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Friday, December 11, 2009

When the "Unbreakable" breaks.....

The plate above........... and the bowl below

Corelle is so so so expensive here. To get a set of 16 pcs here costs about RM450. But in US, a set of 30 pcs only costs about USD89. It's really cheaper to get a 30 pcs there than to get a 16 pcs here when converted.

My mother in law just came back from Houston and she bought me a set of 30pcs Corelle Pure White Square Set. 6 cups, 6 small bowls, 6 large bowl, 6 medium plates and 6 large plates. When she checked in for her flight, she sent them together with her luggage into the cargo, cos it's supposed to be unbreakable. Alas, they were not. When she arrived in KLIA... cling clang can be heard from inside the box. Darn!!!

When she came home, we quickly opened up to see how many were broken. Hmmm.. I still have 6 cups, 6 small plates, 5 big bowls, 6 medium plates and 6 large plates. How come I have 2 broken bottom pieces??? One piece was definately the big bowl and the other.....*searching searching* Medium plate matched!!! Gosh....They were in the middle. And I still have 6 medium plates. Lucky me! So I consider myself to have one big bowl broken.. broken to shards.... But how come they packed an extra plate in??? They knew that one will soon be broken?? The Corelle workers have the gift of phophecy I guess :)

My mother in law said....Geez, they were flying the Corelle plates in the US commercial, so it wasn't that true... :)
I can't send them in for warranty as they were damaged during travel and that wasn't covered in the warranty. Too bad! Luckilly I had that extra plate :)


  1. The ones I have are like over 10 years.
    So far so good but I wonder why yours broke.
    I never drop the plates before, I wonder if it would break if I did.

    1. I was not believing it will break until my dad really dropped it from kitchen top. Is actually broken to many pieces.

  2. Mrs K,
    They broke cos they were put into the cargo when My MIL came back from Houston. I guess when the plane lands, the thumps and thuds of the landing might have broken them. Since the middle ones were broken, big chances it's the plane's landing impact.

  3. you ahould had put some span in between, or make the box with fragile sign, else they will just throw it into the cargo hold and the tendency of breaking all of it is normal

  4. Hey... you can claim from the airline. I did that with my luggage previously.

  5. Learn Yee: U meant sponge? The box was marked fragile by my MIL, but yet, it was like that. We just put them in their original packing, unopened, cos my MIL tot it was unbreakable :)

    Galronni: Sad to say that my MIL transited with a few airlines, luggage taken only at final landing. Hard to know on which plane or which airport that it was mishandled.
    Anyway, it was only 2 pieces or actually 1 piece only. It's ok for me.

  6. Oh... feel so heartache for you.. Luckily it's only 2 pcs.

  7. Blessed Homemaker: Thanks for ur concern.


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