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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ginger Milk Curd Giveaway Submission and Entry Reviews and my experiments too

So, the dateline for submission is here. But, the kind hearted may still submit data of their personal experiments with different brands of milk for the benefit of others.

And now, here are the entries and the summary of their result. As I said, failed or successful is ok, as long as one has tried. I was so happy that this sparked a few of them, the intense curiosity to experiment with more and more brands. That’s the spirit!!!!! Kudos to all of you who tried so hard to find the brand that worked for you.

1 entry
Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk - Failed curds

2 entries
Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk- Failed
Dutch Lady Fresh Milk- Successful, softly set

3 entries
Marigold Fresh Milk-Succeeded, firm curds
Dumex All in One- Succeeded, soft curds
Marigold HL Milk -Failed

4 entries
Farmhouse Omega Low Fat Milk – Succeeded, but very softly set
Farmhouse Fresh Milk – Successful with nice curds, extra ginger juice used
Magnolia Low Fat-Hi Cal Fresh Milk – Curds formed, but watery
Anmum Lacta : Curds formed below, but watery top

1 entry
Dutch Lady Fresh Milk – Successful, soft curds

Cook. Bake.Love
1 entry
Fairprice Full Cream Milk from fresh milk –successful, soft curds

1 entry
Dutch Lady UHT fresh milk(full cream) –Sucessful, firm curds

1 entry
Marigold Full Cream Milk (fresh? Reconstituted?)- Failed
The other brands, no pics of curds were shown, therefore, not counted.

2 entries
Greenfields Choc Fresh Milk – Err… Curds formed, but ultra soft
Emborg Full Cream milk –  Ultra soft curds formed


Please tell me if I left you out or miscounted the entries.
Dateline for discrepancy ammendments : 18/7/10, 12pm+8GMT
Result of giveaway will be announced on 20th July. 2 winners, ok? Promise.

A few myths are dispelled after all these experiments by fellow bloggers,
Powdered milk don’t work –Myth, proved by galronni
Homogenized milk don’t work – Myth, proved by galronni and Meldylocks.

Most of you did not provide information on how the milk was processed, and we are left in lurch whether the milk was homogenized, UHT, pasteurized, emulsified, sterilized, microfiltered…….
People from your country may be able to find the same milk you used, but this information will be useful for others not from your country, so that they know, the success rate of such and such milk, so that they may be able to decide on the type of milk to use in their own country.

Now, I’m suspecting, whether those whose milk formed curds, but was ultra soft or very soft that doesn’t retain its texture after being scooped, will the curds get firmer if more ginger juice was added, cos Meldylocks, showed us that. The brand she used, Farmhouse Fresh Milk was a homogenized milk, and she increased the juice for the 2nd bowl, and indeed it looked so much firmer than her first bowl with less juice. So, maybe for those of you who had super soft curds that doesn’t retain the shape, try increasing the juice, you might get better results.

Such is the power of a cooperative experiment. The amount of information gathered for all.

Sometimes the amount of juice to use is vague. The ginger you have may be juicier than the one I have. The less moisture it has, definitely the more concentrated the juice is. Therefore my 3 tsp of juice may not have the same amount of protease as your 3 tsp of ginger juice. And every knob of ginger is definitely different. So, maybe if it worked for you this time, it may not work the next, but don’t worry, add more until it works : ) As long as you know the brand worked, it’ll work again, but it’s only the difference in the level of firmness.

Sadly, there were no emailed in entries. My silent readers remained as my silent readers. Anyway, not to say my silent readers are not supportive, they still are very supportive of me cos they are reading this now : ) Thanks!

Well, I didn’t sit still and did nothing throughout this period.
How can I not join in the fun and experiment?


My experiments, and I hope you do get better results than me if you ever try out these milk.

Dutch Lady

Type of process: Sterilized, No emulsifiers mentioned
Type of milk: Fresh Milk
Protein Content / 100ml: 3.0gm
Fat Content / 100ml: 3.4gm
Coagulation result and texture: Softly set, visible curds, but curds do not stay in shape after scooped


Type of process: Sterilized,Stablized and emulsified
Type of milk: Recombined Full Cream Milk
Protein Content / 100ml: 3.0gm
Fat Content / 100ml: 3.5gm
Coagulation result and texture: Did not set at all.

Marigold HL Milk (the highest protein content milk in the market!!!)

