Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pandan Sponge Cups

My hubby was complaining why I'm making fancy cakes nowadays.
He wants me to make simpler cakes for him instead.

So, I used the sponge recipe from Strawberry Mirror Cake to make him this pandan sponge for midnight supper.

Pandan Sponge Cups Recipe

3 eggs
3 egg yolks
150gm sugar
1 tsp pandan emulco
3 egg whites
1 pinch cream of tartar
1 tbsp sugar
75gm sifted cake flour

1. Preheat oven to 190C.
2. Beat eggs whites until foamy, then add in cream of tartar. Beat until soft peaks, then add in 1 tbsp of sugar and beat until stiff and glossy.
3. In a separate bowl, beat eggs, egg yolks, and sugar until creamy, pale and light. Beat in pandan emulco.
4. Sift cake flour. Fold into egg yolk mixture.
5. Stir in 1/3 of beaten egg whites into egg yolk mixture. Then fold in the rest of the egg whites.
6. Spoon batter into muffin cups until 1cm to the rim. Bake for 15-20 minutes.
This recipe yields 12 sponge cups.


  1. What is the portion of the ingredient of the sponge cake for birthday cake?


  2. I sent u a link from wendybakery. U didn't keep that??

    I am still looking for a perfect recipe.
    You can either use the recipe from Dirt Sandwich cakes, or Pandan Layer Cake, or Strawberry Mirror Cake. They are different recipes.
    Or just search for any recipe online.Or just use any of my chiffon cake recipe. It works as well.

  3. hai Wendy, today i make this cake, nice, but mine smell egg :(, but its ok ^^, soft. here my link, tx for sharing ^^ -->

  4. chuany,
    Oh yes, it's a bit eggy due to the amount of eggs used. It's really a lot. But it gives a very nice spongy texture to it.
    I saw ur pic, very nicely done. Hope that u will try more recipes from my blog :)

  5. These cakes look so light and fluffy!! They remind me of the cakes I used to buy from the Asian supermarkets =) I'll definitely have to try this one day- I think I might have made sponge cupcakes once but they fell (if I remember correctly =S)

  6. Von,
    Yes, these are very light, but because these do not contain any oil or liquid, they can be a bit dry.

  7. Hi hi i want to try making these! What is pandan emulco?

  8. HL,
    Pandan paste. Flavouring and colouring in the same bottle.

  9. hi Wendy.
    i tried this recipe last weekend minus the pandan emulco, was just plain. very happy with the result. it was still spongy after 2 days, but my top was sticky. not sure what made it sticky. i got a bit panicky when i folded the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture. it started to get clumpy, was afraid that i overfold it but it turn out ok to me. in future, for other chiffon cakes, does tat mean i have to fold until no more clumps?

  10. ona,
    Add some vanilla (if no pandan) to mask the egg smell, but if you're ok with that then it's fine.
    Oh yes, fold until no more clumps, if you are not confident folding with a spatula, fold with a big wire whisk, it's a lot easier and less deflating.
    It's sticky because it's so so humid nowadays, don't worry. Even chiffon cakes will get sticky in this wet weather.

  11. Hey Wendy, is there any substitute for cake flour?

  12. kaddy,
    superfine flour?
    or a low protein% all purpose will work too, try 9% protein flour.

  13. Wendy,

    Pandan paste and pandan flavour is it the same thing?

  14. jes,
    Pandan paste is green+flavour, thick consistency like glue

    Pandan flavour is just flavour, watery.

  15. hi! can i use self raising flour instead of cake flour? thx!

  16. Hui Hoon,
    I'm afraid, cannot.
    SRF has baking powder in it. Cake flour doesn't have any. This cake doesn't call for any raising agents at all

  17. Hi Wendy. Do u have any choco sponge or chiffon cake? Saw in ur birthday cakes but no recipe. Thanx alot.

  18. Nicole,
    Now u make me scratch my head, no recipe?
    There are always links to the recipe if I didn't post it directly.
    There are at least 3 different chocolate sponges in my blog, if plus the mocha checkerboard, there's 4.

  19. Is it? So sorry. Will check again. Must have overlooked it.

  20. Wow I try the pandan sponge n it is good! You have alot of recipes which I have been searching for like the steamed pumpkin buns. Going to try out ur cream puff too! Thanks again

    Jessie Cheng

  21. Jessie Cheng,
    I hope u'll like it :)

  22. Hi Wendy,

    if i use 22cm square tin instead of cupcakes holder. is it ok?


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