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Friday, July 2, 2010

Tofu with Angled Loofah

The final of the black soy bean trilogy, all posted in 3 days. First I made the soy milk, then I made the tofu, and this time I cooked the tofu ;)

Or maybe I'm a cheater for splitting this post that supposedly can be done in one. Well, they are actually 3 different recipes and when I post them separately you don't lose sight of any of them :) So, no excuses of not seeing either one.

This is a common recipe, and Swee San beat me at posting this, although I made this way earlier than the time she posted (yaya, I did this months ago :p). But there's no competition in the blogging world. Everybody makes their own stuff and blogs at their own speed. I'm definately a loser when it comes to speed. What I made today (yes today) will be seen here end of Nov... I do hope that the period of moving house will temporarily stop me from making any new stuffs, but the blog will go on, cos the drafts are already done, just waiting for the day to see light. By then I can blog quickly after I've made my stuff, so that you won't get any stale bakes and dishes.. BTW, smell anything weird???

Tofu with Angled Loofah
500gm tofu (those that I made earlier, or you can use Japanese tofu), cut into 1inch thick long strips
270gm angled loofah/ridged gourd (Before skinning is 450gm), cut into equal size with tofu
2 Tbsp oil
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
½ egg, beaten
1 cup water

Gravy (all mix together)
Few drops sesame oil
2 tsp cornstarch
2/3 tsp salt (or u can use chicken stock powder, but I do not find this necessary as angled loofah is very flavourful and sweet, salt will do)
1/4 cup water

1. Fry tofu strips until golden. Dish up and drain the oil.
2. Heat a wok on medium heat and put in 2 Tbsp oil.
3. Put in garlic and sauté until fragrant.
4. Put in angled loofah and fry until it is slightly softened, it will give out some moisture. Put in 1 cup water and let it simmer until loofah turns soft.
5. Put in gravy and cook until it thickens.
6. Return fried tofu into wok and gently toss, let the gravy coat the tofu and cook for a while.
7. Drizzle in beaten egg and toss gently.
8. Dish up

By the way,
Do you find my blog being different now?
My posts are no longer in the middle.

Which do you prefer,
 the middle or the left?

Do tell me, please.......


  1. I love loofah but have not cooked it with fried tofu. Yours makes me want to combine fried tofu in it. Looks good to eat on its own.
    Btw, I like your new blog look. Left is definitely my choice. :)

  2. Wendy,
    Looks good this way, as it is neat & easier to browse. Wow, I love tofu actually, after this 3rd post I'm thinking to get my soy maker out from the store room - been sitting unused for years now.

  3. Why considered cheating? Where is the rule saying we must post it on the day we make? I see everywhere people are apologetic when it is late entry and make me feel guilty too because I update when I have time and sometimes cannot afford to post too many entries in one day, otherwise I'll do nothing else after works other than sitting behind the pc. It is already bad even with one entry per night to count for food posing, photo snap, downloading into pc, editing & labelling, etc, etcs (at same time fighting the keyboard with my baby...haha). Anyway sometimes I stated when I made the food otherwise it can be late posting but don't think I owe anyone apology. Any advice?

  4. This is my favorite dish when I dine in one of the seafood restaurant in Penang. :)

  5. Home Kreation,
    Cool down.. hehehe.
    I said I cheated cos I split up the post into 3.
    Not because I back post.

    I'm glad I inspired you to take out the white elephant and put it into good use. It's not difficult to make your own tofu, really.

  6. Busygran,
    Yeah, this is a nice combination as both are soft and juicy :)
    Try it

  7. I just had something very similar in New York yesterday. They cooked the loofah with fish. I never cook loofa this way except in egg soup. By the way I too try to schedule some of my post. There are some dishes that I cooked months ago before posting it :)

  8. By the way I like your blog this way.

  9. Hi Wendy, this is the dish I like to go with rice cos of the sauce, yum yum. I like this layout better :).
    BTW, I email u my schedule, let me know k.

  10. this dish look exactly like those serve in outside restaurant, well done! I like your post at left please.

  11. I was so looking forward to making some soy milk and trying your tofu but luck wasn't on my side. You don't believe it that they don't have soy bean in the supermarket!!!!!!

  12. I think it's time to make some of that tofu! This dish is yummy with rice!

  13. Icook4fun,
    Loofah with fish??? That's really new to me.

    YOu can also use this to make omelette. Dice it and fry in oil first. Then mix with egg and fry.
    One of my fav omelettes.

  14. Jess,
    Oh, I'm in a rush now, will check mail later.

  15. Sonia,
    Haha, yeah, Restoran Wendyinkk.

  16. Edith,
    Gosh, what happened that everybody grabbed soy beans and left none for you???

    I guess everybody is also making soy milk today, but this I don't believe. My blog's not that influential to the whole of Spore. Hahahaha.

  17. Pigpigscrner,
    Do let me know how it went ya, if you made it.
    It sure must be good, everything you make looks good.

  18. Haha, Lydia's also quite a handful? I don't know if I'll scold EeSync if he does this, I find myself screaming at him a my patience dwindles ever since EeChao's born.

    I've never cook petola with tofu before...usually I'll just fry it with egg, just like an omelete, topped with cripy ikan bilis.

    Personnally I like your blog this way, the gadgets are not so obvious. But I get impression that the postings area and the pictures are smaller...or it is just a trick of my eye-sight?

  19. Mel,
    It's your eye. I only changed the position of the ex left panel.

    Haha, they are not called terrible 2s for no reason, Lydia just loves playing with long stuff. The petola was so long, it couldn't fit in my fridge. So, I left it outside, and she wielded it like a sword. Now she's getting fakely good mannered, her "please, thankyou, sorry, it's alright" is like free flowing.... but I guess it will come in handy next time.

  20. haha i guess it's ok to blog with either a new dish or a dish made months ago.. I am not bothered sometimes to even write when I made that dish anymore cause it wouldn't make a difference, unless it's a festive dish.. So it's totally up to u to blog as and when u want to lor.. anyways homemade tofu beats store bought tofu anytime lar :P

  21. Swee San,
    I know it's ok. I don't really care, if not i wouln't have announced it on my blog weeks ago, above my posts. But sometimes, it's like I have something to say, but there's too much to talk about and I need to space things out. Sometimes I see some ppl having probs regarding some recipe and I want to share with this person how I got it right, and the post is stuck somewhere far in the queue. It's just that. Got something to say, but have to wait... it's like having a secret that you want to blurt out. Just that.

    Sometimes I do wish to blog about my stuff asap, cos I want to share the joy of the bake/dish, but sigh, have to wait.. Very sien lor.. but what to do, I am doing too much in the kitchen and had been lagging in posting many months ago, so , now have to jiayou and post post post that I can blog asap.


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