Type of process: Reconstituted, Pasteurized, Homogenized
Type of milk: Low Fat Milk
Protein Content / 100ml: 5.2gm
Fat Content / 100ml: 1.0gm
Coagulation result and texture: Softly set

Goodday Low fat

Type of process: Low fat, pasteurized. homogenized
Type of milk: Low Fat Milk
Protein Content / 100ml: 3.6gm
Fat Content / 100ml: 1.2gm
Coagulation result and texture: Didn’t set at all

Fresh Goat’s Milk (highest fat content milk I used)
(NBF Ipoh, Tel: +605-5468232, free delivery in Ipoh and Kampar)
First Attempt

2nd Attempt

Type of process: Pasteurized
Type of milk: Fresh Milk
Protein Content / 100ml: 3.7gm
Fat Content / 100ml: 4.5gm
Coagulation result and texture: Firm and smooth

For this one, why I did show two curds? The first one didn't set properly as the top was watery and bottom was firmly curded. So, I suspected, it's the glass. The narrow base didn't cause the ginger juice to incorporate well with the milk when it was poured it, so I did it again with a rice bowl, and hehe, it worked.
So, if yours is watery on top, but curded below, the gushing effect didn't mix things well. And you should know what to do now.

That's all folks for now, I'll add to this post, if ever I do other experiments with other milks.


Please put your link here in "comments" if you've tried making Ginger Milk Curd from June 24 to July 15.

The space here, I will update with try-outs that are emailed in.
Hopefully there are entries :)

Entries without either or both
1. picture of milk carton/bottle used
2. picture of failed or successful curds
will be disqualified.

If you used raw milk, which does not come in a bottle or carton, please supply information on where you bought it, so that people who live near you will be able to get their supply too.
Raw milk users who did not include purchase location information will be disqualified :)

Just remember, it doesn't matter if it sets or failed. Just try.

Closing Date: July 15th, 12pm GMT+8.00
Result day : 20th July.


  1. this is my entry-

  2. This is mine :)

  3. Here you go

  4. only I know that I have to do this:

  5. This is mine ~

  6. Hi Wendy,

    I used the same pasteurized and homogenized milk and it worked!

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Saw your comments too low and I did another round! Hahaha... the ginger milk curd bug has hit me big time! I guess I will stop now.

  8. Hi Wendy,

    This is my entry

  9. Wendy,

    I've just made this ginger milk curd, next time no need to go Outram Park and pay S$5 for one small bowl..kekeke


    hi wendy, this is mine

  11. Here are more of mine:

  12. Haiz Wendy, this is my third attempt and still not successful.

    My second.

  13. entries fr giveaway closed, but you may still submit to the data pool

    thank you everybody for trying!!!

  14. Oops, am I late?

    Anyway, here it is

  15. aiya.... why i miss this!

    it is very complicated for me.

  16. Blessed Homemaker,

    I'm sorry , and I have to be fair. You are indeed late. 5 hours too late.
    Thanks a lot for trying with 3 types of milk.

  17. No worries, had been busy lately. Anyway, I usu don't have much luck in draws ;-)

  18. Wendy, I am eagerly going to keep on trying till i get it.

  19. Hi Wendy,
    Finally I tried this.

    Here I am sharing my experience with your readers.

    My curd set softly first round.
    It turned out slightly better the second round after I increased the ginger juice to about 22ml. I expected the second attempt will turn out with firmer curd as you mentioned but it didn't.

    Here is the milk info,
    Type of process: Pasteurized & Homogenized
    Type of milk: Meiji Fresh Milk
    Protein Content / 100ml: 3.3gm
    Fat Content / 100ml: 4.1gm
    Coagulation result and texture: Softly Set


  20. Wong,
    Thanks for the sharing.
    It's good to know that it's firmer when you added more ginger juice.
    But every brand of milk is different and every knob of ginger is different. I don't know what type of firmness you're looking for, but it's softer than tofufah. No where near that level of firmness.

  21. After the success on your Longan Tofu, now I want to challenge this recipe.

    1st trial:
    Use Farmhouse Omega, no termometer- so don't know temperature, 15ml ginger juice --- Failed

    2nd trial:
    use the same milk, bought termometer 85C, increase 20ml gj --- Failed

    3rd trial:
    Use Farmhouse fresh milk, 85C, 15ml gj --- Failed

    4th trial:
    use same milk, boiled and pulled 10x 82C, 20ml gj -- he he it softly set. pass the spoon test.

    why my 1st,2nd,3rd trial failed? what went wrong? Do we have to boil over 85C n let it come down to be exact?
    Does the curd really set in 10 mins? mine took longer than this.
    How to get a firmer curd with your non pulled technic?

  22. Esther,
    as said in my earlier post, the 1st ginger milk curd posting, I used raw farm fresh milk. Those are never homogenized, never pastuerized, sold directly from cow farms to the Indian restaurants. This type of pure milk doesn't have its protein compounds meddled with by homogenizing, hence, it curdles much much better. GJ acts with the protein to coagulate. Mine just sets in less than 2 mins.

  23. NBF Fresh goat's milk now available in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak and Penang.
    They already have website and facebook too, check it out!


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