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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hummingbird Cake

I read about hummingbird cake in the earlier time of blogging. And there was a recipe in joyofbaking that I've bookmarked for so long. Finally I did this (recipe halved), with minor adaptations, especially to the frosting as we prefer it to be pure cream cheese rather than mixed with butter and sugar.

Hummingbird Cake (This amount can serve 10, easily)

55gm pecans (with extra for sprinkling)
210gm a.p.flour (I used cake/superfine)
150gm sugar
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
½ tsp cinnamon
2 eggs
90ml corn oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
110gm fresh pineapple, finely chopped
200gm mashed bananas

250gm cream cheese
Some chopped toasted pecans
1. Preheat oven to 160/180C. Line the bottom of a 10 inch square pan with non stick baking paper.
2. Place the pecans on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for about 8 minutes or until lightly browned and fragrant. Let cool and then chop finely. Set aside. (I did this step the night before)
3. In a large bowl whisk together the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and ground cinnamon. Set aside.
4. In another large bowl, mix together the eggs, oil, vanilla extract, pineapple, mashed bananas, and finely chopped pecans.
5. Add the wet ingredients to the flour mixture and stir until combined. 6. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 25 to 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.
7. Remove from oven and let cool on a wire rack. After about 10 minutes invert the cakes onto the wire rack, remove the pans and parchment paper, and then cool completely before frosting.
8. To make frosting, just bring cream cheese to room temperature and beat it until smooth.
9. Cut cake into 3, and spread between each layers 1/3 of the cream cheese. Sprinkle chopped pecans on top layer.

Very muffin like. If you are a muffin lover you might love this. Even the method is muffin method, and the cake is way too moist for our liking. It's only after chiling one day in the fridge, uncovered that the cake feels better to eat. If not the cake sticks to the palate, and the tongue and the saliva glands will be so tired trying to clean the palate. But I don't think I'll make this again, sorry no. Or maybe was the problem due to me using cake flour that made it so fine textured and crumbly???
Anyway, it's a big NO.

But my neighbour loved this and wanted to order this from me. Hahaha, different people different tastebuds.
So, I don't know about you, you might like this.


  1. now... cake is very expensive... 2kg cake cost rm100...

    some shops 3kg cake cost around rm300. damn expensive~!

  2. Don't think my family members like this cake too, anyway, this is a good try.

  3. Wendy! I made the exact same cake! But haven't blog about it yet! You beat me to it this time. Nicely done btw. ;)

  4. always read about this cake but am no pineapple eater except pineapple tarts because by then, it doesn't have this "bite". wondering whether this is the same too for cake.

  5. Voon,
    If you ask for fancy fancy deco, sure expensive la.

    But one thing, pay peanuts, get peanuts.
    My cakes are not cheap too.

  6. Jess,
    Looks ok right?
    But we don't like it.

  7. Bee,
    How did you like it?
    Can't wait to see your version.

  8. Edith,
    Can't feel or taste the pineapple here.

  9. We actually like this cake as it is nutty and fruity. Is it a bit like carrot cake.

  10. Gert,
    It's personal taste lor. Maybe it's due to me not using all purpose flour, therefore making the cake too too moist and crumbly. All purpose could've given the cake more structure and better mouthfeel.

  11. Looks moist and yummy. May give this a try. I've come across this recipe somewhere and thought that it was a strange name for a cake. Perhaps, one has to make a humming sound while baking. :) :)

  12. Your cake looks delicious! This is one of my favorite cakes and after seeing this I must bake it again soon! I'm new here and know that I will be back!

  13. I've never had hummingbird cake before but I love the sound bannanas and pineapple......
    which is funny because I have both of those at home right now =] Only school's starting soon so I don't have time =[

  14. looks delicious.i plan to bake it,hopefully not fail.thanks for sharing the recipe.

  15. Busygran,
    It is moist, to moist for me, actually.
    Maybe you'll like it.

  16. Pam,
    Yeah, I believe that u'll like this, since you come from the south of US.

  17. Von,
    this won't take you much time, as it's just mix and bake. Plus ur kids can bring this to school.
    Skip the frostig if you don't have the time to do it

  18. Oilai,
    This cake won't fail one la, unless you underbake it only.
    BTW, don't make the frosting first, taste the cake. If you like it, only make the frosting. Cream cheese is too expensive to be wasted.

  19. WOw, it's like a banana cake with pineapples and pecan! Must be so delicious!

  20. psssttt....very sinful hahahhaa

  21. Pigpigscorner,
    You might find this delicious.

  22. Manglish,
    This one is not very sinful la

  23. Wendy, I've tried this cake once and it turned out beautifully but the taste isn't as what I've expected. I thought it should be so flavourful due to the fruits in there. If not because of the cream cheese, I think I have no interest for this cake. Frankly, non of my family members like it. What about yours? However, yours look stunning as ever. Hope you're enjoying the day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  24. Hummingbird
    Not nice meh? name nice...maybe i'll like it...coz i like moist cakes...but no nothing else to say... :(

  25. Kristy,
    No one liked this cake too. My MIL and I "kang" the whole cake leh. No one went for a 2nd bite, and I don't mean a 2nd piece. Luckily my neighbour liked it.

  26. Mel,
    It's the name that got me trying this too.
    It's moist, but to me not in a good way. It's moist, but without much structure, feels crumbly and sticky when you eat it. Like eating mushy rice.

  27. I love hummingbird cake too, especially with cream cheese icing. Yours looks great Wendy! :)

  28. Wendy, I remember you telling me about this when we met up last month. You didn't like it as the cake had a tendency to stick to your oral cavity and teeth ... Yea, I know what you mean. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So are tastes. See, that's why I'm tak malu to say hor it's not that we dunno how to bake/cook, it's just that whatever we make doesn't suit the palate of the taste testers! That's how I've been keeping myself sane from the bashing I've been getting from my picky family!!! ARGH!

    All in all, almost all Southern cakes (from the American Deep South) are SUPER SWEET! Hummingbird cake sorta reminds me of red velvet cake. You know why I've been shying away from the cake is because of the RIDICULOUSLY large amount of red coloring that many RV cake recipes call for! 痴線啊。。。要食死人嚒!Even the traditional recipes that use beet juice isn't gonna get the cake as RED as the ones that use red coloring! SCARY!

  29. Hi wendy,

    this cake looks really good!thought of doing a Hummingbird cake at few weeks back but havent get down to doing it yet. taste wise i'm not too sure if i will like it cos sometimes western cakes dont really suit our palate just like Pei-Lin mentioned.

    Thanks for linking me on your blog. This is a nice place to drop by. Cheers =]

  30. Pei Lin,
    Red Velvet cake eh.. Tartelette did a version using strawberry juice and it was so so red, I tried that, but mine was just chocolate, no where near red. I think you have to reduce the beetroot juice to make it super red, that's what Tartelette did to her strawberry juice, maybe my strawberries weren't that reddish and not that reduced as hers.
    I'm thinking of roselle next time when I plant some at home,it's crazily red you know.

  31. Bakertan,
    Well, I've reduced the sugar here, so it's not the sweetness problem here, it's the texture.
    It's very very crumbly and muffiny and that's one big problem with my family.

  32. I am from the US and this cake is a favorite here. As far as taste goes it taste like banana bread with nuts and cream cheese frosting. Our goal when we bake cakes is for them to be supermoist. Although we dont want overly sweet. This is a great cake and most around here love it. Homemade this cake sells for $25 us dollars at the low end.


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