  30. My Little Space,
    So far, I think my version is unique. It's either fried custard (with eggs) or plain ole fried milk.
    Will be glad to bump into that site that uses goat cheese one day .

  31. Gert,
    Errr.. this is got gooey like mozzarella sticks when fried, but stays soft like a soft kuih with a crispy exterior.
    Maybe you try the durian version? kekeke

  32. those look so interesting and good! I'm trying these this weekend for sure. Thanks for a great recipe :)

  33. Ahh ... These were what you were telling me the other day when we met up. But yours are fusion wor ... Can still be called 炸鮮奶/炸牛奶 meh? Well, you know lar traditional Cantonese one consists mainly of (evaporated) milk only mar ... No cheese. But I'm sure your experimental ones turned out just as good. To make it more American, if I were there to makan these, I'll toss mine in cinnamon sugar. Hehehe ... Yea, I prefer making my batter (for deep-frying) with mainly rice flour as it lends crispier texture.

    Btw, which brand of cream cheese are you using? I don't understand why Philadelphia is like THE brand around town ... I'm using the budget brand one from Oz called "Tatura." Used that before? Like it? Philly too expensive for me lar ...

    Lyanne's so cute lar ... Miss her T_T

  34. Jess,
    Great!! Let me know how it goes ok!!

  35. Pei-Lin,
    What else shall I call them with?
    The basic recipe is still based with the fried milk recipe, just that I added in cream cheese.

    I haven't been dating Mr Philly since the day I met Mr Tatura (more than 2 yrs back). He's had me fall head over heels, cos he's a lot cheaper than Mr Philly.

  36. ahh, would try this out.saw from tv, dunno it's a hk or taiwanese food show. they have this there! :)

  37. cool! you it is sweet or salt? not tasteless?

  38. The crust looks crispy and the filling inside looks mouth-watering!

  39. ai wei,
    Dunno woh, I got this from a Chinese site, and have no idea whether it's China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. But I'm sure, this is Chinese snack :)

  40. Voon,
    I'm a sweet lady and this fried milk is lightly sweetened. Not salty at all, cos I bathe everyday and n salt is added to the fried milk, but i think it's better to have some salt.

  41. it look crispy and nice, must try one day.

  42. Sonia,
    I think kids will love this :)

  43. I have just one question!
    Is there supposed to be something else in the batter to make it wet? Or is it just supposed to be a crumb coating?

  44. Jess, sugar high,
    thanks for pointing out my mistake
    i left out the water.
    I'll ammend it right away

  45. I've had this once at a restaurant, loved it! How I wish i can make this at home, my hubs hates it =(

  46. pigpig,
    Make small portion for yourself.
    :) Or treat your friends or neighbours


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