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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oil-less Pandan Chiffon again :)

I did this again, Oil-less Pandan Chiffon. I did not say it's oil free. coconut milk contains oil. :)
Recipe here

Refer to my concentrated pandan juice tip to get really green pandan juice. This time, I managed to get the juice to separate in just 18 hours :)

Abt the crack on my chiffon cake, seriously, I am not bothered about it, as chiffon cakes are usually served upside down. Most of my chiffons crack, and the taste is not affected, neither is the texture.


  1. Love to see your pandan chiffon. Nice colour & looks very fluffy. I am going to try yours one day and will let you know the outcome. Btw, do you have any tips how to get the brown skin around the cake?

  2. IF u bake it long enough the skin will turn brown:) Just that:)
    All cake crust will brown when fully baked, except for those that are steambaked like cheesecakes.

  3. HI just stumbled upon your blog... do you use fresh coconut milk that you extract frm fresh dessicated coconut (bought frm Indian sundry shops)? Or do you use Ayam Brand box coconut milk? Tx frm pingmouse

  4. pingmouse,
    Dessicated coconut is dried and can never be fresh :)
    Sometimes I used pure coconut milk from the wet market or boxed Ayam brand. I rarely extract it myself with freshly grated coconut.

  5. hi Wendy, it has been so long since I want to make chiffon cake, so finally today I just bought the pan.. :D
    But I dont which one should I make.. I want to try this one, but I also want to try your first recipe Pandan Chiffon Cake.. N also your Pandan Kaya Sponge Sandwich.. *I love pandan actually..haha*
    Could you recommend me which one shuld I go first.. thank you so much:)
    ps:I love your blog.. I started cooking after I saw your blog ;p

  6. fielny,
    try the first pandan chiffon, that is easier to make than this one.

  7. Hi Wendy,I made an attempt on this recipe again yesterday. It turns beautifully and my mum love it. Thanks for your recipe.


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